Voter ID Laws Really Do Suppress Minority Votes


A new study of the last few election cycles that compares minority turnout in states that have strict photo ID laws to be allowed to vote and those that don't shows that such laws have precisely the effect that Republicans want them to have, suppressing the votes of racial minorities that are more likely to vote for Democrats. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Fake It Till You Make It Behavior


Michael Kruse writes at Politico Magazine about how Donald Trump never, ever admits to doing anything wrong or to failing at anything. Every failure is spun into a victory, every stupid statement or lie is defended to the death, all while attacking anyone who points out those lies and failure with irrelevant insults. … [Read more...]

Could Sarah Palin Be Any More Gullible?


Sarah Palin is lashing out at forced birth groups who aren't taking seriously Donald Trump's alleged conversion from being pro-choice all his life. She actually believes that he means it, or at least has to pretend to believe it while she's attached herself to him for publicity purposes. … [Read more...]

Donald Trump = Pat Buchanan?

Trump Shrug

Nate Silver has a fascinating column in the wake of the Iowa caucuses comparing the Donald Trump campaign to that of Pat Buchanan in the 1992 presidential election. As usual, he dives into the fine details of the polling and the caucus results to build the hypothesis that, like Buchanan, Trump's appeal may be limited to a minority of angry voters and to virtually no one else. … [Read more...]

Donald Trump is Demonic!


Our old friend Gordon Klingenschmitt has a guest column on his website from a guy named Andre Traversa, who seems a good match for him. He's a big Ted Cruz fan and he's decided that Donald Trump's attacks on Cruz are proof that he's possessed by demons. I'm sure he and Gordon have names for them. … [Read more...]

Rafael Cruz: Ted is Running to Spread the Love of Jesus


Rafael Cruz went on Steve Deace's radio show and driveled out a bunch of nonsensical cliches about "Judeo-Christian values" before ultimately saying that his son Ted is running for president in order to “share the love of Jesus Christ” with everyone in America. Gee thanks, Ted. … [Read more...]

Deace Repeatedly Claims Cruz Mailers Were Fake


Steve Deace, the third-rate Rush Limbaugh wannabe from Iowa who has not only endorsed Ted Cruz for president but has basically said anyone who doesn't vote for him is stupid, repeatedly claimed on Twitter that those vile mailings Cruz' campaign put out were fakes. Until the campaign confirmed that they had sent them out. … [Read more...]

Gays for Trump. No, Seriously.

Trump Shrug

Michelangelo Signorile writes at HuffPo about the sad and pathetic spectacle of the Log Cabin Republicans endorsing Donald Trump for president, even while he panders to the Christian right and tells them how he'll appoint justices who would overturn the Supreme Court's ruling in Obergefell. … [Read more...]

The Iowa Caucus Fallout


The Iowa Caucuses were last night and the results were very interesting on both sides. On the Republican side, Ted Cruz won with 28% of the vote, but Donald Trump and Marco Rubio were in a virtual tie for second, Trump with 24% and Rubio with 23%. That has to be a huge help to Rubio and a blow to Trump. … [Read more...]

Phil Robertson Spews Stupid for Ted Cruz


Duck Dynasty douchebag, bigot and noted historical scholar Phil Robertson was out stumping for Ted Cruz in Iowa over the weekend and, predictably, saying some incredibly stupid things. Good strategy, really, when you're trying to reach Republican voters in Iowa, who aren't exactly a bunch of Rhodes scholars, to say the least. … [Read more...]

Rafael Cruz: My Son is Persecuted Just Like Jesus


Rafael Cruz went on Dana Loesch's radio show and said that his son Ted is being persecuted just like Jesus was because everyone is just so terrified of the truth he's telling. The fact that he may be on the verge of breaking the world record for lies per day is, of course, irrelevant. … [Read more...]

Wallace Nails Cruz on Obamacare and Jobs


Even Fox News is calling out Ted Cruz for his blatant lie that the Affordable Care Act has cost "millions of jobs." Chris Wallace, one of the few real journalists at Fox, pointed out to Cruz that the numbers simply don't support his claim. Cruz, unsurprisingly, had nothing but irrelevant and illogical arguments in reply. … [Read more...]