Victim Gets Partial Settlement in Police Anal Probe Case

Remember that horrifying case in New Mexico where a man had a forced colonoscopy because the police thought he was hiding drugs in his ass (well, one of the three case that have come out)? The victim in that case has settled a lawsuit with the local governments involved: … [Read more...]

Cops Not Guilty of Beating Homeless Man to Death

This story reflects the sad, appalling reality of the manifest injustice of our criminal "justice" system. Four cops beat a homeless man to death, on freaking video, and a jury finds two of them not guilty with almost no deliberation. Now those murderers can go back to being cops. Here's the horrifying video, wherein the officers threaten to "fuck him up" while he is literally sitting on a curb doing nothing even remotely threatening or criminal. … [Read more...]

Three NH Police Officers ‘On Leave’ for Brutality

Shocking (but not surprising; those aren't the same thing) video of a four year old assault on a young man in custody by three Seabrook, New Hampshire police officers has resulted in the officers being placed on leave pending an investigation. The man was arrested for drunk driving and the officers slammed his head into a wall and pepper sprayed him while smiling and laughing. Here's the video: … [Read more...]

Another Appalling Case of Police Abuse

Jonathan Turley highlights yet another case of appalling police abuse, this time in Skokie, Illinois where a police officer hurled a woman in custody into a concrete bench so hard that blood immediately came gushing out. The video is very disturbing, as are the still pictures of her face. Naturally, the officer then tried to blame her for it. … [Read more...]

Canada Has Bad Cops Too

America is apparently not the only country that has its share of abusive, corrupt police officers -- or the only one that doesn't do anything to punish them when they're caught. Here's an officer in Durham threatening to plant drugs on a suspect and being incredibly abusive. … [Read more...]

Police Brutality in Minnesota

Biodork writes about a clear case of police brutality in St. Paul, Minnesota. The video is crystal clear. The officer maces a man -- a black man, of course -- and stands over him as he lays on the ground coughing and throwing up, then out of the blue he kicks the guy in the chest. Then he and another officer slam the guy's head into the hood of their car. … [Read more...]

Police Allegedly Abuse Tourettes Sufferer

If the allegations in this lawsuit are true, it's one of the more outrageous cases of police brutality you'll ever see. A man with Tourette's Syndrome alleges that the police disabled the electronic device that keeps his ailment under control, then beat him for the inevitable outbursts. … [Read more...]

Who Says Cops Don’t Have a Sense of Humor

When I had Carlos Miller on my radio show a couple months ago, we talked about his latest arrest for videotaping the police in public (he beat the other two, he'll beat this one too -- because he hasn't broken any laws). That happened at an Occupy protest in Miami. Now the prosecutors are offering him an amusingly ironic plea deal: … [Read more...]

Cop Convicted of Assault (Twice), Wants Job Back

You may have seen this video by now, of a Rhode Island police officer kicking a woman while she was handcuffed and sitting on a curb. The officer was convicted of felony assault a few months ago and sentenced to 10 years in prison, but the judge suspended the sentence. Here's video of a TV report on the situation: … [Read more...]

Bad Cops Are Never Fired, Example 14,832

The Miami Herald went looking for the worst cop in Florida and they seem to have found him. At least I hope there's no one worse than this. It's a perfect example of what I have been talking about for years, cops who do the most vile things over and over again and are protected by the police unions and all but impossible to get off the job. Get a load of this guy: … [Read more...]

NYPD Targets ‘Agitators’

Carlos Miller reports that the NYPD is warning its officers of two "professional agitators" who record the police making arrests, which is perfectly legal, by putting up mugshot posters of them in their local precinct. The two "agitators" saw the poster while attending a community board meeting at the department. Here's what the "agitators" say about it: … [Read more...]

Another Police Lie and Arrest for Photography

The indispensable Carlos Miller reports on yet another case where the police arrested someone for photographing them manhandling a suspect during an arrest, then apparently lied on the police report to make it sound as though the victim was the aggressor. … [Read more...]