Moyers: Pledge of Allegiance is a Lie

I do not recite the pledge of allegiance, ever. I don't think you should either. And it isn't just because it says "under God" or because it has clear fascist overtones to it. It's also because it's completely dishonest, as Bill Moyers explains far more eloquently than I ever could. … [Read more...]

The Socialist, Nazi Pledge of Allegiance

Addicting Info points out something I have mentioned many times over the years with great amusement whenever the Super Patriots start blathering on about the pledge of allegiance: It was written by a socialist. And it was originally accompanied by a Nazi-style salute. … [Read more...]

Starnes Freaks Out About Flag Tablecloth

Todd Starnes, Fox News' Executive Vice President for Pearl Clutching, is having one of his usual tantrums about HGTV offering a tip to use a nylon American flag as a tablecloth for 4th of July picnics and celebrations. ZOMG! That's a violation of the flag code! … [Read more...]

If Russian Was Good Enough for Our Lord and Savior, Jesus…

If there is another country in the world that displays the kind of ignorance, xenophobia and nationalism that we find in huge supply in this country, it's Russia. Another example: They're now considering a law to ban the use of non-Russian words, especially American ones. … [Read more...]

Colorado Students Recite Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic; Freakout Ensues

As if we needed another demonstration of the xenophobia and misology of the American right, here's a story of students in Ft. Collins, Colorado translating the Pledge of Allegiance into other languages and reciting it in those languages from time to time. Cue the outrage from the wingnuts when they got to it in Arabic. … [Read more...]

AZ Legislator Wants Religious Loyalty Oath to Graduate

From the Department of Creepy Authoritarian Ideas: A group of Republican legislators in Arizona have proposed a bill to require a loyalty oath -- complete with a promise to God -- before anyone in that state can graduate from high school. HB 4267 says: … [Read more...]

Local GOP Head Hangs Flag Upside Down

The head of the Mon Valley Republican Committee in Pennsylvania, Brent Kovac, hung an American flag upside down at that committee's headquarters on the day President Obama was inaugurated for a second term, saying he did it because it's a sign that the country is in distress: … [Read more...]

ZOMG! Obama is Desecrating the Flag!

The wingnuts have fired up the faux outrage machine again, this time over a logo being sold by the Obama campaign on posters and t-shirts that uses the patterns of the American flag. Here's that logo: … [Read more...]

Fox: Not Enough Olympic Patriotism

Fox News has apparently decided that they haven't been quite xenophobic enough so far and that America's Olympic athletes just don't have enough flags on their uniforms. The Tea Party moron they brought on even thinks it's "anti-American." … [Read more...]

Poor Lee Greenwood is So Persecuted

Here's another faux freakout from the right. An elementary school principal in New York said no to kindergartners singing Lee Greenwood's God Bless the USA at a graduation ceremony and the wingnuts are foaming at the mouth over it. … [Read more...]

Campos on Hayes’ Unnecessary Apology

Paul Campos reacts perfectly to the emotionally-charged reaction to Chris Hayes' entirely reasonable statement that merely being a soldier does not make someone a hero, for which Hayes has now issues a completely unnecessary and tortured apology. … [Read more...]

Ted Nugent: Super Patriot

While appearing at a concert in Alpharetta, Georgia, Ted Nugent recorded a backstage tribute to the troops. I wonder if he had crapped his pants before he did it, you know, as a sign of his "heartfelt" appreciation of the guys he called "chumps" and "imbeciles" when he was dodging the draft in Vietnam. But that's okay. He has a yellow ribbon on his Hummer and owns a lot of guns, so that proves what a warrior and patriot he is, right? … [Read more...]