Trump Plans a ‘Review’ of Intelligence Agencies by Total Amateur

The New York Times reports that Trump is going to name one of his billionaire buddies to conduct a "broad review" of America's intelligence agencies. And what experience does Stephen Weinberg have in intelligence questions? None, of course. You expected anything else. … [Read more...]

Trump Cites Election Victory Rather Than Answer a Question

During the press conference held with Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu at the White House on Wednesday, Trump was asked about all the anti-Semitic white supremacists who supported him and continue to revel in his presidency. Here was his utterly irrelevant answer: … [Read more...]

Robertson: Opposing Trump is Opposing God

Pat Robertson, the con artist who claims to speak for God and yet constantly gets his "prophecies" that allegedly come directly from God wrong (and yet has not been put to death as a false prophet, as the Bible commands), says anyone opposing Trump is really opposing God himself. … [Read more...]

Okay, Who’s Really Responsible for Flynn’s Fall from Grace

So far we've heard from neo-Nazis that the Jews are responsible for bringing down Michael Flynn. But who is really responsible for it? Bryan Fischer says Obama is behind it all. Rick Wiles blames it on ‘Devil-Worshiping, Luciferian, Demon-Possessed Maniacs.' So basically, Obama too. Fischer first: … [Read more...]

Trump Can’t Stop Holding Campaign Rallies

Donald Trump is holding a hastily-planned rally in Orlando, Florida on Saturday on his way to his third consecutive weekend at his Mar-a-Lago resort. What I like about this is how much it reveals about Trump's incredibly children and needy personality. … [Read more...]

Trump Orders Inventory of All U.S. Aid to Mexico

It seems Donald Trump is serious about his infantile demand that Mexico pay for this border wall he's allegedly going to build. He has ordered all federal agencies to detail every bit of aid the U.S. gives to Mexico to use as leverage to make them do so. … [Read more...]

Conway Banned from Morning Joe

Baghdad Kellyanne Conway has been banned from MSNBC's Morning Joe program a day after they attacked her for having no credibility. I'm not sure why they just suddenly discovered that, or why they spent months slurping Trump in the primaries if that's the standard. … [Read more...]

Trump, GOP Repeal Anti-Corruption Rule for Energy Companies

Donald Trump and the Republican-led Congress are quickly paying off their debts to the people and companies that fund them. Trump signed into law a bill that repeals part of the Dodd-Frank act that required energy companies to report income from foreign governments. … [Read more...]

Jones: Flynn Firing Was a Coup. Or a Countercoup. Or a Countercoup to the Countercoup.

Alex Jones has some thoughts on the firing of Michael Flynn as National Security Adviser. They don't really make any sense, of course, but he has them. And it involves net neutrality, globalism and Dinesh D'Souza and...oh, just read it yourself and try to make some sense out of it. … [Read more...]

Richard Land Can Still Bring the Dumb With the Best of Them

Since he was tossed out as the head of the SBC's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, Richard Land has been fairly quiet. But he apparently felt the need to step back into the ring to offer up a particularly stupid and hypocritical position. … [Read more...]

Neo-Nazis Blame Flynn Resignation on Jews. Because of Course They Do.

As usual, white supremacists and neo-Nazis are blaming the Jews for something. This time it's Michael Flynn's resignation/firing as National Security Adviser. It's a victory for the "kike media," says one prominent neo-Nazi, joined by others. … [Read more...]

Trump Reassured Trudeau He Wouldn’t Name Palin Ambassador

There is as yet no U.S. Ambassador to Canada named by Donald Trump. It's expected that he will name a big money Republican donor to the position, as is common for a country with whom we have few disagreements. But Prime Minister Trudeau was apparently concerned about one possible name: … [Read more...]