Palin Even More Clueless Than Carson on Foreign Policy


Sarah Palin has a new book out of "devotional readings," so what better audience to sell that to than viewers of the 700 Club? During an interview to promote that book, she proved herself even more clueless than Ben Carson on the question of foreign policy. Specifically, this is the ridiculous answer she gave when asked how she would stop ISIS if she were president: … [Read more...]

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Santorum: Obama Refuses to Bomb ISIS!


At the presidential forum put on by the Iowa Family Leader last weekend, Rick Santorum put on a clinic in how to divorce yourself completely from reality while running for president (assuming he's still running for president; does anyone know? Does anyone care?). He actually said that President Obama refuses to bomb ISIS because they're not a state and we can only bomb states. … [Read more...]

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A Muslim Marine Brilliantly Trolls Trump


After Donald Trump has publicly entertained the idea of creating a national registration database of Muslims and making them carry special identification, a Muslim man in the Marine Corps brilliantly trolled Trump on Twitter by showing the ID badge he already carries: … [Read more...]

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Carson’s Adviser Wants to Use Military to Evangelize the World


Foreign Policy magazine has an article about Robert Dees, a retired two-star general who is now Ben Carson's chief foreign policy adviser (and judging by how Carson babbled incoherently when asked about foreign policy in the debate on Tuesday, he doesn't seem to be doing a very good job). Turns out he's one of those theocrats who wants to use the military to evangelize the world. … [Read more...]

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Oh No! Obama Took Their Tanks Away!

The Obama administration has been recalling military-issue tanks that were given to some local law enforcement agencies, including one from Volusia County, Florida, and the sheriff of that county is furious about it. Turning the fear-mongering all the way up, Sheriff Ben Johnson says that this proves Obama doesn't care about police officers and that "people will die" without that tank. … [Read more...]

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The Changing Excuses for Bombing Afghan Hospital

The American military bombed a hospital in Afghanistan run by Doctors Without Borders the other day, killing nine doctors and injuring and killing many patients as well. Glenn Greenwald documents the ever-changing rationalizations offered by the government, from "whoops, we didn't mean to do that" to "it's all the Afghani government's fault" to "they were harboring Taliban fighters there." … [Read more...]

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MRFF Defends Hindu Woman Accused of Being a Witch


The Military Religious Freedom Foundation is defending an Air Force contractor named Deborah Schoenfeld, who was fired from her job as a dental technician at an Air Force clinic after her devoutly Christian co-workers accused her of being a "Hindu witch." MRFF has written a letter of complaint to the commander in charge and the Air Force Times has contacted her former co-workers, who confirmed all of this. … [Read more...]

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Trump Cites Military School Experience


Donald Trump has said that despite his total lack of experience with anything involving the military or foreign policy, he'll be "so good at the military it will make your head spin." But it turns out that he does have some "experience." He was sent to a military school as a teenager because he was a troublemaker, which he says taught him more than people who actually served in the military. … [Read more...]

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So Much for that ‘War on Cops’ the Right is Imagining


A police officer is killed in the line of duty. Right wing pundits and talk show hosts immediately seize on the opportunity to blame it on their political enemies, claiming that President Obama and Black Lives Matter is fomenting a "war on cops" and that this is the deadly result of their attempts to make the police stop engaging in widespread abuse, particularly against dark-skinned people. The problem: The evidence clearly disproves their argument. … [Read more...]

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West Point Prof Publishes Horrifying Legal Paper


My former colleague Spencer Ackerman, now the national security editor for the Guardian, has a story about one of the most appalling papers I've ever heard of. A law professor at West Point named William Bradford has written a paper arguing that not only are Islamic holy sites a legitimate target for bombing by the U.S. military, but so are American legal scholars and journalists who are critics of the war on terror. … [Read more...]

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Those Poor, Emasculated Army Rangers

As I'm sure you've heard by now, two female soldiers have passed the Army Ranger training school, one of the most grueling and difficult training regimens in the military. Phyllis Schlafly is beside herself about this, of course, and she worries that the presence of women in the Rangers will "emasculate" those poor commandos. She's so concerned, in fact, that she doesn't think the world can survive it. Yes, she actually said that. … [Read more...]

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About That Trump Military Adviser…


I already wrote about Donald Trump being asked about who is advising him on foreign policy and the military and his answer being that he watches a lot of TV shows about it. But he did finally, when pressed, name two people, John Bolton and Col. Jack Jacobs, who were his "go-to" advisers. There's just one problem with that: Jacobs says he's never spoken to Trump about foreign policy at all, though he has seen him at a few parties. … [Read more...]

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