Bannon Lavishes Praise on Guy Too Racist for the Heritage Foundation

The more you dig into Steve Bannon's past, the more obvious it is that the man is a serious racist. Now it comes out that he has repeatedly lavished praised upon Jason Richwine, who thinks whites are smarter than non-whites, a position that was so racist that he got forced out of the Heritage Foundation. … [Read more...]

Racist Graffiti Hits Martin Luther King Center in Spokane

The white supremacists are really hitting their stride now that they've got their man in the White House. The Martin Luther King Jr. Family Outreach Center in Spokane, Washington was hit with racist graffiti, the word "niggers" spray painted on the side of their building. … [Read more...]

Look, More Public Officials Making Racist Comments About Michelle Obama

Another day, another set of elected officials saying racist things about Michelle Obama. The head of a publicly-funded West Virginia development company called the First Lady an "ape in heels" on her Facebook page and the mayor of that town said it made her day to read it. … [Read more...]

Totally Not Racist or Sexist Coffee Shop Owner ‘Apologizes’

The owner of a new coffee shop in Billings, Montana is "apologizing" for a series of vile racist and sexist posts on Facebook aimed at the Obamas and Hillary Clinton. Black people, he said, were "monkeys" and he said Clinton should be raped with a baseball bat. … [Read more...]

David Duke Loves the Bannon Pick as Chief Strategist

You can often know how terrible a decision is merely by looking at the people who are praising it. When the praise is coming from neo-Nazis and white supremacists, it's probably a really bad idea. And David Duke loves Trump's choice of Steve Bannon as his chief strategist. … [Read more...]

Church Banner Vandalized With White Supremacist and Trump Slogans

An Episcopal church in Silver Spring, Maryland with a heavily immigrant congregation had a banner vandalized to say "Trump nation -- whites only" on it. But there's no connection at all between Trump's racist, anti-immigrant campaign and such acts of bigotry, and how dare you suggest there is. … [Read more...]

Another Ugly Display of Post-Trump Racism

What are we up to now, 400? 500? This one happened on the BART in San Francisco, where a young woman of Iranian descent was on the phone with her father and asked him, in Assyrian, to pick her up from the BART station. And a racist woman went off on her and called her a terrorist. … [Read more...]

MI Police Officer Shows Confederate Flag to Anti-Trump Rally

A police officer in Traverse City, Michigan drove up to an anti-Trump protest drinking a beer (Bud Light, of course) in a truck with a confederate flag flying from the back and got into a confrontation with the protesters. He's now been suspended. … [Read more...]

Election’s Over, Conway Still a Hypocrite

The election may be over, but we're not done with professional liar Kellyanne Conway and her morally dubious rationalizations yet. Now she says that it's up to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to tell the anti-Trump protesters to stop. … [Read more...]

CA Student Hands Out Fake Deportation Letters

In yet another appalling case of post-election, pro-Trump bigotry, a student at a school in California decided it would be funny to hand out fake deportation letters to other students at his school. Add it to the incredibly long list of racist incidents to happen since Wednesday. … [Read more...]

White Supremacists More Likely to Run for Office Now

Some of Donald Trump's white supremacist supporters (no, not white nationalists, and certainly not the "alt-right") say that his election as president will encourage more of their followers to run for public office and seek positions in his administration. … [Read more...]

The Terrifying List of Bigoted Attacks Since Election Night

Raw Story is keeping a list of all of the bigoted, criminal and violent attacks on gays, blacks, Muslims, women, Latinos in others since Donald Trump was elected on Tuesday night. The list is growing by leaps and bounds with every hour that passes. … [Read more...]