NYPD Commish Blames Cell Phone Video for Violent Cops

With one of his officers on leave pending an investigation into him pointing his gun at bystanders, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton is blaming the "epidemic" of cell phone videos of police officers committing misconduct and abuse for that misconduct. … [Read more...]

Suit Filed Over Vicious Police Attack on Teen Girl

I've seen some disturbing videos of police brutality in my life, but here's one that there is no possible way anyone could argue was justified. It happened in 2014 when an off-duty cop working mall security viciously assaulted a 14 year old girl for riding her bike through the mall parking lot on her way home. … [Read more...]

FBI Director Thinks Cops Restrained by Viral Videos

FBI Director James Comey is once again lamenting the fact that so many police officers have been caught committing horrific abuses of authority and police brutality on video, claiming that this is causing cops to not do their jobs out of fear. He blames (alleged) rising murder rates at least partly on that absurd premise. … [Read more...]

VA Cops Beat Handcuffed Man, Threaten Witnesses

Two officers from the Portsmouth, VA police department beat a man after he was handcuffed, then threatened to have any of the witnesses evicted from their apartments if they didn't leave. And another officer deleted a cell phone video showing the beating, but another video of the eviction threats and lies has been released. … [Read more...]

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Dumbest City Employee Ever

Even after more than a decade of trolling the right-wing fever swamps, there are still things people say that leave my jaw agape at the stupidity and audacity. I present to you the dumbest city employee ever, a Cleveland bureaucrat who wrote on Facebook that he was glad Tamir Rice was killed and wished he could have done it himself. … [Read more...]

Journalist Roughed Up By Police at Trump Rally

A CBS reporter was roughed up by police at the melee after the canceled Donald Trump rally in Chicago, then arrested and charged with resisting arrest. The video shows nothing remotely like resisting arrest, of course, as is so often the case when those charges are filed. They'll end up dropping the charges and he should sue the police department. … [Read more...]

Cop Prosecuted After Out-of-Control Misconduct

A police officer in Prince George's County, Maryland, a county with a long and appalling record of police misconduct and abuse, was actually found guilty of assault after being videotaped violating the rights of two innocent men (black men, of course; do you even need to ask?) while going on a massive power trip. The details of this case are just mind-boggling, but really not surprising. … [Read more...]

Shocker: Police Lied About Killing of Suspect

A Chicago police officer has been charged with first degree murder in the killing of a suspect he chased. The suspect had a knife in his hand, but was nowhere near anyone to be a threat to them. This officer pulled up at the scene, got out of his car and opened fire from a distance, shooting the guy 16 times, including several times after he was on the ground and motionless. Here's what the Chicago police said about it a year ago when it happened: … [Read more...]

Girl Who Filmed Abusive Cop Arrested

I would guess that by now you've seen the horrible footage of a deputy sheriff in South Carolina throwing a high school girl across the room while sitting at her desk. That was bad enough, but now the girl who pulled out her cell phone and filmed the abusive cop has been arrested and held on a $1000 bond for "disturbing the school." Like she was the one who caused the disturbance. … [Read more...]

Seattle Police Union Official Should Really STFU

Ron Smith, the president of the Seattle Police Officer's Guild, is accusing the Obama administration of declaring a "war on cops." He posted a video to the police union's Facebook page from Fox News where one of their many dim bulb talking heads made that same accusation and captioned it "Truth." It was later removed from the page, but not before Smith confirmed that he had posted it and said that he agrees with it 100%. … [Read more...]

More Police Brutality Caught on Video

In what has become at least a daily occurrence, we have yet another cell phone video of a police officer beating the hell out of a young black man who was handcuffed and in the back seat of the cop car. The officer tried to get the woman who recorded it to delete the video, but she uploaded it to Facebook so it wasn't lost, a very smart move on her part. … [Read more...]

Another Case of Law Enforcement Rape

We've seen multiple cases of rape with a badge in New Mexico and elsewhere lately, with the police forcing people to undergo invasive body cavity searches in a futile search for drugs. Here's another such case, but this one is by Customs and Border Protection: … [Read more...]