Huckabee and International Baccalaureate Programs


Mike Huckabee, another candidate who is inexplicably still in the Republican presidential race, is pandering to the know-nothings of the Christian right just as furiously as he possibly can. At a meeting in Iowa, someone asked him about International Baccalaureate programs, which are obviously evil because they involve -- shhhhhhh -- foreigners. His absurd response: … [Read more...]

Jindal Knows How to Stop School Shootings


Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who I'm told is still in the Republican presidential race for some reason, knows what the real problem is with all these school shootings and he knows how to fix it. It's all because of "cultural rot," his catchphrase for the Christian right losing the culture wars, and he says it can all be fixed by the president talking boldly about his Christianity and issuing some prayer proclamations. … [Read more...]

Carson: I Don’t Really Want to Be President

Credit: Michael Vadon

One of the things that makes my eyes roll to Eastern Europe and back is when presidential candidates strike the "I don't really want to be president, but the American people begged me to do it and I just can't say no to them because I'm such a selfless human being who loves his country" pose. They almost all do it, of course, and Ben Carson did it when he entered the race. Here he is again: … [Read more...]

Ben Carson’s Retroactive, Hypothetical Heroism

Credit: Michael Vadon

In the wake of the deadly mass shooting at a community college in Oregon, Ben Carson has unleashed a string of really dumb statements. But the one that I find especially lame is his claim that if he had been in that situation, he wouldn't have just stood there and let the guy kill him -- you know, like those loser victims did. No sir, he would have been the hero of the situation and stood up to the guy with the gun. … [Read more...]

Kasich on the Horrors of a ‘Secular Society’


John Kasich, who is apparently still running for the Republican presidential nomination (not that anyone would notice), went on an extended diatribe about the evils of secularism while speaking to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. It's the same thing we've heard a thousand times before, without God we don't have any morality and society breaks down and violent crime and blah blah blah. … [Read more...]

Rubio: Voodoo Economics on Steroids


The Republican presidential candidates seem to be having a competition to see who can present a plan that cuts taxes more than the other guy and all of them are pretending that they can cut taxes without reducing spending and still balance the budget. In other words, it's the same voodoo economics the Republicans have been using since Reagan, which has never, ever worked. The result is always bigger deficits. Ezra Klein shreds Marco Rubio's plan. … [Read more...]

Huckabee: Not My Fault I Used False Quotes In My Book


Buzzfeed has caught Mike Huckabee presenting a whole raft of false quotes from the Founding Fathers in his 1998 book Kids Who Kill, including Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Patrick Henry, as well as Abraham Lincoln and others. Most of them were probably cribbed from David Barton (seriously, when will wingnuts stop trusting him to tell the truth?). … [Read more...]

More to the Goat Sacrificing Story in Florida


I've seen a million links to stories about the Libertarian candidate for the Senate from Florida who admits to having sacrificed a goat and drank its blood. That story made me chuckle but otherwise pay little attention. But then a friend of mine told me that there was a whole lot more to this story, one that is dividing the Libertarian Party in Florida. In fact, the chairman of the party has stepped down and explains why: … [Read more...]

Bryan Fischer Award Winner: Mike Huckabee


The Bryan Fischer Award is given to those who are cursed with an extraordinary lack of self-awareness that leads them to be completely unaware of their own contradictions and hypocrisies, accusing their opponents of engaging in their own worst sins. The winner this time is Mike Huckabee, who is calling for a boycott of Frito-Lay over those rainbow-colored Doritos. … [Read more...]

Even More Carson Ignorance About Evolution

Credit: Michael Vadon

So I looked up the full interview that Ben Carson did with the Adventist Review a few years ago and found even more creationist ignorance in it. Carson repeats pretty much every debunked argument the creationists have used for decades -- no intermediate fossils, fine tuning, even the second law of thermodynamics. That last one is pretty much a sure sign that you're dealing with someone who knows nothing at all about the subject. … [Read more...]

The Mysterious Fiorina Foundation


The Daily Beast has an article about the mysterious Fiorina Foundation, which does not actually exist as a foundation. Carly Fiorina has called herself the chair of that foundation, but it turns out not to be a foundation at all but merely an account with a fund manager, Ayco. And that fund manager also gives a lot of money to Planned Parenthood, which is ironic given Fiorina's recent campaign strategy. … [Read more...]

Trump Doesn’t Know What a Military Coup Is


Donald Trump has always felt like a military man since he went to an elite boarding school for being a troublemaker, and he swears that no one will be "bigger and better at the military" than he is, but he doesn't seem to have the first clue what a military coup is. He thinks that the United States taking in a few thousand Syrian refugees will lead to those refugees staging a military coup. Without being in the military. … [Read more...]