Cruz Endorser: God Sent Hitler to Hunt the Jews


The Cruz campaign hailed the endorsement of Mike Bickle, founder of the International House of Prayer, and since then I've reported on some of his more extreme views. Now the Times of Israel reports that Bickle has actually claimed that God sent Adolf Hitler to hunt the Jews for not accepting Jesus. … [Read more...]

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Nugent: I’m not Anti-Semitic! White Supremacists: Yes He Is!


After posting that image claiming that the Jews were behind gun control, Ted Nugent defended himself with his usual inane ranting on his Facebook page, spewing insults but never actually addressing the issue (come on, the man's an idiot, what else could we possibly expect?). … [Read more...]

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Nugent: Jews Are Behind Gun Control

Know these punks. They hate freedom, they hate good over evil, they would deny us the basic human right to self defense & to KEEP & BEAR ARMS while many of them have tax paid hired ARMED security! Know them well. Tell every1 you know how evil they are. Let us raise maximum hell to shut them down!

Wingnut extraordinaire and all around washed-up has-been Ted Nugent really, really wants you to know that it's the Jews that want to take your guns away. He posted this image to his Facebook page of a bunch of gun control advocates with Israeli flags on their pictures just to make sure you didn't miss the anti-Semitism. … [Read more...]

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Racist Explains Trump’s Appeal to Racists

Attribution: KAMiKAZOW

White supremacist Jared Taylor -- I wish people would stop calling him and others like him white nationalists, a phrase they invented to make themselves sound better; they are white supremacists -- went on CNN and explained why Donald Trump appeals so much to "ordinary white people" -- that is, to racists like him. … [Read more...]

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Sincere Kirabo on the Secular Social Justice Conference


Last weekend was the Secular Social Justice conference in Houston, Texas, and I so wish I'd been there. So many of my friends were there and it sounds like they had an amazing time. Sincere Kirabo was there and he has a long post about some of the panels and the discussion that took place. His introduction: … [Read more...]

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Georgia Legislator Defends the KKK


Georgia State Sen. Tommy Benton has submitted a bill to protect the many confederate monuments in that state from being taken down and, predictably, is making some truly horrendous arguments in defending that bill. That includes defending the KKK as just a good law-and-order group that kept the rabble in line. … [Read more...]

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Trump Spokeswoman as Racist as He Is


It should come as no surprise that Katrina Pierson, the absolutely ridiculous woman who serves as Donald Trump's campaign spokesperson, is every bit as racist as he is. She's already responded to questions about his plan to ban Muslim immigration by saying "So what? They're Muslims." Now look what was found on her Twitter page during the 2012 election: … [Read more...]

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AZ Students Pose With Racial Slur on Shirts


A group of students from Desert Vista High School in Phoenix posed for a picture in t-shirts with letters on them. Dozens of students spelled out a positive message about the school. And then a group of six of them decided it would be a good idea to take a picture with their shirts spelling out "nigger" with the two G's replaced by asterisks. Didn't turn out so well. … [Read more...]

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Trump Retweets From Neo-Nazi Account


Donald Trump's open flirtation with white supremacists and neo-Nazis continues. On Twitter, he retweeted something from @WhiteGenocideTM, who is an open neo-Nazi (the "white genocide" is a dead giveaway; these are the world-class morons who put up billboards saying that "diversity = white genocide). But he was making fun of Jeb Bush, so why should The Donald care that he's a Nazi? … [Read more...]

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White Supremacists Loved Trump’s Reaction to Their Robocalls


The white supremacists who put out those robocalls urging people to vote for Donald Trump to preserve the white race were thrilled that Trump only half-heartedly disavowed their efforts while validating their anger over immigration. On CNN, Trump made a classic attempt to have his cake and eat it too, pretending to disavow the racists while claiming that they're legitimately angry: … [Read more...]

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Ted Cruz ‘Honors’ Martin Luther King


Like most right-wing politicians these days, Ted Cruz is trying really hard to pretend that he's a disciple of Martin Luther King, who would agree with him on everything if only he were alive. The attempt is quite pathetic, of course. He invoked MLK during several campaign stops in New Hampshire and even wrote a whole column about it for a website called The Resurgent. … [Read more...]

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Publisher Cancels Book About Washington’s Happy Slaves


A publisher that specializes in children's books actually published a book that portrayed George Washington's slaves as happy and treated well. After releasing that book and initially defending its publication, The Scholastic Corporation has bowed to pressure and pulled the book and will be refunding the purchase price for those who want to return it. … [Read more...]

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