ACLU Calls Trump a ‘One Man Constitutional Crisis’

The ACLU has put out a report on the constitutional implications of a Donald Trump presidency, based on his policy statements and public speeches. It's not good. Freedom of the press would be dead in the water if he had his chance, among many other important protections. You can read the full report here. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Incoherent Babbling on Press Freedom and Defamation Laws

Donald Trump did an interview with a Florida TV station in which he offered a completely incoherent position on press freedom. He wants to change our libel laws to be like England's, then describes our current system as the one he favors. … [Read more...]

NY Times Writes Amusing Response to Trump’s Huff and Puff Letter

When I wrote about Trump's lawyer sending a demand for a retraction and an apology to the New York Times, I scoffed at the idea that his lawyer could possibly think that they would find it intimidating. The Times has now written a response, and let's just say they don't seem to be taking it very seriously either. … [Read more...]

Trump Campaign’s Deliciously Ironic Response to New Allegations

On Wednesday night Donald Trump was hit with yet more accusations of having kissed and groped women against their will and his campaign went into overdrive, cranking out a delightfully ironic and oblivious statement from his communications director: … [Read more...]

Trump’s Ridiculous Lawsuit Threat Against the NY Times

After the New York times published an article about three new women accusing him of sexual assault, late Wednesday night the Trump campaign began drawing up the papers to file a lawsuit against the newspaper for defamation. It will likely end up costing him money. … [Read more...]

No Real Time Fact Checking in Tonight’s Debate

Some of the major news networks have been to do realtime fact-checking of statements by candidates and their surrogates, but none of them will do that during tonight's debate. This is, of course, exactly what the Trump campaign wants since their candidate lies so much. … [Read more...]

Beck Producers Refuse to Reveal Sources in Defamation Suit

As expected, two producers for Glenn Beck's show are refusing to comply with a court order that they reveal their sources from the government in the defamation suit against Beck by a Saudi student that he smeared as the "money man" in the Boston Marathon bombing. … [Read more...]

O’Reilly Fine With Trump Stripping Press Credentials

You'd think that a guy who fancies himself a journalist (having won all those Peabody awards, dontchaknow) would speak out against a presidential candidate stripping press credentials from the nation's leading newspapers, but Bill O'Reilly says he's just fine with it. … [Read more...]

Judge Orders Beck to Reveal Sources in Defamation Case

A very interesting development in the defamation case brought against Glenn Beck by a Saudi student that Beck repeatedly claimed was the "money man" behind the Boston Marathon bombings even though the FBI and DHS cleared him almost immediately. The judge in that case has ordered Beck to reveal his sources, which he claims were in the government. … [Read more...]

Trump Adviser: Our ‘Spirit’ is to Give Reporters Access

Last week a reporter from the Washington Post was frisked and refused entry to a Mike Pence campaign stop, after Donald Trump very publicly said the Washington Post was not allowed to cover the campaign's events anymore. Listen to one of his advisers try to spin that: … [Read more...]

South Carolina Legislator Wants to Shut Down the Press

A state legislator from South Carolina named Katrina Shealy -- a Republican, of course -- has a solution to mass shootings and violence: Shut down the media! But it's totally okay, you guys, because she's just offering her opinion. That makes it immune to criticism on Planet Wingnuttia. … [Read more...]

Trump Revokes Press Credential for Washington Post

Donald Trump is refusing to allow yet another news organization to cover his campaign events, this time one of the most venerable newspapers in the country, the Washington Post. Of course he says it's because they're so "dishonest," which is ironic given how many lies they've caught him in. … [Read more...]