Savage Wants Maxine Waters Charged with Sedition

Right wing windbag Michael Savage is so upset that Maxine Waters says she doesn't respect Donald Trump as president that he thinks she should be charged with sedition, a crime of which he remains blissfully ignorant of its actual definition. … [Read more...]

Hannity, Trump Repeat False Clinton Uranium Story

Desperate to distract attention away from Donald Trump's scandals linked to Russia, Sean Hannity -- just a day after demanding examples of him dishonestly handling facts -- raised yet again the false claim that Hillary Clinton sold 20% of American uranium supplies to Russia in exchange for a bribe. … [Read more...]

Spicer May Be Starting to Crack

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer may be starting to crack under the pressure of having to constantly answer questions about Trump's scandals, including the Russian hacking story. When asked about it during his daily press briefing, he threw quite a tantrum and pretended there was no story there at all. … [Read more...]

Cheney Calls Russian Hacking a Possible ‘Act of War’

Dick Cheney clearly thinks that the Russian hacking was done in order to influence the outcome of the presidential election, and in typical Cheney neo-con fashion, he says it might even be an "act of war." Because he loves two things: war and false dichotomies. … [Read more...]

Pruitt Misleads on Face the Nation

Scott Pruitt, who was somehow confirmed as Trump's EPA Administrator despite being an outspoken enemy of environmental regulation (oh right, he's a Republican), went on ABC's This Week and threw out some real whoppers during the interview. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Concern Over Leaks Magically Disappears

Donald Trump and his various mouthpieces have tried mightily to change the subject on the Russia story to make it about the leaks and demand that the identity of the leakers be investigated and that they be punished. But not when the leaks benefit them: … [Read more...]

Michigan, Flint Reach Settlement to Replace Lead Pipes

The state of Michigan and the city of Flint have reached a settlement in the dispute over lead in the drinking water. The settlement requires the state to pay $100 million to replace thousands of lead pipes throughout the city and keep distributing bottled water until that job is finished. … [Read more...]

Franklin Graham Suddenly Discovers Obstructionism in DC

The terminally ridiculous Franklin Graham has made a magical discovery that there is obstructionism in Congress. Funny thing is that what he now claims is obstructionism by Democrats actually isn't, but he was thrilled with real obstructionism by Republicans for the last eight years. … [Read more...]

Two Wingnuts Spin Lurid Fantasy of Obama, Trump and Russia

Jim Bakker had end times preacher John Shorey on his show and together they spun a cockamamie fantasy that Obama is directing a campaign to remove Trump from office out of his house in DC and that this will somehow lead to Russia launching a war against the United States. … [Read more...]

The Cultivated Myth of Obamacare’s ‘Death Spiral’

Republicans have carefully and systematically created a myth that Obamacare is in a "death spiral" and is going to "implode" or "explode," forcing everyone to realize the need to get rid of it. PolitiFact debunks this...oh hell, let's call it what it is, a lie. … [Read more...]

Cernovich Gets His 60 Minutes of Fame

Our old friend Mike Cernovich has become a star in the cesspool of the racist and misogynist far right, thanks to his jumping on the Trump bandwagon last year. So much so that 60 Minutes actually did a story about him, which exposed him for the ridiculous trollish buffoon that he is. This part of the interview amuses me: … [Read more...]

Trump, GOP Allow Labor Law Violators to Get Federal Contracts

President Obama signed an executive order urging the General Services Administration not to award contracts to companies with a history of violating labor laws and cheating their employees out of wages. Trump just signed a bill reversing that order. … [Read more...]