Trump: No Video of Muslims Cheering 9/11 Due to ‘Ancient Technology’


Donald Trump, still trying to maintain that he's totally right about thousands and thousands of Muslims in Jersey City cheering the WTC coming down on 9/11 in the face of no evidence of this at all, has a new explanation: It's because of the "ancient technology" used to store video in 2001, which apparently destroys itself 30 seconds after being aired on television like a message from the secretary on Mission Impossible. … [Read more...]

Racist PA Police Chief Resigns


Remember Tom Burke, the newly hired police chief in Farrell, Pennsylvania who wrote an email to a bunch of parent-teacher organizations about a book drive saying that "niggers gotta learn how to read"? The mayor of the town asked him to resign last week and he did, before he even started the job (he was to start until Dec. 1). Burke earlier admitted that he uses that word a lot because "that’s just the way that it is here our area.” … [Read more...]

Carson: Syrian Refugees Would Rather Stay in Camps

Credit: Michael Vadon

Ben Carson went to visit a refugee camp in Jordan full of people who have fled the civil war in Syria and came back taking the utterly bizarre position that those refugees would rather stay in the camps than go anywhere else. Which perfectly explains why so many of them have been flooding into Europe and seeking asylum in other countries around the world. Because that's what you'd do if you were happy in the refugee camps. … [Read more...]

Oh Grayson, Don’t Do That


Rep. Alan Grayson says he'll file a lawsuit claiming Ted Cruz isn't eligible to be president because he was born in Canada if he gets the Republican presidential nomination. That would be utterly pointless, both because Cruz is, in fact, eligible to be president and because the case would get dismissed almost immediately, just like every stupid suit filed over Obama's eligibility has been. … [Read more...]

Fiorina’s Absurd Position on Planned Parenthood Shootings


Carly Fiorina was on the Fox News Sunday show with Chris Wallace and provided a master class in how to avoid answering a question by obfuscation, changing the subject, and using what I have long called the argumentum ad labelum. Asked about accusations that the release of those anti-Planned Parenthood videos may be linked to the shooting in Colorado Springs, here is her ridiculous response: … [Read more...]

Black Pastors Refuse to Endorse Trump


Like every demographic group, Donald Trump thinks "the blacks" love him, despite the fact that he hates the idea of having a black accountant. He's even invited a bunch of black pastors to come to his home so they can endorse them. But many of those pastors have refused the invitation and publicly slammed Trump for thinking they would ever endorse him. … [Read more...]

Ben Carson Visits Syrian Refugees, Learns Nothing

Credit: Michael Vadon

This strikes me as really, really weird. Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson apparently spent this weekend at refugee camps in Jordan to talk to Syrian refugees. Ordinarily I would applaud him for trying to learn something from people actually affected, but I would be absolutely shocked if this is anything more than an empty series of photo ops that won't change his positions one bit. … [Read more...]

Rubio: ‘God’s Rules Always Win’


Marco Rubio made the requisite visit that all Republican presidential candidates must make to the Christian Broadcasting Network to kiss Pat Robertson's ring and do an "interview" with "journalist" David Brody. Discussing the Kim Davis and other similar cases, Rubio went full on theocrat and said that all Christians should refuse to comply with any law that conflict's with "God's rules." … [Read more...]

Muslim Police Officers Hammer Trump


A group of Muslim police officers is hitting back at Donald Trump and the other Republican presidential candidates who are putting their xenophobia, nativism and Islamophobia on stark display in response to the bombings in Paris. The NYPD Muslim Officers Society is calling Trump out for his anti-Muslim bigotry on their Facebook page, demanding to know what he has done for his city and country compared to them. … [Read more...]

Trump: But InfoWars Says I’m Right!


Donald Trump, still frantically grasping for anything to get him out of the ridiculous lie about him seeing "thousands and thousands" of Muslims celebrating the World Trade Center coming down on 9/11 (all footage of which he claims is being hidden to make him look bad), retweeted a link to an article on InfoWars, which doesn't even support what he said. … [Read more...]

We Must Stop the Scourge of White-on-White Crime


In 2014, 82.5% of all white murder victims were killed by other white people. The numbers are similar for rape, armed robbery and aggravated assault. It's time that we, as white people, stand up and acknowledge that we have a serious crisis of white-on-white crime. … [Read more...]

Donald Trump Prepares for Independent Campaign


When Donald Trump signed that infamous pledge to support the eventual Republican nominee, I had a good laugh about it and said at the time that it wasn't worth the paper it was printed on. He had said along that it would depend on how he was treated by the GOP and, being the world's most thin-skinned human being, you knew damn well that he would turn any perceived slight into an excuse to ignore it. And so it's begun: … [Read more...]