Did Trump Offer to Make Kasich Most Powerful VP Ever?

The New York Times has a fascinating story, citing an anonymous source in the Kasich camp, that says Donald Trump offered John Kasich the vice-presidential slot on the ticket and said he would be in charge of basically all public policy matters, foreign and domestic. … [Read more...]

Trump Vet Chair: Clinton Should Be Shot for Treason

And we have yet another prominent Trump supporter claiming that Hillary Clinton should be shot for treason. And another person who has no idea what treason means. This time it's Al Baldasaro, a New Hampshire state rep and chair of Trump's veterans coalition. … [Read more...]

Trump Supporter: Asian-Americans the ‘Minority You Can Trust’

One of the speakers at the rally outside the Republican National Convention put on by Roger Stone and Alex Jones was the leader of Asian-Americans for Trump, who told the crowd that Asian-Americans, not other minorities, are the "minority you can trust." … [Read more...]

David Duke Again Endorses Donald Trump

Former KKK grand dragon (or grand wizard, or grand poobah, or whatever the fuck he called himself) David Duke is once again singing the praises of Donald Trump. He also says he's proud of his time with the KKK because it was "nonviolent." You keep using that word... … [Read more...]

Violent Ex-Cop Wants Terrorists to Kill Liberals

Jim Stachowiak, an ex-cop and huge supporter of Donald Trump who has urged "patriots" to show up at the Republican National Convention and open fire on protesters, has recorded a video expressing his hope that terrorists will kill liberals and Republicans who don't support Trump. … [Read more...]

Gingrich: Melania Proves Trump Doesn’t Hate Immigrants

From the But He Has Black Friends Department, Newt Gingrich says that the fact that Donald Trump married the "very, very attractive" Melania proves that he doesn't hate immigrants. Because that's such a serious argument, isn't it? … [Read more...]

Megyn Kelly Reportedly Said Ailes Harassed Her Too

Gabriel Sherman reports that sources inside Fox have told him that Megyn Kelly told the law firm investigating the sexual harassment claims by Gretchen Carlson that Megyn Kelly told them that Roger Ailes sexually harassed her as well, early in her career at the network. … [Read more...]

Giuliani’s Hypocritical Attack on Clinton Over Libya

During Rudy Giuliani's primal scream speech at the Republican National Convention on Monday night, he attacked Hillary Clinton for supporting the removal of Moammar Gadhafi in Libya. What he didn't mention was that both Trump and Mike Pence supported the same thing. From his shoutfest: … [Read more...]

Demagoguery Over Violent Crime at the RNC

As the Republican party has done in every election for the last 40+ years, the opening day of the RNC was filled with fearmongering and demagoguery over violent crime. To hear their speakers tell it, America is overrun with violent crime since Obama took office and it's all his fault. Senate candidate Darryl Glenn: … [Read more...]

Meet RNC Speaker Michelle Van Etten

Donald Trump wanted to present a "winner's night" of wildly successful people at the Republican National Convention and one of them is a virtual unknown named Michelle Van Etten. The Daily Beast profiles her. Turns out she's Alex Jones' favorite medical supplement scam salesperson. … [Read more...]

The Anti-Intellectualism of Donald Trump

As anyone who has studied Richard Hofstadter knows, anti-intellectualism and right-wing paranoid populism go hand in hand. Donald Trump once again proves this to be true by proudly declaring that he doesn't read much and doesn't need to in order to make good decisions. … [Read more...]

Massie: Black Lives Matter Worse than the KKK

Mychal Massie is one of the d-list black conservatives who writes a column for the Worldnetdaily. He's slightly less unhinged than Erik Rush, but not by much. So he went on Rick Wiles' radio show and declared that Black Lives Matter is worse than the KKK. … [Read more...]