Hey, Guess What? Donald Trump Said Something Untrue Again.


I don't want to shock anyone with that headline, but it's true. Donald Trump is once again pulling numbers out of his ass, claiming that the "real" unemployment rate is 42%. In his own speeches, it's gone from 18% to 21% to now 42%. Pretty soon, he'll be claiming that no one has a job in this country. Vox explains why his numbers are completely fictitious because they count everyone who isn't working for any reason. … [Read more...]

And Now, a Message From Donald Trump Supporters


Donald Trump spoke to a crowd of around 20,000 in Mobile, Alabama on Friday and there was much fun to be had. He gave his usual rambling, incoherent stump speech, much of it packed with false claims and wild exaggerations. But the real fun was in talking to his fans to find out why they support him. I'm sure you'll be shocked to find out that a whole bunch of them are racist bigots who just love his xenophobic attacks on immigrants. … [Read more...]

Ted Cruz: God’s Own Candidate


As usual, we have several of the Republican presidential candidates claiming that it's God's will that they be the next leader of the free world, but Ted Cruz is really playing up that angle. At a rally for "religious freedom" -- that is, Christian privilege -- in Iowa, the state chairman of his presidential campaign told the audience that God has raised up Ted Cruz to be the nation's political savior. … [Read more...]

Donald Trump: Warrior King?


Kent Bailey, a professor emeritus of clinical psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University, has written one of the most fatuous diatribes of drivel you are ever likely to encounter. It's published, of course, at the Worldnetdaily, and it offers up a cartoonish version of evolutionary psychology to justify calling Donald Trump the "quintessential warrior male" that we've all supposedly been waiting for to defeat "the pagan forces of progressivism and political correctness." … [Read more...]

Birthright Citizenship and Originalism


Garrett Epps, a constitutional law professor from the University of Baltimore and one of the nation's foremost experts on the 14th Amendment, has a column at The Atlantic thoroughly debunking the conservative argument against birthright citizenship based upon the original intent of that amendment. As Republicans are proposing both a statutory change and a constitutional amendment to eliminate birthright citizenship, this is an important thing to keep in mind: … [Read more...]

Mickelson Stands By Slavery Plan, Hosts Another Presidential Candidate

Jan Mickelson

Iowa right wing radio host Jan Mickelson is not backing down from his appalling suggestion that immigrants who are in the country illegally should be rounded up and made slaves of the state. He told Media Matters that his idea is "constitutionally defensible, legally defensible, morally defensible, biblically defensible and historically defensible." And then Ted Cruz went on his show as if he wasn't a horrible piece of shit. … [Read more...]

There Is No ‘Anchor Baby’ Problem


To hear the right wing tell it, millions of people from all over the world -- but mostly from Mexico, of course -- are constantly streaming into the United States illegally in order to have babies because that baby is automatically a citizen and therefore their parents can't be kicked out of the country. Janell Ross at the Washington Post shows that this entire narrative is one big lie. … [Read more...]

Barton Again Lies About Child Pornography Prosecutions


Being David Barton means being so blatant a liar that you keep repeating the same lies over and over again even after they've been proven to be lies. In fact, repeating the same lies even when that morning's headlines prove that you're lying, safe in the knowledge that your audience is too braindead to catch and too tribal to care if they did. For instance, this old lie that he keeps retelling: … [Read more...]

Seriously Michael Savage, I’m Kind of Embarrassed For You Now


You know that feeling you get when you watch someone say or do something really humiliating and you start to feel embarrassed for them, to the point where you think you just can't watch it anymore? I'm starting to feel that way about Michael Savage, who is taking his man-crush on Donald Trump to truly pathetic new heights. He's now dreaming about him and talking about how proud the billionaire makes him feel of himself. … [Read more...]

GOP Can’t Stop the Iran Deal


Because of a bill passed months ago that essentially flips the treaty ratification process on its head (note: the Iran deal is not actually a treaty, so this is not illegal), it is a virtual certainty that the Republican-controlled Congress will be unable to stop the nuclear agreement with Iran from becoming official policy. Stopping it would require a two-thirds vote of both houses against it to override a veto. … [Read more...]

Glenn Beck to Deploy 1000 ‘Unity Teams’


If Glenn Beck did not exist, I might have to invent him. Who else, save perhaps Donald Trump and Larry Klayman, manages to be so thoroughly ridiculous, self-aggrandizing and endlessly amusing than Beck? His wild pendulum swings between gloom and hope, his self-declared daily communications with God, his constant claims of having been right about everything...he's just the total package. And now he's working with David Barton to deploy "unity teams" to diffuse situations like the unrest in … [Read more...]

Your Local Government Jerk of the Day

Mark Gremaud (Video screenshot)

On Thursday I had lunch with an old colleague from the American Independent News Network who is now doing reporting on state and local government (primarily technology stuff, not politics). And I told him my theory that as bad as Congress is, if you really want to find the frauds, extremists and assholes, you gotta go to the local government. Here's a perfect example of what I was talking about: … [Read more...]