Cernovich Gets His 60 Minutes of Fame

Our old friend Mike Cernovich has become a star in the cesspool of the racist and misogynist far right, thanks to his jumping on the Trump bandwagon last year. So much so that 60 Minutes actually did a story about him, which exposed him for the ridiculous trollish buffoon that he is. This part of the interview amuses me: … [Read more...]

Daily Caller Lets White Supremacist Defend Steve King

The Daily Caller, a right-wing rag owned by none other than the world's most annoying little twerp Tucker Carlson, published a column by Peter Brimelow, an actual white supremacist, defending Steve King's disgusting and racist comments about white culture. … [Read more...]

Trump and Andrew Jackson

One of the first things Donald Trump did upon moving into the White House was to hang a portrait of Andrew Jackson in the oval office, a signal of how much he identifies himself with our 7th president. The fact that Jackson was a massive racist and is responsible for genocide seems appropriate. … [Read more...]

Nazis Praising Steve King’s White Supremacist Statements

Now that Rep. Steve King has dropped any pretense of being anything but a white supremacist, the Nazis and KKK goons at places like the Daily Stormer are praising him to high heaven. They're also admitting what King's defenders want to pretend is not white supremacism. Andrew Anglin from Daily Stormer: … [Read more...]

King Doubles Down on White Supremacy

Steven King is not only not backing down from his racist comments about raising other people's babies, he's doubling down on them and making them worse. He says he meant exactly what he said and that he wants an America that is totally homogenous. … [Read more...]

Steve King Goes Full-on White Supremacist

Rep. Steve King is taking off the mask...I mean, putting on the hood...and coming out with some naked white supremacism while praising Dutch fascist Geert Wilders. Get a gander at this tweet sent out by the far-right congressman: … [Read more...]

Watters ‘Destroys’ Straw Man of White Privilege

Jesse Watters, the demon offspring of Bill O'Reilly and James O'Keefe, decided to do a show about white privilege. Actually, he decided to do a show about a ridiculous caricature of the notion of white privilege. The Worldnetdaily, of course, thinks he "exploded" the whole concept. … [Read more...]

Savage: Stop Legal Immigration Because They’ll Vote for Democrats

Vice President Mike Pence went on the radio show of the deranged Michael Savage, who told him that the Trump administration needs to stop legal as well as illegal immigration because legal immigrants will become citizens and vote for Democrats. … [Read more...]

Peterson: Trump is the Savior of Black People

Jesse Lee Peterson, flagrant hater of women and anything resembling rationality, says that Donald Trump was sent here by Jesus himself to be the "savior for the black people." Man, he wants to be white so damn bad, doesn't he? It's kind of tragic. … [Read more...]

Sessions Dismisses Police Misconduct Reports Without Reading Them

Attorney General Jeff Sessions surprised no one today in suggesting that he may pull out of deals struck by the Obama DOJ with police departments with a history of misconduct and abuse. But as my friend Radley Balko points out, he didn't bother reading any of the reports that led to those actions. … [Read more...]

Erickson Presents the American Mythology

Erick Erickson, founder of Red State, may be a fierce critic of Donald Trump but that has not made him any more coherent or deep a thinker. In his latest column, he presents the American mythology in all its utterly ridiculous and contradictory glory. … [Read more...]

Limbaugh’s Predictable Reaction to Moonlight’s Academy Award

Rush Limbaugh is nothing if not completely predictable. Like many on the right, you knew his reaction to Moonlight winning the Academy Award for best picture would be that it's just political correctness to give it to a movie about a gay black man. … [Read more...]