Snyder Overruled Emergency Manager on Flint Water


It seems like every day there's a new story that makes the tragic poisoning of tens of thousands of people in Flint, Michigan even worse. Now it's been revealed that the emergency manager for the city appointed by Gov. Rick Snyder rejected the use of water from the Flint river because it was so polluted, but the Snyder administration overruled him and did it anyway under a new emergency manager. … [Read more...]

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Almost Half of DC Homeless Youth are LGBT

A census of the homeless population in Washington, DC finds that 43% of all homeless youth in that city are LGBT. Most of this, of course, is the result of being disowned and thrown out by their families because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. The discrimination and hatred they face from society in general is bad enough, but when it's their own families... … [Read more...]

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How My Colon Relates to Privilege, Humanism and Social Justice


On Monday, I had my first colonoscopy. To say it wasn't a pleasant experience is an understatement (the prep was far worse than the actual procedure). Not only did I have to drink some of most vile stuff in existence, I also had to not eat anything for 24 hours. By the time the procedure was done, I was famished and the first thing I did was get something to eat. So what does that have to do with privilege and social justice? … [Read more...]

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Mother Teresa’s Orphanages Don’t Give a Damn About Kids

Here's yet another example of why the veneration of Mother Teresa and the supposed selflessness of her and her followers is totally unjustified. India has set new rules for adoption, trying to get more orphaned children into permanent homes in a country with millions of orphans and only a few thousand adoptions each year, but the Missionaries of Charity refuse to take part because they refuse to let a single person adopt a child. … [Read more...]

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O’Reilly: There’s No Such Thing as Hungry Kids in America


Bill O'Reilly continues to be massively out of touch with reality on pretty much any issue, as evidence by his very loud and belligerent denial that there is any such thing as hungry children in America. Why? Because many poor families have computers and cars (and many don't, of course, but the only "facts" that matter are the ones that confirm his beliefs). In fact, he thinks it's "insane" to believe that there are hungry children in this country. … [Read more...]

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Savage: Throw Homeless People in Jail

Michael Savage, always an exemplar of human compassion, is tired of seeing homeless people all over the place and he has a solution: Throw them all in jail or in mental hospitals so he doesn't have to look at them all the time. He's actually on to something here, but not what he thinks. A huge number of homeless people are, in fact, mentally ill and need help. But you can't imprison people if they haven't broken the law, except in the totalitarian reality he wishes we all lived in. … [Read more...]

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Welcome to Grand Rapids, Land of Jerks

I moved to Grand Rapid two months ago and I've been thrilled with it. I love living in the city and I'm especially happy to be close to so many friends who were a 40 minute drive away for the past few years. And then I see a story like this and I am infuriated. There's a group of people in the city who are so adamant about getting rid of homeless people panhandling that they're going out and standing next to them with signs telling people not to give them money. … [Read more...]

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MD Housing Official: Mothers Might Poison Kids to Get Handout


Maryland State Housing Secretary Kenneth Holt said over the weekend that a state program that allows families to get housing assistance if the home they're renting is found to have lead paint in it might encourage mothers to deliberately poison their children with lead in order to get that juicy government hand out. And it turns out that he doesn't even know what the program actually does, falsely claiming that it provides free rent until the child turns 18. … [Read more...]

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Ben Carson’s Hypocrisy

Conservative hero du jour Ben Carson went on The View and displayed his rather obvious hypocrisy by talking about how things like food stamps and housing assistance rob people of their incentive to work. You know, like it did him and his mother growing up. … [Read more...]

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Welfare Drug Testing Still a Terrible Idea

Mississippi is about to become the 9th state to institute a program of mandatory drug testing for those who receive public assistance, which at least one federal court has already declared unconstitutional (in Florida; the case is under appeal). The New Republic interviews a health policy expert on it: … [Read more...]

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Ryan’s Appalling CPAC Talk

Paul Ryan spoke at CPAC over the weekend and delivered a truly appalling and inane speech about how terrible it is to help poor people eat. Why is it terrible? Because it gives them a "full stomach but an empty soul." Oh, and he used a fake story to illustrate his point in the process. … [Read more...]

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Legislator Finds Out How Homeless Live

One of the big problems in our political system is that policymakers are so completely isolated from the problems of real people. Yeah, they love to talk about those tragic stories they hear from constituents, but that's just for political show. Here's a legislator who actually tried to find out what it's like to be homeless: … [Read more...]

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