Barton Lies About Sexual Orientation in the Military

David Barton must wake up every morning having the DTs from withdrawal, having gone a whole eight hours without telling a lie as he slept. Frantic to get his fix and feed his addiction to dishonesty, he immediately begins plotting that day's radio shows. What shall I lie about today, he wonders. I know, I'll make a whole bunch of shit up about how the military is now allowing pedophiles to serve openly because that's a sexual orientation! … [Read more...]

Trump Learned Military Strategy from TV Shows


Donald Trump went on Meet the Press on Sunday and actually said that he has learned about the military and foreign policy by watching TV shows. He also said that he thinks John Bolton, who has never seen a country full of dark-skinned people he didn't want to bomb the shit out of, is worth listening to on foreign policy. That alone should disqualify him from ever even taking a tour of the White House, much less occupying it. But look at this exchange: … [Read more...]

Retiring General Calls Out Republican Lie on Iraq Withdrawal

Screencap from C-SPAN

Every Republican wants to blame President Obama for pulling troops out of Iraq, without every mentioning that he was required to do so by the Status of Forces Agreement signed by Bush in 2008. The Army's top general, now retiring, calls out Jeb Bush for that lie by omission, but he could have been speaking about pretty much every Republican in the country. … [Read more...]

Allen West, WND Blow Up a Straw Man

The Worldnetdaily and Allen West have built up a lovely strawman and then slaughtered it to take a shot at Mikey Weinstein, the FFRF and anyone who wants to keep church and state separate. They've shared a video of Marines at a worship service on base and declare that it's going to make us all lose our minds. … [Read more...]

The Military Thinks Climate Change is Real

It may be an article of faith -- literally -- for the Christian right that climate change is a gigantic communist hoax, but those Marxists at the Pentagon, who have to have a clear-eyed view of the world, recognize that it's very real and is going to change the world in important ways. Retired Rear. Admiral David Titley, who is also a PhD meteorologist, had an op-ed in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette last weekend about it. … [Read more...]

Iran is So Cute When They Act All Tough

I've had a good laugh in the past over Iran sending "warships" into the Atlantic for "exercises" somewhere near the United States. I'm having an even bigger laugh at the fact that they've built a replica of an American aircraft carrier so they can sink them in preparation for a future war. … [Read more...]

Fleming: We Can’t Let Our Precious Veterans Smoke Pot!

Rep. John Fleming was one of the members of the House of Representatives who voted down an amendment that would have allowed VA doctors from discussing medical marijuana with veterans in states that allow it. On Tony Perkins' radio show he explained his ignorant and ridiculous rationale: … [Read more...]

Military Personnel Can Officially be Humanist

In the military, each soldier is allowed to specify a religious identification on their dog tags and in official records, but their choices are limited to a list of approved designations. For a long time, one could only identify as "no religious preference" if they were an atheist or humanist, but that is finally changing. … [Read more...]

Do They Ever Stop Lying?

A few months ago, the Air Force Academy decided to allow officer candidates to omit the phrase "so help me God" from their oaths upon graduation. That set off a typhoon of dishonesty and demagoguery that has yet to subside. A huge coalition of Christian right groups put up this billboard near the campus of the academy: … [Read more...]

OMG! Obama is Disarming America!

I am alternately amused and appalled by the hysterical overreaction from the right to the Obama administration's proposed Pentagon budget cuts that aren't really cuts at all. The Worldnetdaily wants you to know that Obama is "unilaterally disarming" the country. … [Read more...]

West: Hagel a ‘Traitor’ For Suggesting Budget Cuts

The Obama administration is proposing budget cuts that aren't really cuts at all and wingnut Allen West is losing his mind about it, even calling Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel a "turncoat" and a "traitor" for the "unconscionable" cuts that will "weaken America." … [Read more...]

Those Serious Defense Spending Cuts

The media is breathlessly reporting on Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel's newly announced Pentagon budget proposal, which -- OMG! -- reduces the number of troops to the lowest number since before WW2! These are very deep, major cuts in spending, you guys. Except, of course, they aren't. From Hagel's speech announcing the "cuts." … [Read more...]