Savage: God Is Making Sure Trump is Next President

While Glenn Beck is telling anyone who will listen that Ted Cruz has been raised up by God to be the next president of the United States, Michael Savage says that it's Donald Trump who has the endorsement of the Almighty. He says the hand of God is all over Trump's campaign. … [Read more...]

Cruz Drops Out, Trump’s the Nominee. Right?

After a royal buttkicking in the Indiana Republican primary, Ted Cruz dropped out of the presidential race last night. So that's it, Trump's the nominee, right? Well, not necessarily. It will depend on just how brazen the GOP wants to be in stealing it from him. … [Read more...]

Beck: God Raised Up Cruz. Just Like…Thomas Paine?

Beck hit the road to campaign for Ted Cruz again, this time in Indiana, which is probably Cruz' last serious chance to prevent Donald Trump from getting 1237 delegates and a first-ballot nomination. He made a claim he has made before, that God has raised up Cruz to save the country, but then he said it was just like God raising up...Thomas Paine? … [Read more...]

Patrick Colbeck’s Attempt to Get Out of Bigotry Accusation

Patrick Colbeck is one of the most far-right politicians in Michigan. He's a state senator who is a dogmatic Christian righter on every single issue. But he's quite upset that people think he's a bigot because he can't be a bigot because it's just his "deeply held religious belief." … [Read more...]

Trump: China is Raping America!

Donald Trump continues his staggeringly hypocritical attacks on China, which he says is "stealing" American jobs. Mexico too, of course. In a campaign speech in Indiana, he said that China is "raping" the United States, which he promises to change by...selling clothes made in China? … [Read more...]

Fox Viewers Explode With Racism at Malia Obama Going to Harvard

You would think Fox News would be used to it by now. Every time they post a story about Obama, their viewers spew racism in the comments and they frequently end up shutting down the comments on those stories. The latest example is a story about Malia Obama going to Harvard for college. Cue the racist hatred: … [Read more...]

Rafael Cruz Worked for Scam Company that Carson Promoted

Remember Mannatech, the fraudulent supplement company that Ben Carson was paid lots of money to promote? Turns out that Rafael Cruz was a salesman and consultant for that very company as well. There's a lawsuit going over it which claims that Cruz helped the company skirt laws in Mexico to sell their products. … [Read more...]

Stone Has a Real Jones for Killing his Opponents

Turns out that Bernie Sanders is not the only politician or public figure that Trump confidante Roger Stone fantasizes about murdering. Not by a longshot. In fact, this seems to be pretty much his standard reaction to his political enemies, to with them death and even border on threatening to kill them himself. … [Read more...]

No One Wants to Be Trump’s VP. Except Gingrich.

The New York Times asked a bunch of prominent Republicans who, in a normal presidential election, would be happy to join a ticket as the vice-presidential nominee if they would be on the ticket with Donald Trump. The answers were a resounding no -- except for Newt Gingrich. … [Read more...]

Beck’s Amusing Double Standard

Glenn Beck is totally in the tank for Ted Cruz and despises Donald Trump, so he predictably applies totally different standards to the two of them. Right Wing Watch catches a textbook example. He says that the fact that Trump did not know that the slogan "America First" originated pro-Nazi anti-Semites disqualifies him from being president: … [Read more...]

Beck Puts Crushed Cheetos on His Face to Mock Trump

There are few things more painful than watching someone who thinks they're funny be really, really unfunny. Such is the case with Glenn Beck, who rather bizarrely decides to stick crushed Cheetos on his face in order to mock Donald Trump for being so orange. It's just weird and uncomfortable. … [Read more...]

O’Reilly: Trump Gets Too Much Media Coverage

Bill O'Reilly has never been the most self-aware human being on earth, to say the least. But the Fox News host, who has had Trump on his show practically every week for months, is now bizarrely claiming that the media is giving Trump far too much attention. Seriously, I'm not making this up: … [Read more...]