Tillerson Says We’ll Build ‘Safe Zones’ in Syria for Refugees

Repeating a massively simplistic idea from Donald Trump, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says the U.S. plans to create "interim safe zones" inside of Syria so refugees can return home. How will we do that? Through ceasefires, he laughably says. … [Read more...]

Wall Street Journal Condemns Trump’s Lack of Credibility

The Rupert Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal, the most prominent newspaper of conservative thought in the country, has an editorial hammering Donald Trump for his constant lies and refusal to ever back down from claims that diminish not only his credibility, but the country's as well. … [Read more...]

Why Republicans Excuse Away Trump’s Behavior

In a Washington Post article recently, a longtime Republican strategist made an admission as to why most Republicans are willing to rationalize away Trump's continual lies and bizarre, childish behavior: Because they're getting what they want out of the deal. … [Read more...]

Obamacare Already Achieved What Republicans Say They Want

To hear Republicans tell it, they must repeal and replace Obamacare in order to get better, more comprehensive health insurance at a lower cost. Leaving aside the fact that their replacement plan would actually do the exact opposite, the reality is that Obamacare already achieved those things. … [Read more...]

The Sound and Fury of Trump’s First Two Months

It's now been just over two months that Donald Trump has been in the White House and, despite getting massive media attention and seeming to be constantly doing things, he's actually done very, very little. Michael Grunwald at Politico points out the obvious: … [Read more...]

Former Head of Colorado GOP Indicted for Voter Fraud

It's funny, for all the talk from Republicans about how allegedly rampant voter fraud is, the few actual cases where it's prosecuted usually seem to involve Republicans. The former head of the Colorado Republican Party has been charged with voter fraud for forging his wife's mail-in ballot. … [Read more...]

Trump Keeps Up the Hypocrisy on Buying and Hiring American

As has been true from the very start, one of the Trump's central messages, economic nationalism, has been a con job. While he incessantly demands that we all buy American products and hire American workers, his own businesses continue not to do that. From his Kentucky Make Me Feel Better Again rally on Monday: … [Read more...]

Christians Still Rule in Elected Offices

As much as the Christian right likes to pretend that Christians are increasingly locked out of power -- seriously, what universe do they live in? -- the new Congress is significantly more likely to be Christian than the general population. As usual. … [Read more...]

Hannity: A President Under FBI Investigation a ‘Major Constitutional Crisis’

For once, I have to praise Sean Hannity for taking a principled stand. He says that if the president is under investigation by the FBI, that constitutes a "major constitutional crisis" that "could do severe damage to this country." Oops. I mean, he said that about Hillary Clinton: … [Read more...]

Trump Lies About Keystone Pipeline Using American Steel

The man is an absolutely pathological liar. On his latest not-a-campaign rally in Louisville, Kentucky Monday night -- the kind he does so he can hear the cheers of his followers and get his regular ego boost -- he said that the Keystone pipeline would be using only American steel. … [Read more...]

Spring Breakers Chant ‘Build That Wall’ While in Mexico

A bunch of ignorant, bigoted douchebros started chanting "build that wall" on a cruise ship in Mexico while there on spring break. The Yucatan Times wrote a scathing editorial about this incredibly rude and childish behavior from a bunch of drunk American frat boys and girls. … [Read more...]

Trump Goes After Teenager for Joke Website

The endlessly litigious Donald Trump has sicced his lawyers on a 17 year old girl who put up a joke website to test her coding skills that had kittens batting around an image of Trump's face. They sent her a letter demanding that it be taken down. … [Read more...]