Trump Delegate Hopes Cops Shoot Blacks at RNC

A Donald Trump delegate from Illinois was sent home from the Republican National Convention after she posted a picture to her Facebook page hoping that the cops outside would shoot some "niggers." But you guys, she's totally not a racist. Never mind that she uses the nickname "whitepride" online. … [Read more...]

White Supremacists Are Loving the RNC

You know who is absolutely loving the Republican National Convention? White supremacists. They're watching on C-SPAN and fondling themselves with joy, especially after the RNC actually showed a positive tweet from VDARE on a screen inside the arena. Here's white supremacist Richard Spencer: … [Read more...]

Lou Holtz Goes Full-On Racist

I hate Lou Holtz. He's a great football coach, no doubt, but after hearing him do a motivational speech about 20 years ago (for which he was paid $50,000) I started hating him (to be fair, I pretty much hate all motivational speakers). He's now endorsed Trump and went full-on racist. … [Read more...]

Trump Supporter: Asian-Americans the ‘Minority You Can Trust’

One of the speakers at the rally outside the Republican National Convention put on by Roger Stone and Alex Jones was the leader of Asian-Americans for Trump, who told the crowd that Asian-Americans, not other minorities, are the "minority you can trust." … [Read more...]

David Duke Again Endorses Donald Trump

Former KKK grand dragon (or grand wizard, or grand poobah, or whatever the fuck he called himself) David Duke is once again singing the praises of Donald Trump. He also says he's proud of his time with the KKK because it was "nonviolent." You keep using that word... … [Read more...]

Massie: Black Lives Matter Worse than the KKK

Mychal Massie is one of the d-list black conservatives who writes a column for the Worldnetdaily. He's slightly less unhinged than Erik Rush, but not by much. So he went on Rick Wiles' radio show and declared that Black Lives Matter is worse than the KKK. … [Read more...]

Klayman: Obama Destroyed Our Racial Tranquility

Larry Klayman, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Mat Staver, went on Rick Wiles' radio show -- because of course he did -- and accused Obama of having destroyed the racial harmony that existed back in the 60s and 70s, when everyone, black and white, loved Motown. … [Read more...]

How the Anti-Civil Rights Rhetoric Never Changes

While conservatives absurdly assure us that Martin Luther King would have opposed the Black Lives Matter movement, Fusion magazine publishes some of the mail that MLK received during his life -- and the arguments used against him are virtually identical to the ones used against BLM today. A few excerpts: … [Read more...]

Black Republican Senator Explains Police Bias to Colleagues

Sen. Tim Scott is a very conservative senator from from South Carolina. He's also black, one of only two black senators and only nine to have eve served in that chamber. And he took to the Senate floor to explain to his colleagues what it's like to be black and thus permanently suspicious. … [Read more...]

Grothman: Race Relations Great Until Obama Came Along

Rep. Glenn Grothman, who may well give Louis Gohmert a run for his money as the dumbest and most ridiculous member of the House of Representatives, says that everything was great with race relations in this country -- until that uppity Obama came along! … [Read more...]

Another Trump Lie: Moments of Silence for Cop Killer

On Wednesday, Donald Trump trotted out yet another lie by claiming that at Black Lives Matter protests they've been holding moments of silence for the man who killed five Dallas police officers. He appears to be the only one on the planet who has witnessed this. … [Read more...]

David Duke May Run for Congress

Remember Rep. Steve Scalise, the Louisiana Republican who spoke at a white supremacist conference? Well since he denied all of that, David Duke is now considering running against him for his seat in the House. Because that would be really, really fun. … [Read more...]