WND: Be Afraid of Iranian Boats

Iran has sent a couple of small warships into the Atlantic ocean where they will come some relatively short distance from the United States. The Worldnetdaily predictably, and amusingly, thinks you should be very afraid of this because they might shoot off a nuclear weapon they don't have. … [Read more...]

OMG! The Iranians are Coming!

Way back in the 1980s, legendary comedian Barry Crimmins joked about Reagan sending an aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf, saying, "The Iranians are beefing up their navy, they're getting inboard-outboard engines now." That's pretty much how I feel about the Iranians sending "warships" to the Atlantic Ocean. … [Read more...]

New Air Force Academy Leader Off to Good Start

The Air Force Academy has a new dean of faculty, Brig. Gen. Andy Armacost, and he seems to be getting off to a good start by giving a talk to all faculty to remind them that they cannot proselytize while doing their jobs, especially during class. Mikey Weinstein reprints a letter from someone at the academy. … [Read more...]

Gates: Obama Just Not Enthusiastic Enough

Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, a Republican that President Obama asked to stay on in that position after the 2008 election, has a new book out that apparently makes some rather incoherent criticisms of the president. Greg Jaffe has a review of the book in the Washington Post. One of the odd positions he evidently takes is that while Obama was right in his decisions about the war in Afghanistan, he just wasn't sufficiently enthusiastic about it. … [Read more...]

Afghanistan Likely to Turn Ugly When We Leave

The American intelligence community has apparently now concluded what anyone with even a modest understanding of history and human nature could -- and did -- predict back in 2001: That when the American occupation of Afghanistan ends this year, it's likely to descend into civil war and chaos. … [Read more...]

The Real Story of a Drone Operator

Heather Linebaugh knows something few people do: What it's really like to carry out a drone strike that results in extraordinary destruction and death. She shares that story in The Guardian, wishing that legislators who speak so casually about the program could understand the psychological impact it has. … [Read more...]

‘Defense’ Budget Remains Untouchable

The new budget deal struck by Rep. Paul Ryan and Sen. Patty Murray leaves one part of the budget untouched by the knife, what we absurdly call the "defense" budget. While social spending is slashed, the military will still be getting far more money than they should have. … [Read more...]

Defense Bill Includes Religious Freedom Language

A joint House-Senate conference has reached agreement on the final version of the 2014 Defense Authorization Bill, which includes some provisions regarding religious freedom while not including other provisions that were in the original bill. One of those provisions protects the right to proselytize: … [Read more...]

Legislators Demand Religious Oath be Mandatory

You knew when the Air Force made the perfectly reasonable decision to make "so help me God" voluntary in the Cadet Honor Code, the wingnuts were going to lose their minds over it. So of course two legislators from Texas are submitting a bill to make it mandatory again. … [Read more...]

West Point Hosts Gay Wedding

For the first time, two men have been married in a West Point chapel (two women married there last year), and that has predictably sent the bigots into a total tizzy. Fox Nation has an article about it and the comments there are pretty much exactly what you'd expect. … [Read more...]

Another Day, Another Anti-Mikey Article

Not a day goes by lately when you can't find yet another wingnut website going off on an outraged diatribe about the evils of my friend Mikey Weinstein. Today it's the Patriot Update, which claims that the military is engaged in a "war on Christianity" that is all Mikey's fault and will lead to the Chinese taking over the country. Yes, seriously. … [Read more...]

Hagel Orders Equality for National Guard Soldiers

After the Supreme Court overturned Section 3 of DOMA in June, the Pentagon said that all soldiers with legal same-sex spouses of military personnel were eligible for the same benefits given to opposite-sex spouses. But many anti-gay governors have refused such benefits to National Guard members in their state. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has ordered the Pentagon to fix that. … [Read more...]