Trump’s Boeing Tweet is — Surprise — Completely Wrong

Donald Trump blurted out another wildly inaccurate tweet on Tuesday morning, claiming that Boeing is $4 billion over budget on building two new Air Force Ones. He demanded that the whole thing be canceled. The Washington Post points out all of the falsehoods in that claim. First, the tweet: … [Read more...]

Fake News Stories Viewed as True 75% of the Time

Buzzfeed commissioned a survey to find out how often fake news stories fool people and make them believe those stories to be true just because of the headline. The answer: 75% of the time. And those who get their news largely from Facebook are even more likely to fall for such stories. … [Read more...]

Lewandowski: Trump Ended the War on Christmas

Corey Lewandowski, Trump's former campaign manager who would be out of his depth in a pothole mudpuddle, told Sean Hannity that the mere election of Donald Trump has ended the War on Christmas and made it okay to say the word "Christmas" again. As if it weren't said a billion times a day in this country. … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Lord Doesn’t See Color

Jeffrey Lord, Donald Trump surrogate and walking, talking shitweasel, had another one of his jaw-dropping pronouncements of utter idiocy on CNN (which just renewed his contract, for some bizarre reason) when he said that there are no people of color in this country. … [Read more...]

Pence: Trump Has Largest ‘Mandate’ Since Reagan

If there is one concept in politics that really should result in the person who invokes it being slapped in the face, it's the notion of a "mandate." The president has a "mandate," whatever that is. Mike Pence ridiculously says that Trump has the biggest mandate since Reagan. … [Read more...]

Yes, Donald Trump, Your Incoherent Bloviating on Twitter Matters

Over the last week or so, virtually every Trump official and sycophant, from Kellyanne Conway to Paul Ryan to Mike Pence to Corey Lewandowski, have claimed that it just doesn't matter what Trump says on Twitter, that it's our fault for taking it literally. Dahlia Lithwick and Robert L. Tsai dump some cold water on that bit of stupid: … [Read more...]

Gohmert: Trump Saved Christians from Unprecedented ‘Persecution’

Being part of an overwhelming majority that controls nearly every seat of political power has apparently not been enough to save Christians from terrible -- and entirely imaginary -- "persecution." But Trump did, says the dumbest man in Congress, Louis Gohmert. … [Read more...]

Michael Flynn, Jr. Fired From Trump Transition

After repeatedly tweeting in support of the ridiculous conspiracy theory about the (non-existent) Clinton-Podesta pedophile ring under a pizza place in Washington, DC, the Trump folks spent Tuesday struggling to get their story straight. Here's the first story they tried, from Morning Joe: … [Read more...]

Bakker: Trump Called Me. And I Need Money.

Alex Jones is not the only wingnut con artist Donald Trump called to thank for his support after the election, apparently. If Jim Bakker is to be believed -- a dicey proposition at best -- Trump called him too. And that's why you should send him money. … [Read more...]

Wingnuts Pray at Capitol to Defeat Scary Old Satan

David Barton joined a group of pastors and a few dozen members of Congress for a “Congressional-Clergy Town Hall” that was really just a chance for them to go all over the capitol building mumbling prayers. The goal? To defeat Satan, of course, and to bring about "revival." … [Read more...]

Michael Flynn, Jr. Helps Spread Pizzagate Conspiracies

Michael Flynn, Jr., the son of Trump's appointed national security adviser, has been doing his best to spread that ridiculous fake story about the Clinton child sex trafficking ring in the basement of a pizza place (that doesn't even have a basement, FFS). But Junior isn't just his son, he's deeply involved in the Trump transition team: … [Read more...]

Wingnut: Pizzagate a Plot by Liberals to Make Right Look Bad

Some wingnut named Rachel Alexander has a terribly confused article at The Stream, televangelist James Robison's answer to The Blaze, about that idiotic pizzagate story. She spends the first 3/4ths of the article defending the plausibility of the allegations against the pizza place, then suddenly declares it all a liberal invention. … [Read more...]