White Supremacists Love Them Some Putin

Brad Reed points out that American and European white supremacists love Vladimir Putin for the same reason they love Donald Trump, because they view them as supporting an uber-nationalist view that feeds into their "white savior" narratives. … [Read more...]

Teacher Berates Student for Not Reciting Pledge, Gets Fired

A substitute teacher at a high school in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, berated a student who did not stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance in front of the class. She was fired by the district, but that doesn't go nearly far enough, in my view. … [Read more...]

Stay Classy, Buffalo Bills Fans

The San Francisco 49ers and QB Colin Kaepernick played a game in Buffalo on Sunday and some Bills fans were selling and wearing t-shirts with Kaepernick's picture on a wanted poster with a rifle target over him, calling him a "national disgrace." … [Read more...]

Kincaid Doesn’t Like the Museum of African American History

Last week the Smithsonian's Museum of African American History and Culture opened in Washington, DC. It's a project that began under George W. Bush and has finally opened. Cliff Kincaid, the deranged leader of far-right group Accuracy in Media has some complains about exhibits you won't see there. Like this one: … [Read more...]

FL Legislator Exploits Fernandez Death in Less Than an Hour

Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez, one of the best young players in baseball, died in a tragic boating accident on Sunday. It took less than an hour for Republican state Rep. Matt Gaetz to use that to make a false and irrelevant point against the Kaepernick-inspired protests against police racism and brutality. … [Read more...]

Mike Ditka Thinks He’s Thinking

Mike Ditka, who knows a lot about football and virtually nothing about anything else, has added his ignorant bellow to the chorus of people condemning Colin Kaepernick for his protest against racial injustice and police brutality. He offers the most cliched and simpleminded response you've heard 1000 times before: … [Read more...]

Oh Just Shut Up, Kid Rock

Kid Rock, who has built a career on parading around in an American flag -- in violation of the same U.S. Flag Code that forbids flag burning, incidentally -- is apparently rather upset with Colin Kaepernick over his protest against racial injustice and police brutality. … [Read more...]

Kaepernick’s Protest is Catching Fire

As more and more NFL players join Colin Kaepernick's protest against racial injustice and police brutality, support for his stance is spreading. It's made it down to the high school level, where many players have joined. But this is the most amazing protest yet: … [Read more...]

Belmont Expels Student for Racist, Violent Attack on Protesting NFL Players

Monday night, three players for the Philadelphia Eagles protested racial injustice during the national anthem by raising their fists in the air. A student at Belmont University in Nashville posted racist, violent attacks on them and was immediately expelled from the school. … [Read more...]

Florida Law on Pledge, Anthem Unconstitutional

Florida seems to be a hotspot for forced exhibitions of nationalism. That's where one principal threatened students who didn't stand for the pledge or the anthem. But the state as a whole has an unconstitutional law on the books requiring parental permission not to stand. … [Read more...]

Greta Christina on the True Nature of Patriotism

My friend Greta Christina frustrates me sometimes, mostly because she so often manages to express perfectly what I've been trying to say in a far more ham-handed fashion. This post about patriotism and protest, developed with Charone Nix, Mandisa Thomas and someone else whose name I don't recognize, is a perfect example. … [Read more...]

Principal Promises to Defy Constitution if Students Don’t Stand for Pledge

A public school principal in Florida is promising -- threatening -- to violate the rights of students by punishing them if they don't stand for the Pledge of Allegiance or National Anthem. Please try that. You'll be sued and you'll lose. … [Read more...]