Erik Rush’s Bizarre ‘Alternative’ Hillary Clinton

Erik Rush has said some really bizarre things in the past, but this passage from his latest column is fucked up to the point where one might consider ordering some psychological testing. Listen to this truly weird bit of imaginative WTF: … [Read more...]

Texe Marrs: God Sent Trump to Destroy Israel

I haven't heard a mention of Texe Marrs, an anti-Semitic preacher so far out on the fringe that he can't even see the actual fringe from where he is, in a long time. But he has now spoken out in support of Donald Trump because he thinks Trump might have been sent to destroy Israel. … [Read more...]

Trump: Alt-right? There’s No Such Thing

In the wake of Hillary Clinton's speech tying Donald Trump to the highly racist alt-right, Trump did an interview on CNN wherein he denied that there even exists such a thing. He pleaded ignorance about what that phrase might even mean. … [Read more...]

White Supremacist Demands Apology from Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton gave her long-awaited talk about Donald Trump and the racist alt-right this week and the response from the Trump campaign and from prominent alt-right leaders has been amusing. Robert Spencer, the guy who created the term alt-right, demanded an apology from her: … [Read more...]

Ben Carson and Kirk Cameron, Together At Last

This is what we've all been waiting for, isn't it? A time when Ben Carson and Kirk Cameron would get together for a serious conversation about politics? I'm disappointed that the pyramids as grain storage facilities didn't come up, but there was this: … [Read more...]

Bolling: Trump Didn’t Call Hillary a Bigot!

At a rally in Mississippi (why the hell is he holding rallies in Mississippi? Is there anyone competent setting his schedule?) on Wednesday, Donald Trump said -- and I quote -- "Hillary Clinton is a bigot." But Eric Bolling, the third dumbest person on Fox News, says he didn't say that. … [Read more...]

Trump Surrogate Quotes MLK to Defend Trump

As I said previously, Donald Trump's surrogates in the media is a collection of cranks, liars and dumbasses that has rarely been equaled. One of them, Kayleigh McEnany, tried quoting Martin Luther King to defend Trump against charges of racism. It didn't go over very well. … [Read more...]

Wingnut: Clinton has Brain Damage Because She Laughs

Jane Orient is a doctor who is a member of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, which sounds all official and innocuous but is really a group of Christian right wingnuts. She often writes for the Worldnetdaily. Here she explains that Hillary Clinton is mentally ill because she laughs. … [Read more...]

Pierson: Trump Isn’t Changing Position, Only What He Says

Donald Trump's national spokesperson, Katrina Pierson, continues to give interviews and offer the lamest and most absurd possible justifications for his statements and actions. Here she declares that he isn't changing his position on immigration, he's just changing what he says is his position on immigration. … [Read more...]

Trump Religio-Babbles Again

It's so amusing to me hearing Donald Trump talk about religion. It's a subject he's so obviously uncomfortable with that he just comes off as awkward. That so many Christians are fooled by it tells you how easily they're conned. From a recent interview with Steve Strang of Charisma magazine: … [Read more...]

Clinton is a Bigot for Calling Trump a Racist!

It's kind of hard to imagine, but a lot of Donald Trump's surrogates might even be more inane than he is. I mean, he has got a gaggle of liars and dumbasses representing him that are truly awe-inspiring. Like Kayleigh McEnany, who says Hillary Clinton is a bigot for pointing out that Trump is a bigot. … [Read more...]

Conway: Trump is Really Winning Due to Hidden Voters

Kellyanne Conway is a professional pollster. She's never run an election before, she does polls for people who run elections. So she knows damn well that she's just lying through her teeth when she claims that Donald Trump is really winning because of some hidden mass of pro-Trump voters that the polls aren't measuring. … [Read more...]