Muslims for Trump is a Thing That Exists

Apparently there are Muslims who support Donald Trump, which sounds to me a lot like Jews for Hitler. Of course, they can't make any more coherent a case for him than any other Trump fan, so they rely on vague nonsense and the hope that he doesn't really mean the things he says. … [Read more...]

Christian Republican Defends Child Molesting Denny Hastert

Former Republican Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert is about to be sentenced after being caught paying hush money to cover up the fact that he molested several underage boys when he was a wrestling coach and his fellow God-fearing Christians want the judge to know what a swell guy he is. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Absurd Walkback of Statements on Trans Rights

Donald Trump shocked a lot of people by coming out in support of trans people in the controversy over bathroom usage, saying that he thinks they should be able to use the bathroom they choose. Cruz immediately pounced on that bit of Republican blasphemy, so Trump tried this rather ridiculous attempt to walk it back: … [Read more...]

Beck to Write a Book About America Dying Due to Not Electing Cruz

Glenn Beck says that if Ted Cruz is not elected president, the country will be lost forever and he's going to bring together some historians -- by historians, of course, he means non-historians like David Barton -- to write a book about how it's all because we failed to elect him. … [Read more...]

Koch Brother Hammers Trump, Cruz

In an interview on ABC, Charles Koch of the infamous Koch Brothers went pretty hard after both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz on the subject of Muslims and foreign policy. He went hardest after Trump's idea of banning all Muslim travel and immigration and forcing Muslims to register with the government: … [Read more...]

TX Sheriff Candidate Threatens to Beat Up Trans People

As the ridiculous hysteria over trans people in bathrooms continues to infest our political discourse, a candidate for sheriff in Denton County, Texas says if he ever saw a trans person going into a bathroom, he'd assault them so badly they'd be hospitalized. … [Read more...]

Hey Look, More Racist and Sexist Tweets from Roger Stone

Roger Stone has been trying to delete as many of his racist, sexist and homophobic tweets as he can lately but there's just so many of them. Media Matters has kept digging and keeps finding more and more of them, which Stone will, of course, deny are the least bit bigoted at all. You be the judge. … [Read more...]

Trump Flips on Debt Payoff, Lies About It

A couple weeks ago Donald Trump came out with the utterly ludicrous claim that he would pay off the entire $19 trillion national debt in eight years in office. He was universally laughed at. Now he has flipped his position completely, saying he could pay off "a percentage" of it, without specifics, and that he never claimed he could pay it all off. … [Read more...]

O’Reilly Knows What Trump Needs: A Token Latina

Bill O'Reilly has some advice for Donald Trump if he wins the Republican presidential nomination. Given his anti-immigrant message and the resulting dismal numbers among Latinos, he knows exactly what Trump needs to win the White House: A token Latina. Even if she's been hammering Trump for his appalling positions. … [Read more...]

New Trump Strategy: I’ve Been Playing You All for Fools

Donald Trump has pushed campaign manager Corey Lewandowski to the side and hired Paul Manafort to pull off a major shift in strategy as they try to convince the GOP that he really can win in the general election. Their strategy: To tell everyone that he's just been pretending to be a huge douchebag up until now. … [Read more...]

‘Prophet’: God to Make Trump President, Kill His Opponents

The unhinged Rick Wiles welcomed the even more unhinged Mark Taylor, who calls himself a prophet of God, to his radio show and Taylor said that God told him that he will make Donald Trump president. Not only that, he will strike down those who oppose or criticize Trump. … [Read more...]

A Trump Adviser’s Bizarre Conspiracy Theories

The Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights has a report on Joseph Schmitz, one of the five foreign policy advisers that Donald Trump identified as those he consults with. Schmitz, it turns out, is quite a piece of work, with all manner of bizarre and ridiculous positions on things. Like this: … [Read more...]