Trump’s Business Credit is As Bad As You Would Expect

The business credit company Nav decided to look up the credit score for the Trump Organization and it's pretty much exactly what I would expect for a company that has declared bankruptcy and stiffed creditors repeatedly. Trump's company gets 19 out of 100. … [Read more...]

Trump: I’ll Sue Women Accusing Me After the Election

Donald Trump got all fired up at a rally in Gettysburg and kinda went off on all the women now accusing him of doing exactly what he says he does on that Access Hollywood tape. And he's going to sue all those "liars" once the election is over. … [Read more...]

Loudon Crashes and Burns on CNN

We have a late entry into the sweepstakes for the title of the dumbest and most dishonest surrogate for Donald Trump. She's only started making appearances for him recently but she's making up for lost time by lying on his behalf and getting laughed at by hosts and other guests on TV. … [Read more...]

Trump Hotels Dropping the Family Name

As further evidence that his run for president has damaged his brand and the worth of his name, future hotels will no longer bear the Trump name. They'll now be calling them Scion hotels. The company, of course, is pretending this is purely coincidental. … [Read more...]

O’Keefe: Hillary May Kill Me Too

It seems to be a badge of honor for the hard right to claim that Hillary Clinton is going to have them killed. Alex Jones has said it many times, Roger Stone just said it, and now overgrown frat boy with a camera James O'Keefe is saying it. … [Read more...]

Stone: If I Die, Hillary Killed Me

Professional paranoiac and fabulist Roger Stone, Donald Trump's BFF, says in an interview with -- of course -- the Worldnetdaily that if he suddenly dies, Hillary Clinton will be the one responsible for it. This story is brought to you by his extraordinarily inflated sense of self-importance. … [Read more...]

Watching Alex Jones Watch the 3rd Presidential Debate

The only thing more fun than watching the presidential debates is watching Alex Jones watch the presidential debates. As usual, he goes apeshit repeatedly, calling Hillary Clinton a "lying whore" and "evil wicked witch" while screaming at the television. … [Read more...]

Peterson Leads Massive MRA Rally to Stop the War on Men

The galactically moronic Jesse Lee Peterson led a huge crowd of MRAs -- six of them, with a collective IQ that almost reached genius level -- in a protest outside Gloria Allred's office to inform her that there is no such thing as sexism or racism. … [Read more...]

‘Coach’ Dave: Hillary Will Murder Me if Elected

"Coach" Dave Daubenmire was never closely tethered to reality in the least, but he seems to be losing what little grip he might have had. Now he says that if Hillary Clinton is elected, he'll be murdered, and so will other Christians. … [Read more...]

Jones: Clinton is a ‘Damn Demon’ Who ‘Smells Like Rotting Flesh’

Alex Jones had a fellow anti-Hillary conspiracy nut on his show and repeated his claim that both she and Obama are "damn demons" who smell "like rotting flesh." His guest claimed that she attended a "witch's church" while first lady of Arkansas. … [Read more...]

Huckabee: Trump is a ‘Street Fighter’ and a ‘Tough Guy’

Mike Huckabee excuses away Donald Trump calling Hillary Clinton a "nasty woman" during the final presidential debate because he's a "street fighter" from Queens and a classic New York "tough guy." That should be served with a heaping bowl of WTF. … [Read more...]

O’Reilly’s Lame Defense of Trump’s Anti-Latino Statements

Bill O'Reilly is trying to defend Donald Trump's many blatantly racist comments about Latinos, especially Mexicans. Naturally, he has to play a big game of pretend in order to do so, offering nothing but lame excuses and non-sequiturs. … [Read more...]