Trump Still Wants to Make It Easier to Sue the Media

Several times during last year's campaign, Donald Trump threatened the First Amendment guarantee of freedom of the press by demanding the right to sue the media for stories he thinks are false. Reince Priebus says they're still looking at possibly doing that with legislation. … [Read more...]

How Trump Turned the White House Press Corps Into a Joke

The White House press corps has always been an obsequious bunch, more lapdogs than attack dogs. But under Trump and Sean Spicer, even what little tough questioning they ever did is viewed as too much. Rick Perlstein chronicles the circus freak show they've created in the press briefing room. … [Read more...]

Pence Adviser Part Owner of News Outlet Given Exclusive Access

Buzzfeed reports that one of the investors who owns the Independent Journal Review, a right-wing news outlet that was the only one allowed to send a reporter with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on his trip to Korea and China, is also one of Mike Pence's advisers. … [Read more...]

GOP Intel Chair Makes Bizarre, Irrational Threat to Reporters

p. Devin Nunes, chair of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, made a bizarre and utterly illogical threat to reporters probing Attorney General Jess Sessions' conversations with the Russian ambassador while working on the Trump campaign. … [Read more...]

Did Trump Violate Constitution by Banning Reporters from Briefing?

As you well know by now, last week Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer forbid some of the world's major news outlets from taking part in a White House briefing. Adam Liptak writes at the New York Times that a new court ruling suggests that this was a violation of the Constitution. … [Read more...]

Trump-loving Actor Wants Him Treated Like an Emperor

One of the handful of virtually anonymous "celebrities" who have endorsed Donald Trump is Robert Davi, a guy known for playing bit roles in mafia movies and TV series. And he thinks Trump should be treated like a Roman emperor and protected from the press. … [Read more...]

Trump Wants Use of Anonymous Sources Banned

During his CPAC talk, Donald Trump proposed banning journalists from citing anonymous sources in their stories, a change that would gut the press' ability to uncover information that the public needs to know. And of course, he's also a hypocrite about it. … [Read more...]

White House Shuts Out Major Media Outlets

Donald Trump's ridiculous and authoritarian war on the media is becoming more childish by the minute. On Friday, Sean Spicer held a press gaggle but prohibited some major media outlets -- CNN, BBC, New York Times, Washington Post -- from attending. … [Read more...]

Trump and the History of ‘Enemy of the People’

Donald Trump is once again showing his true blue authoritarian stripes by declaring the media the "enemy of the American people." Amanda Erickson of the Washington Post reveals the deeply disturbing history of that phrase. It goes back originally to the Emperor Niro. More recent history: … [Read more...]

Reporter Says Omarosa Threatened Her, Claimed a Dossier on Her

Omarosa is apparently being her usual charming self. A reporter who used to be a good friend of hers (good enough to be asked to be her bridesmaid) says that Omarosa physically intimidated her and claimed they have a dossier with dirt on her, with the obvious implications. … [Read more...]

Stop Giving Baghdad Kellyanne TV Time

NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen went on a podcast about media issues and offered what might seem like a radical idea, but I think he's absolutely spot-on: Stop giving Baghdad Kellyane Conway a platform on television to spout her constant lies. … [Read more...]

Trump Gives Gift to CNN

In his zeal to punish any news outlet that dares to report bad things about him, Donald Trump is now refusing to send any spokespeople or surrogates to do interviews on CNN, including Baghdad Kellyanne Conway. CNN should send him a thank you note. … [Read more...]