Trump Will Make Sure Everyone Says Merry Christmas


Donald Trump spoke at the Values Voters Summit on Friday and had the pandering turned up to 11. He waved around a bible he says his grandmother gave him (I'd love to see the actual bible; I bet it was made last year in China) and told the crowd that if he's elected president, people will damn well say Merry Christmas in department stores because, in the bizarro world he lives in, no one says that phrase anymore. … [Read more...]

Ailes, Trump to Meet to Work Out Differences


Donald Trump has announced that he is boycotting Fox News because he believes he's been treated badly by them (for a guy who declares himself to be so tough, his skin is as thin as an onion). Despite getting fawning coverage from some Fox hosts (Sean Hannity), he doesn't like that some others have dared to ask him tough questions and some guests have criticized him. Naturally, Roger Ailes is going to meet with him to work things out. … [Read more...]

Wiley Drake to Run for President


You may remember Wiley Drake, a former high-ranking official in the Southern Baptist Convention who has repeatedly prayed "imprecatory prayers" -- curses, basically -- asking God to strike down Barack Obama and many others. He's running for president, though it isn't clear whether he's doing so on behalf of any actual political party. He has been on a third-party ticket previously, but the press release does not indicate a party this time. … [Read more...]

When the Right Suddenly Gets Concerned About Muslim Views


One of the more ridiculous arguments we sometimes hear from the Christian right is that we can't pass progressive policies that help gay people or women because that will inflame the Muslim world and put our troops in danger (not that we have many troops in war zones anymore). Louis Gohmert is the latest to suddenly develop a concern for the views of Muslims while demanding that the Senate not confirm the openly gay Eric Fanning as Army Secretary. … [Read more...]

Boehner Resigning as Speaker and Congressman

I certainly did not see this coming. Speaker of the House John Boehner is resigning both his leadership position and his seat in the House at the end of October, he told the House Republican Caucus in a closed-door meeting. After surviving so many attempts from the Tea Party types in the caucus to strip him of his speakership, I'm shocked that he would step down now. … [Read more...]

Trump Thinks He’ll Win Vote of Every Demographic Group


First Donald Trump said he would win the Latino vote. Then he said he'd win the women's vote. Now he says he'll get more than 25% of the black vote, something Republicans haven't done in decades. Speaking at an event sponsored by the South Carolina African-American Chamber of Commerce, but to an almost entirely white audience of around 500 people, Trump pointed to a single outlying poll to say he'd do really well with black voters. … [Read more...]

Trump Explains His Reverence for God


Kevin Drum spots this hilariously absurd exchange between Donald Trump and the Christian Broadcasting Network's fake "journalist," David Brody. Brody asked Trump the following question:"Who is God to you?...You’ve contemplated this before, or have you contemplated this?” … [Read more...]

Holy Jesus, Ben Carson on Evolution

Credit: Michael Vadon

Someone dug up a video of Ben Carson addressing a conference called Celebration of Creation, put on by the Adventist News Network, and the claims and arguments he made were so bad that they really should be deeply embarrassing to him. I mean, this is the kind of stuff you'd expect from a teenager regurgitating Josh McDowell books, it's so bad. Daniel W. VanArsdale transcribes some of it. Prepare to laugh. … [Read more...]

Jindal Thinks He Can Fire All of Congress


Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who is apparently running for the Republican presidential nomination without anyone actually noticing, apparently thinks that if he's elected president he can remove Rep. John Boehner and Sen. Michael McConnell from their positions as the party's leaders in the House and Senate -- and that he can just fire all of Congress if he wants to. Listen to this baffling nonsense: … [Read more...]

Walker Actually Says God Told Him to Get Out


Only a few short months after he said that it was God's plan for him to run for president, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker bowed out of the race and, much to my surprise, actually did say that God had told him to get out. It kind of makes one wonder why he told him to run in the first place only to have him fail, but Walker seems not to be bothered by such logical questions. … [Read more...]

Bryan Fischer Award Nominee: Ben Carson


The Bryan Fischer Award is given to those who exhibit a breathtaking lack of self-awareness, accusing their opponents of possessing their own worst traits. Today's winner is Ben Carson, who is demonstrating his utter obliviousness to his own contradictions in trying to defend his position that no one should vote for a Muslim to be president. Just listen to this statement: … [Read more...]

Shoebat the Lesser: Women Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Vote


Theodore Shoebat, son of fake "ex-terrorist" Walid Shoebat, joins a remarkably undistinguished list of wingnuts that includes Theodore Beale (Vox Day) and Jesse Lee Peterson in saying that women should not be allowed to vote or be involved in politics at all. And that's just one part of the misogyny in this video, where he lavishes praise on Vladimir Putin as a great Christian leaders and calls Carly Fiorina an ugly wretch. … [Read more...]