‘Coach’ Dave Goes Full-on Racist

"Coach" Dave Daubenmire seems to be getting more unhinged by the day. Now he's whipped off the pointy hat to reveal his identity as a blatant racist, saying that Satan is waging a war against straight white men because they are the only hope for saving the country and what made America great. … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Lord is a Douchebag

Donald Trump sycophant Jeffrey Lord continues to be a (presumably) paid contributor for CNN, for reasons no one seems to understand. He's as much a racist as the object of his affection, among other shared attributes. This time he declared that a Latina governor can't be a Latina because she's an American citizen. … [Read more...]

Taylor: Trump Will Pack His Administration with White Supremacists

Jared Taylor, the "sophisticated" white supremacist leader of American Renaissance, did an interview on an alt-right radio show and opined that if Donald Trump is elected president, he'll pack his administration with "people who do think the way we do," i.e. white supremacists like him. … [Read more...]

Young Republican Leader Resigns Over Trump Nomination

One of the leaders of an organization of young Republicans has stepped down, citing Donald Trump's nomination and saying that she cannot in good conscience be part of putting a racist, near-fascist in the White House. Katrina Elaine Jorgensen was rather blunt in her resignation. … [Read more...]

White Supremacist Conference Loves Them Some Trump

This past weekend was the American Renaissance Conference in the hills of Tennessee and attendance jumped by 50% this year, primarily because of all the excitement over Donald Trump's candidacy. Talking Points Memo was there and interviewed many of the participants. They report on what they saw. … [Read more...]

Supreme Court Makes Important Ruling on Racial Jury Dismissals

The Supreme Court handed down an important ruling on prosecutors dismissing jurors for racial reasons, but one that is unfortunately going to be limited in scope because of the particular circumstances. The ruling was 7-1 with Clarence Thomas unsurprisingly alone in dissent. … [Read more...]

White Supremacist Trump Supporter Thinks ‘Racist’ is a Slur

Sometimes someone says something so mind-numbingly stupid that you just stare at your screen for a minute thinking, "Did they really just say that?" Here's an example. William Johnson, the white supremacist who has been buying robocalls backing Donald Trump, says the word "racist" is a slur and shouldn't be used. … [Read more...]

GOP Staffer Compares Confederate Flag Ban to ISIS

The House passed an amendment to a military spending bill that would ban the Confederate flag from being flown in most national cemeteries for most purposes. Almost twice as many Republicans voted against the bill than voted for it, unsurprisingly. And one Republican staffer compared those who advocated the bill to ISIS. … [Read more...]

Racist Lawyer Threatens LA City Councilman

The racist cockroaches are crawling out from behind every cupboard lately. Gee, I wonder what could have prompted that? In Los Angeles, a racist attorney who likes to go to council meetings in a KKK hood has been arrested for threatening to lynch a black councilman. … [Read more...]

Arpaio: It’s Not My Fault I Cost the County Tens of Millions

Fascist Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio still refuses to accept any responsibility for the money he has cost the county defending his blatant misconduct and racist policing, which now amounts to well over $100 million. But it's not his fault, he says, it's the government and those pesky people who sue him over it. … [Read more...]

White Supremacist Says They Have More Trump Delegates

A couple weeks ago, the Trump campaign had to scramble when they named a well-known white supremacist as a delegate in California. They blamed it on a database error. But now the American Freedom Party, which is a white supremacist party, says that they have more Trump delegates that we don't know about. … [Read more...]

Suit Filed Over Vicious Police Attack on Teen Girl

I've seen some disturbing videos of police brutality in my life, but here's one that there is no possible way anyone could argue was justified. It happened in 2014 when an off-duty cop working mall security viciously assaulted a 14 year old girl for riding her bike through the mall parking lot on her way home. … [Read more...]