Just Say No to Giuliani as Attorney General

With Rudy Giuliani up for either attorney general, secretary of state or DHS secretary in Trump's cabinet, with the former being more likely, old friend Radley Balko reviews his appalling history on civil liberties. He basically doesn't believe privacy exists and would happily sell out every freedom for the illusion of security. … [Read more...]

Kaepernick Launches Camps to Educate Youth About Police Brutality

One of the absurd complaints by those mad at Colin Kaepernick for not standing for the national anthem was that it was just symbolic. Why doesn't he use his wealth to actually do something good instead? So much for that inane excuse for hating on him out of pure hyper-nationalism. … [Read more...]

The 10th Anniversary of Kathryn Johnston’s Murder by Police

Nov. 21st will be the 10th anniversary of the most shocking, unconscionable police shootings I have ever written about. Officers from the drug task for of the Atlanta Police Department burst into the home of 92-year old Kathryn Johnston and gunned her down. It ripped the lid off massive police misconduct and brutality by that department. … [Read more...]

Another Horrifying Case of Police Brutality

It seems like not a single week can go by without at least one new video showing police officers killing someone unjustifiably. This time it's particularly horrifying because the victim was mentally ill and the officers first tried to run him down with their car before shooting him 14 times. … [Read more...]

Dumbest Conversation Ever on Fox and Friends

It's no secret that Fox and Friends features the two dumbest men on Fox News, Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade, and a rotating string of blonde women in between them, but this may actually be the single dumbest conversation they've ever had on that show. … [Read more...]

Video Shows Deputies Tasering Without Justification

Another day, another video showing blatant police brutality against -- of course -- a black man. It happened last year at a county jail in Georgia, where deputies tasered a man who was being compliant, up against the wall with his hands behind his back, as ordered. … [Read more...]

The Slandering of the Dead to Justify Police Killings

One of the thing that inevitably happens every time the police kill a black man (nearly always a black man, of course) is that the police and their defenders begin to slander the victims. They call them a thug, dig up anything from their past to make them look like a bad guy. Derecka Purnell writes about it. … [Read more...]

Trump Makes Reasonable Statement, Police Union Destroys Every Irony Meter in Existence

Last week the Fraternal Order of Police endorsed Donald Trump. This week a Tulsa police officer shot and killed an unarmed black man doing nothing wrong and Trump, to my astonishment, actually made an almost rational statement about it. And the FOP is not happy. … [Read more...]

Megan Rapinoe Joins Kaepernick’s Protest

In case you needed another reason to love the US Women's Soccer Team, Megan Rapinoe just gave you another one. Before a game with the professional team she plays for, she knelt during the national anthem to show her support for Colin Kaepernick's protest against racial injustice. … [Read more...]

The Astonishing Chutzpah of the San Francisco Police Union

The San Francisco Police Officer's Association, which is their union, sent a scathing letter to the owner of the San Francisco 49ers full of howls of hypocritical outrage over Colin Kaepernick's protest against police brutality and racism. … [Read more...]

Giuliani’s Substance-Free Response to DOJ Report on Baltimore PD

Fox News invited Rudy Giuliani on to talk about the Department of Justice report on rampant civil rights violations by the Baltimore Police Department and, predictably, he offered not a single substantive argument against any of its findings. … [Read more...]

Oath Keepers Want All Able Bodied People in Militias

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes, a man so far out on the right-wing fringe that he demanded that John McCain be hung for treason, responded to the shooting of five police officers in Dallas by calling for the formation of new militias that would include every "able bodied citizen." … [Read more...]