New Clinton Ad Nails Trump’s Sexism

The Clinton campaign has released a new 30-second ad that focuses on Donald Trump's long history of degrading behavior toward women, constantly denigrating them for their appearance and even admitting that he doesn't treat women with respect. … [Read more...]

Eric Trump: My Dad Came from Nothing!

Eric Trump is engaging in the same kind of mythologizing that his father Donald is so famous for. In an interview on Fox News, he actually claimed that The Donald came from nothing to become the ultimate example of the American dream. And by nothing, he means millions and millions of dollars. … [Read more...]

Omarosa: Every Knee Shall Bow to Donald Trump!

Omarosa Manigault learned much from Donald Trump, mostly about being an effective con artists. That's why after her star turn as an embarrassingly buffoonish contestant on his show, she immediately became a prosperity gospel preacher. Here's what she thinks about our democratic country: … [Read more...]

Ted Cruz Endorses Trump

You knew this was coming, right? After Cruz' highly entertaining but politically disastrous refusal to endorse Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention, and his resulting plunge in approval ratings in Texas, where he could face a tough reelection fight in two years, Ted Cruz bowed and scraped and endorsed Trump. … [Read more...]

DeLay, Hayworth Combine Two Conspiracy Theories

Two of the more popular right-wing conspiracy theories these days are the one that says Clinton is going to steal the election and the one that says Obama is "giving away the internet." Neither is true, of course. But Tom DeLay and JD Hayworth have now mashed them up. … [Read more...]

Pastor Doesn’t Know What ‘Euphemism’ Means

A black Trump-supporting pastor from Ohio went on CNN to try to defend his statement that black people are worse off now than at any time in our history "ever, ever, ever." Let's just say it didn't go well. Apparently tired of the "sarcasm" excuse, he decided to claim that it was a euphemism. … [Read more...]

CNN Has Its Own Mark Fuhrmann

As bad as it is that Fox News pays the documented racist bigot Mark Fuhrmann on to comment on race and law enforcement, CNN has someone just as bad in former NYPD detective Harry Houck. Here's a brief rundown of some of the outrageous things he's said to defend anything and everything any police officer does wrong. … [Read more...]

Trump Continues to Co-opt Former Never Trumpers

People who were formally fierce opponents of Donald Trump, who called him every name in the book and said he was totally unfit to be president, are now flocking to the Trump campaign in formal and informal roles. One is the woman who replaced the woman who resigned in Ohio after saying racism didn't exist before Obama took office. … [Read more...]

Trump ‘Responds’ to Reports on Misuse of Foundation Money

After a couple weeks of reports detailing illegal spending by the Trump Foundation that show he basically used it as a personal slush fund, Donald Trump was finally asked about it and gave a completely irrelevant answer that just dodged the question: … [Read more...]

Ohio County Trump Chair: No Racism Before Obama

A county campaign chairman from Ohio has resigned from the Trump campaign after somehow managing to say things about race that were even more inane than The Donald himself. There is no racism today, she said. In fact, there was no racism in the 60s and no racism until Obama took office. … [Read more...]

Glenn Reynolds: Run Over Protesters

Glenn Reynolds, the infamous Instapundit, has had his twitter account suspended after posting a video of protesters in Charlotte, North Carolina stopping traffic with three simple words on his own behalf: Run them down. I have three words of my own: What the fuck? … [Read more...]

Trump Explains Why He Dropped Birtherism. Kinda.

When Donald Trump announced that Barack Obama was born in the United States "period," it prompted the rather obvious question: What changed your mind? After five years of making this a huge issue, what possible evidence could have come to light to make you change your position? He refused to say. … [Read more...]