Don Feder Goes Full On White Supremacist

Don Feder, leader of the incredibly far right World Congress of Families, is quite agitated about the image of Harriet Tubman going on the $20 bill, and he goes full on white supremacist to argue against it. Only white men built this country, you see, so only white men should be on the money. … [Read more...]

O’Reilly, Bolling Ignore Racist Drug Enforcement

Bill O'Reilly and Eric Bolling offer up the usual right-wing inanity on the drug war and our criminal justice system in order to claim that black people are incarcerated at many times the rate of white people because they do and sell more drugs than white people. … [Read more...]

Horowitz’ Idiotic Claims About Race and Slavery

It is truly astonishing to me that anyone could possibly take David Horowitz seriously. The former communist turned right-wing buffoon gave an interview with an Indianapolis radio show and spouted some truly ridiculous claims about racism and slavery. Like the very concept of white privilege is racist. … [Read more...]

Hey Look, More Racist and Sexist Tweets from Roger Stone

Roger Stone has been trying to delete as many of his racist, sexist and homophobic tweets as he can lately but there's just so many of them. Media Matters has kept digging and keeps finding more and more of them, which Stone will, of course, deny are the least bit bigoted at all. You be the judge. … [Read more...]

White Supremacists and Nazis Getting the Band Back Together

This weekend Georgia was the site of a gathering of various white supremacists, skinheads and neo-Nazis, who are apparently trying to bury the hatchet from past splits and schisms. It's like a Color Me Badd reunion -- no one really wants to see it because we didn't enjoy it the first time around. … [Read more...]

SC Sheriff: NAACP is Just Like the KKK

A county sheriff from South Carolina -- a Republican, of course -- told a Republican women's group that the NAACP is just like the KKK and that the most racist people in the country are minorities. And he's totally not racist for saying that because he has an anonymous black friend who allegedly agrees with him. … [Read more...]

Harriet Tubman on $20 Bill Drives Racists Out of Their Minds

The Treasury Department has announced that Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill, which is a great choice. First, because she is truly an American hero. Second, because it drives right-wing racists out of their damn minds. Just look at the comments on any story about it on a right-wing site. Like Fox Nation: … [Read more...]

Stone: My Tweets Were Totally Not Bigoted!

Trump confidante Roger Stone has been banned from CNN and MSNBC, but not by Fox of course, after a long series of racist, sexist and homophobic tweets. Media Matters caught up with him at an event and asked him about them. And of course, he denied that there was anything bigoted about them. … [Read more...]

Trump Pastor: There Are No Black People

Pastor Mark Burns, one of the many prosperity gospel preachers supporting Donald Trump (after all, money is way more important than religion to these hucksters), opened for him at a rally in New York and offered up this patently ridiculous bit of nonsense: … [Read more...]

Why Didn’t Blacks Support Ben Carson? Because They’re Evil, of Course

Jesse Lee Peterson, the deeply misogynist black right-winger who thinks racism doesn't exist and that women shouldn't have the right to vote, told gun fetishist Larry Pratt that the reason black people didn't support the candidacy of Ben Carson is because they're "in an evil state" and listening to Satan. … [Read more...]

Greta on the Argument About Atheists in Prison

One of the very common and highly annoying arguments I hear from my fellow atheists is that something like 99% of prison inmates are religious and atheists are underrepresented, therefore atheists are more moral. The argument is utter nonsense and Greta Christina does a nice job of explaining one of the reasons why: … [Read more...]

Guess What? The Criminal Justice System is Racist

Longtime readers of my blog will certainly not be surprised to hear that the criminal justice system is racist, but let's put more evidence onto the pile anyway. A new study shows that white people are more likely -- far more likely in some cases -- to use hard drugs than black people. Guess who gets arrested, charged, convicted and imprisoned more? … [Read more...]