GOP Candidate: People Shot by Cops ‘On the Way to Jail’ Anyway

Virginia Sheriff Mike Wade, who is now the Republican nominee for congressional seat, handwaved away the staggering number of black men killed by police officers, saying that it's not a big deal because most of those men were "on the way to jail" anyway. … [Read more...]

Loudon Crashes and Burns on CNN

We have a late entry into the sweepstakes for the title of the dumbest and most dishonest surrogate for Donald Trump. She's only started making appearances for him recently but she's making up for lost time by lying on his behalf and getting laughed at by hosts and other guests on TV. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Nazi Friends Threaten David French

You may recall that David French, a blogger here at Patheos and a writer for the National Review, briefly considered making an independent run for president as a counterpoint to Donald Trump. Trump's neo-Nazi and white supremacist fans took it upon themselves to make French's life hell for it. … [Read more...]

Peterson Leads Massive MRA Rally to Stop the War on Men

The galactically moronic Jesse Lee Peterson led a huge crowd of MRAs -- six of them, with a collective IQ that almost reached genius level -- in a protest outside Gloria Allred's office to inform her that there is no such thing as sexism or racism. … [Read more...]

O’Reilly’s Lame Defense of Trump’s Anti-Latino Statements

Bill O'Reilly is trying to defend Donald Trump's many blatantly racist comments about Latinos, especially Mexicans. Naturally, he has to play a big game of pretend in order to do so, offering nothing but lame excuses and non-sequiturs. … [Read more...]

Neo-Nazis Promise a Race War if Trump Loses Election

Trump's enthusiastic fans among neo-Nazis and white supremacists have warned of exactly what I am concerned about, that when (not if) Trump loses they'll use it as an excuse to commit violence and try to turn it into the race war they so desperately want. … [Read more...]

Young Kids’ Football Season Canceled Over Anthem Protests

A football team for 11 and 12 year old kids in Beaumont, Texas has had their entire season canceled because they all knelt in unison to protest against racial injustice. This after receiving threats of violence after they did it the first time. … [Read more...]

Pilot Boots Passenger Off Plane Over Her Hat and Shirt

A United Airlines pilot booted an e-sports journalist off a plane because the hat and shirt she was wearing made her uncomfortable. The hat was a Black Panther hat -- the Marvel superhero, not the racial activist group. The shirt had an upside down American flag on it. … [Read more...]

Black Man Says More Black People are Worthless, Will Destroy America

Man, could Jesse Lee Peterson be any more of an Uncle Tom? This guy has some serious problems with self-loathing. On his radio show this week he said that most black people have a "lack of moral character" and that no society can thrive with them in charge. … [Read more...]

Racist GA GOP County Chair Won’t Step Down

I wrote the other day about Tom Wortham, the Republican chairman of the Douglas County Commission in Georgia, being caught on tape saying vile racist things to a local resident about some of his opponents in the current campaign. He now says he won't pull out or resign because he was "coerced." … [Read more...]

‘Not Racist’ Republican Not Sorry for Racist Facebook Posts

A totally not racist Republican candidate for the state legislature in Kentucky not only isn't sorry for sharing Facebook memes comparing the Obama to gorillas and monkeys, he says he would rather keep posting them than win the campaign he's running. … [Read more...]

Privileged White Guy Upset Over Lesson on White Privilege. Film at 11.

A teacher in Beaverton, Oregon sent students home with a survey to fill out that counted the ways that they either have or lack the privileges that result from being white in the United States. Naturally, some of the more privileged parents are beside themselves over it. … [Read more...]