Kaepernick’s Protest is Catching Fire

As more and more NFL players join Colin Kaepernick's protest against racial injustice and police brutality, support for his stance is spreading. It's made it down to the high school level, where many players have joined. But this is the most amazing protest yet: … [Read more...]

CNN Has Its Own Mark Fuhrmann

As bad as it is that Fox News pays the documented racist bigot Mark Fuhrmann on to comment on race and law enforcement, CNN has someone just as bad in former NYPD detective Harry Houck. Here's a brief rundown of some of the outrageous things he's said to defend anything and everything any police officer does wrong. … [Read more...]

Ohio County Trump Chair: No Racism Before Obama

A county campaign chairman from Ohio has resigned from the Trump campaign after somehow managing to say things about race that were even more inane than The Donald himself. There is no racism today, she said. In fact, there was no racism in the 60s and no racism until Obama took office. … [Read more...]

Glenn Reynolds: Run Over Protesters

Glenn Reynolds, the infamous Instapundit, has had his twitter account suspended after posting a video of protesters in Charlotte, North Carolina stopping traffic with three simple words on his own behalf: Run them down. I have three words of my own: What the fuck? … [Read more...]

Trump Makes Reasonable Statement, Police Union Destroys Every Irony Meter in Existence

Last week the Fraternal Order of Police endorsed Donald Trump. This week a Tulsa police officer shot and killed an unarmed black man doing nothing wrong and Trump, to my astonishment, actually made an almost rational statement about it. And the FOP is not happy. … [Read more...]

Trump Would Bring Back Stop and Frisk Nationwide

Sean Hannity hosted a townhall meeting for Donald Trump that Fox News described as a "meeting on African-American concerns." And to show just how much he understands those concerns, he actually said that he would reinstate the NYPD's unconstitutional Stop and Frisk program nationwide. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Bizarre View of ‘African-American Communities’

Watching Donald Trump try to appeal to black voters is, I imagine, a lot like what it would have been if George Steinbrenner had run for the Boston City Council. His latest pronouncement is so utterly out of touch with reality that all you can do is shake your head that someone could possibly be this clueless. … [Read more...]

Belmont Expels Student for Racist, Violent Attack on Protesting NFL Players

Monday night, three players for the Philadelphia Eagles protested racial injustice during the national anthem by raising their fists in the air. A student at Belmont University in Nashville posted racist, violent attacks on them and was immediately expelled from the school. … [Read more...]

Ginni Thomas Interviews Man Who Doesn’t Think She Should Vote

Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, interviews conservative figures for the Daily Caller and her most recent guest was the utterly irrational Jesse Lee (Uncle Tom) Peterson. She interviewed a man who doesn't think she doesn't have the right to vote. And of course she never brought that up. … [Read more...]

Another One of Klayman’s Infamous Lawsuits

All I saw was the headline "Black Dallas Cop Sues Black Lives Matter, Soros for Inciting Race War" and I knew without even having to read the article that the attorney was Larry Klayman, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Mat Staver. It couldn't possibly have been anyone else. … [Read more...]

Judge Curiel Won’t Delay Trump ‘University’ Trial

The trial in the multiple lawsuits against Donald Trump and his "university" is set to begin on Nov. 2nd, but Trump's attorney filed a motion to delay that because he has a personal scheduling conflict at that time. Judge Curiel said no. … [Read more...]

MN Republican ‘Apologizes’ for ‘Insensitive’ Postings

Nolan West, a Republican running for a House seat from Minnesota, has a real hard-on for the Confederacy. He's been posting pro-Confederacy items on his social media accounts for years, along with far more offensively racist material. But don't worry. He's "sorry." … [Read more...]