RNC Gives Full Access Press Credentials to White Supremacist Radio Host

One of the people who had full access press credentials at the RNC was white supremacist James Edwards, a radio host who claims that interracial sex is "white genocide." He says the RNC explicitly invited him to come and broadcast his show live from the RNC and he interviewed several members of Congress and a Trump adviser. … [Read more...]

Why People Believe Crime is Going Up

The disconnect between actual rates of violent crime and the public perception of the rates of violent crime is astonishing. In 2014, 63% of Americans believed that violent crime was going up when, in reality, it's been dropping steadily for 25 years and has dropped 20% in the last 8 years. In fact, a majority of Americans have believed that every year since 2003. … [Read more...]

Laughing at Trump’s Acceptance Speech, Part Three

Once more into the fray, dear friends. Picking up where I left off in part two in analyzing and pointing out all the lies, distortions and absurdity in Donald Trump's acceptance speech at the RNC, we'll begin with this long-repeated lie: … [Read more...]

Trump Defends Ailes as Even More Accusers Come Forward

On Meet the Press Sunday morning, Chuck Todd asked Donald Trump about the allegations of sexual harassment against Roger Ailes and while saying he didn't want to comment, he defended him and tried to undermine the legitimacy of his accusers by saying Ailes had helped those women in their careers. … [Read more...]

Laughing at Trump’s Acceptance Speech, Part Two

Donald Trump's hour and 15 minute acceptance speech was so long and so jampacked with hypocrisy, stupidity and outright lies that it's going to take more than one post to get through them all. And so begins part two. … [Read more...]

Hannity’s Irrelevant Response to Stewart’s Criticism

Jon Stewart made his return last week on the Stephen Colbert show with a spot-on look at the hypocrisy of Sean Hannity and Fox News as they sing the praises of Donald Trump for the exact same things they criticize Obama for. Hannity fired back. Kind of. … [Read more...]

Laughing at Trump’s Acceptance Speech, Part One

Donald Trump's acceptance speech that closed the Republican National Convention on Thursday night was one of the most bizarre and least tethered to reality speeches I've ever seen. Internally incoherent, full of cognitively empty statements and laughably ridiculous lines, it was a tour de force of stupid. Herewith, some examples: … [Read more...]

Priebus’ Inspiring Story of a Nazi Collaborator

During his speech at the Republican National Convention, Reince Priebus told what was supposed to be the inspiring story of William Knudsen, the head of General Motors during WW2, who converted his factories to create military vehicles and only took a salary of $1 because he was just so gosh darn patriotic. And now, the rest of the story: … [Read more...]

Thiel: Freedom and Democracy Conflict, Because of Women

Peter Thiel, co-founder of Paypal and a gay libertarian who somehow bizarrely supports Donald Trump, has some strange views, to say the least. In an 2009 essay, he expressed his view that democracy and freedom are conflicting ideas and that this is at least partly because women have the right to vote. … [Read more...]

Donald Trump and the GOP Record on Trade Agreements

One of the attacks on Hillary Clinton heard most often during the RNC was about those allegedly terrible trade agreements, GATT and NAFTA (though they rarely mentioned those specifically), and how Hillary Clinton supported them. Which is true. But... … [Read more...]

Trump Ordered to pay $300K to Vendor He Stiffed

Here's one of the vendors that Trump tried to stiff who not only won in court against him but got all their legal fees paid, plus extra. It's a paint company in Florida that Trump tried to cheat out of more than $30,000 and got almost $300,000 in legal fees paid. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Bizarre Attack on Cruz

After Ted Cruz pointedly refused to endorse Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention, you knew Trump would be going after him with his usual childish bullshit. And this weird screed about his father being involved with Lee Harvey Oswald and defense of the National Enquirer fits the bill. … [Read more...]