The Health Care System is Now in Serious Danger

On Monday night, the Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare died when they couldn't get enough votes. Not long after, an alternative plan of just repealing the ACA and replacing it later also died, for the same reason. This is good news. But danger still abounds for our health care system and for people like me. … [Read more...]

Why the Christian Right Doesn’t Care About Russia Scandal

While controversy over clear misconduct regarding Russian influence on the election engulfs the Trump administration, his base remains fiercely loyal. The Christian right, which has managed to fool themselves into thinking he's a Christian who cares about them, doesn't care about it because they're in love with Putin. … [Read more...]

Another Trump Tweet is Clearly Fake News

The enemies of Donald Trump (Peace Be Upon Him) are always dredging up old tweets that contradict the things he's saying now and claiming this makes him a hypocrite. The latest example is him accusing Obama of never taking responsibility even when his own party controlled all of Congress. … [Read more...]

Trump Reluctantly Recertifies Iran Nuclear Deal

For the second time, Trump has recertified the Iran nuclear deal, but wants new sanctions for continuing to sponsor terrorism or he may refuse to do it again. The New York Times says he argued with all of his top national security advisers over it for hours. … [Read more...]

Howard-Browne Prays to Stop Secret Plot Against Trump

Christian fraud Rodney Howard-Browne, who claims a fake PhD from Life Christian University, says that he went to the White House to pray over Donald Trump because he has secret knowledge of a "planned attack" on Trump, but of course he can't be any more specific than that. … [Read more...]

Robertson: Trump, Jr. Set Up by Democrats!

Fresh off his Oval Office interview with Donald Trump, televangelist fraud Pat Robertson floated a theory that the now-infamous meeting between several Russians and Donald Trump, Jr. was really set up by Democratic operatives to discredit Trump. … [Read more...]

Trump: I’ll Protect American-Made Products. Not Mine, of Course.

As he kicked off Made in America Week, Donald Trump hypocritically vowed to prevent other countries from "stealing" our jobs by manufacturing products for export to the United States. You know, like virtually everything he and his family has ever produced or sold. … [Read more...]

Trump Thinks Campaigns Can Censor Newspapers

A new book out about the Trump campaign has a very revealing section on the exact moment the Donald turned on former campaign manager Paul Manafort -- when he "allowed" the New York Times to print a story about chaos inside his campaign. … [Read more...]

Meet One of the Con Artist Preachers Who Prayed with Trump

Last week saw at least the third instance of Trump meeting with a group of Christian right pastors and letting them lay hands on him and pray over him. Most of those pastors were prosperity gospel-preaching con artists, and one of them, Warren Throckmorton points out, is a transparent fraud who claims a fake doctorate. … [Read more...]

Rohrer Admits Johnson Amendment Prevents Almost Nothing

While Donald Trump panders to the Christian right by promising to repeal the Johnson Amendment, the far-right leader of the American Pastors Network, Sam Rohrer, recently admitted that the law actually does not prevent churches or pastors from doing virtually anything at all. … [Read more...]

Two More Republicans Bail on Health Care Bill

Rand Paul and Susan Collins had already said they would not vote for the Senate's second attempt at repealing and replacing Obamacare, which put the vote at exactly 50/50 with Pence casting the tiebreaking vote. But now two more Republicans have rejected it, killing the bill for the moment. … [Read more...]

No, It’s Not Democratic Obstruction Keeping Trump from Filling Jobs

Whole federal agencies continue to go without people in positions of leadership because the Trump administration is not prepared to govern, but they keep trying to blame it all on Democratic obstructionism in the Senate confirmation process. That is, as usual, a lie. … [Read more...]