Racist PA Police Chief Resigns


Remember Tom Burke, the newly hired police chief in Farrell, Pennsylvania who wrote an email to a bunch of parent-teacher organizations about a book drive saying that "niggers gotta learn how to read"? The mayor of the town asked him to resign last week and he did, before he even started the job (he was to start until Dec. 1). Burke earlier admitted that he uses that word a lot because "that’s just the way that it is here our area.” … [Read more...]

O’Reilly and Guests: BLM Protesters are Inciting Violence


The right-wing media has invented out of thin air this ridiculous notion that there's been a big surge of police officers being shot and it's all the fault of the Black Lives Matter movement. Never mind that 2015 will end as one of the safest years ever for police officers in this country. Here's Bill O'Reilly and his guests saying BLM is inciting violence and responsible for cop shootings: … [Read more...]

The Things That Get Megyn Kelly Upset


Megyn Kelly is upset about a situation involving a police officer and Black Lives Matter protesters. No, she's not upset that yet another cop has shot yet another young, unarmed black man. She's upset because a protester in Minneapolis stared at an officer there to keep an eye on the rally. And staring at a police officer is apparently the worst thing you can possibly do. … [Read more...]

Black Pastors Refuse to Endorse Trump


Like every demographic group, Donald Trump thinks "the blacks" love him, despite the fact that he hates the idea of having a black accountant. He's even invited a bunch of black pastors to come to his home so they can endorse them. But many of those pastors have refused the invitation and publicly slammed Trump for thinking they would ever endorse him. … [Read more...]

We Must Stop the Scourge of White-on-White Crime


In 2014, 82.5% of all white murder victims were killed by other white people. The numbers are similar for rape, armed robbery and aggravated assault. It's time that we, as white people, stand up and acknowledge that we have a serious crisis of white-on-white crime. … [Read more...]

Kilmeade to Black Fox Host: Do You Make Koolaid on Thanksgiving?


It's really kind of amazing how Fox News has managed to put together the three most vapid people in all of television on a single show. I'm not sure Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade and Elizabeth Hasselbeck have anything more than a functioning brain stem between them, but Kilmeade....holy shit, in a Thanksgiving dinner cooking demonstration, he asked a black Fox anchor if she makes Koolaid for the occasion. … [Read more...]

Beck: Anti-Racism Protesters ‘Working Hand-in-Hand with ISIS’


Oh, Glenn Beck. I love you so much. Without you, my life would be so much more boring. I'd laugh so much less because I would miss out on hearing you give advice to parents with college kids coming home for Thanksgiving. He's giving them "ammunition" to inform their kids, should they be taking part in any protests against campus racism, that they're "working hand-in-hand with ISIS." … [Read more...]

Calvin College Students Put Racist Slogans on Cars


Two students at Calvin College, which is literally a few minutes from my house, were caught on parking lot security cameras carving swastikas and racist slogans into the snow on cars the other day. The students confessed and will now go through the school's disciplinary process. … [Read more...]

Trump Lamely Defends Posting of White Supremacist Crime Chart


Donald Trump's total lack of concern for accuracy has gotten so bad that even Bill O'Reilly, a man who probably cares even less about it, is criticizing him for it. After Trump tweeted out a chart purporting to show that 81% of white murder victims were killed by black people, a chart originating with a neo-Nazi, O'Reilly practically begged him to be more careful lest the press spin it as him being a racist. Trump, as always, just let it slide right off. … [Read more...]

White PA Police Chief Thinks ‘N***ers’ Need to Learn to Read


A newly hired police chief in Farrel, Pennsylvania is in hot water after it was revealed that a letter he sent to friends and colleagues before he was hired that encouraged people to donate money for a book drive because "niggers gotta learn how to read." And he says he's very sorry, but he uses that word a lot because "that’s just the way that it is here our area.” … [Read more...]

More Inanities From Jesse Lee Peterson


Jesse Lee Peterson, the far-right extremist who thinks women should not be allowed to vote, delivered another absolutely bewildering diatribe in an interview with Newsmax. Among his arguments: There is no such thing as racism, which is why we haven't been able to stop racism. And Obama hates all white people and wants to replace them with "some black person." … [Read more...]

Trump Tweets Non-Existent Crime Statistics


Donald Trump continues to show his complete disregard for truth and accuracy by tweeting out a graph full of wildly inaccurate crime statistics, allegedly from an organization that does not exist, for 2015, a year for which we do not have crime statistics yet (the official crime stats in the Uniform Crime Reports from the FBI will not come out until well into 2016). … [Read more...]