Napolitano’s Fear Mongering Over Intelligence ‘Unmasking’

Andrew Napolitano is still carrying water for Donald Trump, repeating the administration's talking points by trying to distract attention from the Russia investigation to the "unmasking" of Trump associates who were caught on intercepted calls with Russian officials. … [Read more...]

Trump DOJ Gets Warrant to Spy on Journalists

In its effort to stop the leaks it also says are not real, the Trump administration has been granted a warrant from the FISA court to track the communications of journalists who have been on the receiving end of those leaks over the last few months, according to the New York Post. … [Read more...]

FBI, ICE Using Anti-Terrorism Tool in Immigration Cases

The Detroit News reports that the FBI and Immigration and Customs Enforcement are using a tool that was supposed to be used for anti-terrorism cases -- a machine that mimics cell phone towers to capture phone calls and text messages -- in routine immigration cases. … [Read more...]

The Trump Tapes?

You would think that the last thing Donald Trump would want at this point is to create more comparisons to Richard Nixon, but he did just that by issuing a thinly veiled threat on Twitter to fired FBI Director James Comey, suggesting that he may have tapes of their conversations. … [Read more...]

Tantaros Accuses Fox of Tapping Her Phone

Things may have just gotten worse for Fox News. Andrea Tantaros, a former Fox News host who was already suing the network for sexual harassment has now added a second suit, this time alleging that the network tapped her cell phone to leak dirt on her after she made the harassment allegations. … [Read more...]

Trump Trying to Force Twitter to Reveal Identity of Critic

The Trump administration is trying to force Twitter to reveal the identity of the person behind one of those "alt" accounts purporting to be someone inside an executive agency. Twitter has filed a lawsuit over it, seeking to protect the privacy of their customers. … [Read more...]

Trump Adviser: Government Leakers are ‘Enemy of the State’

A homeland security adviser to Donald Trump spoke at the Center for Strategic and International Studies this week and said that those who leak information from the government are "absolute enemies to our state." A look at the history of leaks does not support that claim. … [Read more...]

Court: Mandatory Drug Testing of College Students Unconstitutional

The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled last week that mandatory drug testing of college students was unconstitutional, upholding the district court's injunction to stop the practice. The suit was brought by the ACLU of Missouri. … [Read more...]

Trump’s CIA Nominee Wants Even More Invasive Surveillance

The man Donald Trump is nominating to lead the CIA, Rep. Mike Pompeo, is a big fan of government surveillance. In fact, he wants to go much further than either Presidents Bush or Obama went (and they pretty much shredded the 4th Amendment since 2001). … [Read more...]

Oklahoma Mandates Anti-Abortion Songs in Public Bathrooms

In a rather bizarre move, the state of Oklahoma is now requiring that anti-abortion signs be put up in all public bathrooms in the state. Why public bathrooms and not, say, movie theaters or record stores? I have no idea. I bet they don't either. … [Read more...]

Trump CIA Nominee Enthusiastically Pro-torture and Mass Surveillance

Rep. Mike Pompeo, Donald Trump's nominee to be CIA director, has some unsurprisingly disturbing views on two key issues, torture and mass surveillance. In short, he's an enthusiastic fan of both of those constitutionally and statutorily dubious practices. … [Read more...]

Judge: Government Hacking a Computer is a Search

It seems like this should be the most obvious thing in the known universe, but sadly it's not. A federal judge has ruled that when the government hacks into your computer to get information they otherwise would not have access to, that's a search under the 4th Amendment. DUH. … [Read more...]