Brussels Bombing Victim ‘Felt God’s Love’

A 19-year old "elder" and Mormon missionary who was badly injured in the horrific bombings in Brussels last week says he could feel God's love in the aftermath of the attack. Naturally, the Worldnetdaily is promoting the hell out of that because it fits their weird narrative. … [Read more...]

Shoebat: Beck and Cruz Possessed, Will Bring the Muslim Antichrist

Shoebat the Elder -- Walid, the fake "ex-terrorist" who is as much a Christian fascist as his son Theodore -- has an absolutely bizarre, incoherent screed arguing that Glenn Beck is possessed by demons and that he and Ted Cruz are working to bring about the Antichrist, who is of course a Muslim. … [Read more...]

Beck: Ted Cruz Fulfills White Horse Prophecy

In Mormonism, the White Horse Prophecy is an alleged declaration from Joseph Smith that someday the Constitution would be hanging by a thread and Mormons will step forward to save the country. While campaigning in Utah, Glenn Beck has been telling Mormon voters there that they can fulfill that prophecy by voting for Ted Cruz. … [Read more...]

Beck Gets Weepy Over Kid Not Eating for Ted Cruz

Glenn Beck was campaigning for Ted Cruz in Utah, home to millions of his fellow Mormons, and as usual he found a way to get all dramatic and start weeping. This time it was over a young boy who has been fasting because, for some weird reason, he thinks it will help get Cruz elected. Beck declared, "This is the priesthood rising!" … [Read more...]

Trump: Mormons Don’t Like Liars

Ted Cruz was campaigning in Utah and Donald Trump fired up his Twitter machine to say something both incredibly stupid and incredibly hypocritical. In other words, it was a day ending in Y. He actually had the audacity to accuse Cruz of being a liar. … [Read more...]

Beck Preparing to Leave U.S. for Impending Armageddon

Glenn Beck told a studio audience last week that he thinks the United States is on the verge of total collapse and/or tyranny and he's making preparations to move his entire operation to another country, preferably Israel, so he can continue broadcasting. Don't let the door hit you in the ass, pal. … [Read more...]

Mormon President: God Told Us to Oppose Gay Marriage

People who claim to speak for God scare me. They should scare you too. The Mormon church always has a "prophet" who leads the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and that prophet claims to speak directly to God on the doctrines of the church. The president of that quorum has now publicly said for the first time that this "prophet" was directed by God to oppose gay marriage in 2012: … [Read more...]

Glenn Beck Promotes Seven Mountains Dominionism

In a rather odd turn of events, Glenn Beck is now promoting Seven Mountains theology, a dominionist Christian theology that says Christians must take control of what they consider the seven key institutions of human societies. He invited David Barton on his show, as he so often does, along with George Barna, a Christian right pollster, to discuss the matter. … [Read more...]

Proof that Mormonism is True. Checkmate, Atheists.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints proved once and for all that Mormonism is 100% true by releasing a photograph of a rock that Joseph Smith used to translate those gold plates that magically disappeared almost two centuries ago. I will be converting immediately and I'm sure you will too. … [Read more...]

Holy Underwear vs No Underwear

A preacher in Nairobi, Kenya has ordered the women of his congregation not to wear bras and panties when they come to church so they'll be more free and open to receiving the spirit of Christ. Kinda brings a whole new meaning to "eat of my body" for communion. … [Read more...]

A Creepy Mormon Video on Masturbation

This is an awkward and creepy video put out by BYU-Idaho encouraging kids to narc on their friends if they know they masturbate, comparing that action to rescuing a wounded man in a time of war. Do they even know how creepy this is? It gives me the creeps. Did I mention it was creepy? … [Read more...]

Shed a Tear for Orson Scott Card

Poor Orson Scott Card. Because evil people like us insist on criticizing him when he says incredibly stupid and bigoted things, he's facing the greatest injustice in the history of all injustices. Slavery? Pffft. The Holocaust? That was nothing compared to how terribly he's being treated. Maurine Proctor lays out the case in Meridian, a Mormon magazine. … [Read more...]