Alabama AG: Confederacy Defended ‘Special and Unique’ Way of Life

April is Confederate Heritage Month in Alabama -- because of course it is -- and that means public celebrations and all kinds of ahistorical lies and some literal whitewashing of history. Like the current attorney general of Alabama, who says the Confederacy defended a "special and unique" way of life. … [Read more...]

Trump Invents Another ‘Fact’

Donald Trump has a bad habit of must making things up, or repeating things he might have heard or assumes to be true without bothering to check. This is especially true on foreign policy, a subject about which he knows less than nothing. PolitiFact catches his latest falsehood: … [Read more...]

Beck: A Cruz Loss Means No Liberty Anywhere Ever

It seems Glenn Beck is escalating his rhetoric to warp speed and beyond. No longer is he saying that if Ted Cruz is not elected, America will be no more. No, now he says that if Cruz is not elected, all human freedom anywhere on the globe will cease to exist. … [Read more...]

Fiorina: Cruz Can’t Possibly Beat Hillary Clinton

We all know that former rivals in a presidential campaign often end up on the ticket together. George H.W. Bush famously said that Reagan's tax plans were "voodoo economics" before being named his VP nominee. But this old blowup between Carly Fiorina and Ted Cruz is like irony piled on irony. … [Read more...]

Hastert Gets Light Sentence

Former Republican Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert got an incredibly light 15-month sentence even after admitting in court that he had molested multiple teenage boys while he was a wrestling coach decades ago. The judge cited his age and failing health as the reason for the leniency. … [Read more...]

Cruz Names Fiorina as Running Mate

In a rather odd move when he appears to only have a hail Mary shot at winning the Republican presidential nomination, Ted Cruz has named Carly Fiorina as his vice-presidential running mate. Were he to win the nomination, it's not a bad idea politically to put a woman on the ticket against Hillary Clinton. … [Read more...]

Supreme Court Justice Ted Cruz?

One of the top-ranking Republicans in the House of Representatives is floating one of the most terrifying ideas imagainable: Ted Cruz replacing Justice Scalia on the Supreme Court. If he isn't the next president, Steve Scalise says, a potential President Trump should nominate him for the high court. … [Read more...]

Feingold Ahead in Race to Return to Senate

Russ Feingold is looking good in his bid to regain the Senate seat he lost to Sen. Ron Johnson in Wisconsin 6 years ago. A new poll shows him with a 10-point lead over Johnson 6 months before the election. In fact, Feingold has had a lead in every poll taken over the last 14 months. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Empty Foreign Policy Speech

Donald Trump finally gave that much-anticipated "serious" speech on foreign policy, using the same teleprompter that he has hammered Obama for using. But even though it was a pre-written talk that has taken weeks and weeks to prepare, it was little more than a slogan: "America first." How profound. … [Read more...]

Rafael Cruz: Hillary Will Destroy the Country!

Example #infinity plus 50 of one wingnut or another declaring that if [fill in the candidate] is elected/not impeached, it's going to destroy the country! The whole entire country, people! There will be nothing left of it anywhere! Flee! Run away! … [Read more...]

Fox Host, Candace Cameron to Pray to Decide Their Votes

Candace Cameron Bure, Kirk Cameron's equally dull sister, was a guest on Fox and Friends and they talked about the presidential race. Both Bure and show co-host Ainsley Earhardt, who replaced clone Elizabeth Hasselbeck on the show, declared their intent to pray and let God choose who they vote for. … [Read more...]

538 on Whether the Cruz/Kasich Pact Will Work

The writers at FiveThirtyEight got together for a discussion about whether the announced conspiracy between Ted Cruz and John Kasich to have their supporters vote for the other in certain states in order to deny Donald Trump the necessary 1237 delegates to clinch the nomination. The conclusion: Inconclusive. … [Read more...]