Former GOP Again Arrested for Bizarre Sex Fetish

You may recall me writing about Jordan Haskins a couple years ago. He was a Republican state House candidate who had been arrested several times for breaking into people's cars to masturbate while cranking the engine. Oops, he did it again. … [Read more...]

McCaffry Hammers Flynn for ‘Demented’ Tweets

Retired Gen. Barry McCaffery, who initially supported Trump's pick of retired Gen. Michael Flynn to be national security adviser, now says that Flynn's history of "demented" tweets pushing ridiculous conspiracy theories has changed his mind. … [Read more...]

Guilfoyle Flat Out Lies About Obama. Again.

With Fox News facing the prospect of losing Megyn Kelly when her contract is up and about 13 different female Fox News hosts allegedly becoming press secretary for Donald Trump, Kimberly Guilfoyle is stepping up her lying game to be the next in line for her own show. … [Read more...]

O’Reilly Goes After George Will, Gets Everything Wrong

George Will has been criticizing Donald Trump for his negotiations with Carrier to keep a few hundred jobs from moving to Mexico and Bill O'Reilly took exception to it. But in going after Will he managed to get virtually everything wrong about the situation. … [Read more...]

Trump Will Prevent Addiction, Hopelessness, Suicide

In the grand tradition of doctors brought on Fox News to spout the most inane things imaginable (I'm looking at you, Keith Ablow), Dr. Kevin Campbell says that the Trump administration may reduce addiction and suicide rates by giving people hope. … [Read more...]

Trump Can’t Get Big Name Artists to Perform at Inauguration

I find this highly predictable and highly amusing. The Trump people are absolutely desperate to find some big name talent to perform at the inauguration and they're willing to pay almost any price, but so far no one is going for the bait. … [Read more...]

No, Trump Did Not Save ‘Merry Christmas’

With all the ridiculous claims from Donald Trump during the campaign that he would make everyone say Merry Christmas rather than happy holidays, and now Corey Lewandowski saying that he's already succeeded at that, it's important to point out that America never stopped saying Merry Christmas at all. … [Read more...]

Report: Trump Wants to Keep Stake in Businesses

Donald Trump said he would hold a press conference Dec. 15 to announce how he would deal with his global businesses to avoid conflicts of interest. I said immediately that it would be a meaningless veneer, not the total divestiture that is required. Looks like I was right: … [Read more...]

Trump Names Another Arsonist to the Fire Department

We're seeing a trend here as Donald Trump continues to appoint cabinet secretaries whose views are fundamentally opposed to the goals of the departments they're nominated to head. This time it's Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, a global warming denier who has sued the EPA for actually protecting the environment, to head the EPA. … [Read more...]

So Much for Spencer’s Claim Not to be a White Supremacist

Richard Spencer invented the term "alt-right" as a euphemism to cover up the fact that he is a white supremacist. He claims to be a new kind of "racialist" (another euphemism), not a violent, KKK-type thug. But his recent speech at Texas A&M makes that claim a lot less convincing: … [Read more...]

Trump Using Kids as ‘Informal Ambassadors’

The involvement of Eric, Ivanka and Donald Jr. in the transition and in the actual efforts of the president-elect is a very disturbing thing, not that Trump himself could possibly care. This is especially true of using them as informal ambassadors meeting with foreign officials. … [Read more...]

Hair: Nominate Roy Moore as Secretary of State

Some wingnut douche named Paul Hair has a column at BarbWire, where you have to be a wingnut douche to be published, urging Donald Trump to nominate twice-disgraced and now former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore to be secretary of state. … [Read more...]