Beck Totally Loses It Over Cruz’ Endorsement of Trump

As soon as Ted Cruz endorsed Donald Trump, I could not wait for the reactions of two people, Steve Deace and Glenn Beck, perhaps Cruz' two biggest and loudest supporters. Beck campaigned relentlessly for Cruz and absolutely lost his shit over it during and after a call with Cruz on his show. … [Read more...]

Brat’s Bizarre Claim About Race and the Bible in Schools

Dave Brat is the Tea Party wingnut who knocked off the #2 Republican in the House two years ago in the primary and, to say the least, he has some rather bizarre views. He went on a weird rant about the racial protests on a radio show, blaming it on taking God out of public schools. … [Read more...]

Jones, Stone: Mark Cuban is Gay and Lusting After Trump

Another missive from the vapid world of Alex Jones and Trump BFF Roger Stone. This time the two of them decided that Mark Cuban criticizes Donald Trump because he's a latent homosexual who is lusting after him. Because why else would someone criticize Trump, amirite? … [Read more...]

Visiting Jon Voight’s Fantasy World

Jon Voight is, or at least was, a great actor. But now he has turned into a political activist that has absolutely no idea what he's talking about. In fact, he seems to live in some kind of bizarro world in his head that looks nothing like the real world, as demonstrated in this Fox News interview: … [Read more...]

Friedersdorf on the Cruelty of Donald Trump

Conor Friedersdorf, one of the most thoughtful and intellectually honest conservative writers in the country, writes at The Atlantic about Donald Trump's long history of cruel and demeaning behavior toward anyone he deems his enemy at any given time (and a few others as well). … [Read more...]

Hannity Loves Ted Cruz Again

Ted Cruz is one of the Never Trump conservatives who was targeted, very loudly and strongly, by Sean Hannity for failing to support the Republican nominee. He furiously said that if Hillary Clinton was elected, he was going to hold them responsible for it. But now, he's all about the love. … [Read more...]

Live Blogging the Trump-Clinton Debate

I'm going to be live blogging the debate tonight, which seems to have turned into the Super Bowl, complete with cheerleaders (seriously) and a pregame show that lasts 18 hours. To begin with, let me make a few observations about this. … [Read more...]

No Real Time Fact Checking in Tonight’s Debate

Some of the major news networks have been to do realtime fact-checking of statements by candidates and their surrogates, but none of them will do that during tonight's debate. This is, of course, exactly what the Trump campaign wants since their candidate lies so much. … [Read more...]

FL Legislator Exploits Fernandez Death in Less Than an Hour

Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez, one of the best young players in baseball, died in a tragic boating accident on Sunday. It took less than an hour for Republican state Rep. Matt Gaetz to use that to make a false and irrelevant point against the Kaepernick-inspired protests against police racism and brutality. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Unprecedented Knack for Lying

All politicians lie. Hell, all human beings lie. It's nearly impossible to live a life without lying at some point. But Donald Trump lies so frequently, so casually and so brazenly that he may be resetting our expectations when it comes to presidential (and other) candidates. … [Read more...]

And Yet Another Trump Lie is Revealed

Here's a shocker: Donald Trump lied about something. And this time, he either lied on national television during one of the primary debates or he lied under oath in a deposition in a lawsuit. It involves the question of whether he tried to buy off Jeb Bush to get casino gambling legalized in Florida. … [Read more...]

Where Does the Presidential Race Stand Now?

We've put a lot of focus on Nate Silver and Five Thirty Eight, and that attention has been well-earned. But he's not the only poll analyst doing the same kind of work. There are many others who have equally impressive records of predicting elections. So where do they all think things stand now? … [Read more...]