Starnes Compares Ole Miss Not Playing ‘Dixie’ to ISIS

Todd Starnes, Fox News' resident hysteric, is beside himself over the decision by the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) to stop playing Dixie at football games. Tyranny! Oppression! ObamaMuslimCommie! This is just like ISIS! … [Read more...]

Judge Refers Arpaio for Criminal Contempt Charges

Here's some good news. The judge in Joe Arpaio's trial over his refusal to comply with federal court orders in the lawsuit filed over racial profiling has said that he is going to refer the near-fascist Maricopa County Sheriff to prosecutors for criminal contempt charges. … [Read more...]

Baltimore Hires Neo-Nazi Lawyer

Baltimore is shrouded in controversy over police brutality, discrimination and misconduct, which makes it all the more bizarre that they actually have a neo-Nazi attorney on staff. Or had, until the Southern Poverty Law Center exposed him and they fired him. … [Read more...]

Savage Declares Trump the Great White Savior

Michael Savage, who long ago decided to just outright wear the rhetorical white sheet with the pointy hat, is clutching his pearls over some rather innocuous comments by Tim Kaine and declaring that Donald Trump is the savior of white people and western civilization. Here's what Kaine said: … [Read more...]

Racist Stabs Black Man, Tells Cops He Did It for Them

A white supremacist in Washington stabbed a black man and injured his girlfriend as well in an attack motivated by his hatred of Black Lives Matter. In fact, he actually told the police that he did it in order to protect them from black activists. … [Read more...]

Harry Jackson Explains Why Black People Should Vote for Trump

Bishop Harry Jackson, a prosperity gospel preacher who is on Donald Trump's evangelical advisory board, says that black people should vote for Trump because God won't fix our racism problem under Hillary Clinton due to her "anti-Biblical darkness." … [Read more...]

White Supremacists Love Bannon Joining the Trump Campaign

It seems that not only is the hiring of Stephen Bannon from Breitbart news seen as a good thing by the conspiracy mongers like Alex Jones, it's also being cheered on by white supremacists, who have provided such loud and resolute support of the Trump campaign from the start. … [Read more...]

Trump Fans, Uncensored

A few weeks ago a bunch of Trump fans in pickup trucks held a "Make America Great Again" convoy in Massachusetts and someone was monitoring the CB channel they were using. When they don't think others are listening, they say all kinds of horribly racist things. … [Read more...]

Giuliani’s Substance-Free Response to DOJ Report on Baltimore PD

Fox News invited Rudy Giuliani on to talk about the Department of Justice report on rampant civil rights violations by the Baltimore Police Department and, predictably, he offered not a single substantive argument against any of its findings. … [Read more...]

Appeals Court Strikes Down NC Racist Gerrymandering

First an appeals court struck down North Carolina's attempts at suppressing the votes of black people, now another 4th Circuit panel has overturned that state's clearly racist gerrymandering that was designed to pack black voters into a minority of districts to prevent them from getting power in the legislature. … [Read more...]

Texas City Building Huge Monument to Confederacy

The Sons of Confederate Veterans are building a huge monument to their "confederate heritage" in Orange, Texas, a monument that will include at least 26 Confederate battle flags. Because it's about honoring history, blah blah blah, nothing to do with slavery, blah blah blah. … [Read more...]

Trump Fans Only Spout Racist Slurs Out of ‘Frustration’

Ashley Bell is the Trump campaign's newly appointed director of African-American outreach. Talk about your tough jobs! He isn't off to a very good start. Asked about video of Trump supporters spouting all manner of racial slurs, he said they aren't racist, they're just expressing their frustration with the system. … [Read more...]