Yes, Photo ID Laws Do Suppress Democratic Votes

A new study of last year's election in Wisconsin, which has one of the most absurd photo ID laws in the country, shows that it prevented 200,000 people -- all of them legal, registered voters -- from being able to cast a ballot. Most of them were from Democrats, unsurprisingly. … [Read more...]

KKK Defender Named to Georgia Education Board

A Georgia state representative who says the KKK was not a racist organization but an anti-crime group that made people behave themselves has been named to a legislative commission on how to improve civics education. I wish I were making that up. … [Read more...]

Peterson’s Total Lack of Irony Recognition

The amazingly dumb Jesse Lee Peterson says that Lebron James probably faked that racist graffiti on his house and that he's a "lying, weak, pathetic, poor excuse of a male" for saying that black people still face racism in this country even if they're rich and popular. … [Read more...]

Peterson Declares Trump to Be the White Savior

Jesse Lee Peterson, who wants to be white so badly it kills him, praised Donald Trump for being a boor on his trip to Europe and called him a white savior sent by God -- while yelling, I kid you not, "white power" during his diatribe on the subject. … [Read more...]

White Supremacist Converts to Islam, Murders Nazi Roommates

A member of the Florida National Guard killed his two roommates last week and told the police that they were all white supremacists, but he recently converted to Islam and he had to kill them because they disrespected his newfound faith. … [Read more...]

SCOTUS Overturns Racially Gerrymandered Districts in NC

In one of the most highly anticipated cases of the current term, the Supreme Court ruled 5-3 that two congressional districts in North Carolina were gerrymandered primarily to prevent racial minorities from getting adequate representation and agreed with the lower court that the districts must be redrawn. … [Read more...]

Montana Candidate Supports Pro-Slavery Christian Reconstructionist

Greg Gianforte is a Republican candidate for the House from Montana and he's a big supporter of Douglas Wilson, a Christian Reconstructionist who thinks slavery was just dandy for black people. Oh, and rape is really the fault of feminism. … [Read more...]

Black Congressman Gets Lynching Threats Over Call for Impeachment

Life in allegedly post-racial America: A black congressman from Texas called for the impeachment of Donald Trump last week and, predictably, started getting death threats. Specifically, Trump supporters threatened to lynch him and all the other "fucking niggers." … [Read more...]

SCOTUS Denies Cert in NC Voting Rights Case

The Supreme Court on Monday denied cert in an appeal from the state of North Carolina over a voter ID bill that lower courts ruled had intentionally targeted racial minorities for discrimination to prevent them from voting. That appeals court ruling will stay in place and the law cannot be enforced. … [Read more...]

White Supremacists Form Literal Mob with Torches

Richard Spencer led a group of white supremacists in Virginia to form a literal, actual mob with torches (apparently they were out of pitchforks?) to protest the planned taking down of a statue of Confederate leader Robert E. Lee. … [Read more...]

KKK Protests Removal of Confederate Statues in New Orleans

If you're trying to convince people that confederate monuments really aren't about white supremacy, it's probably a bad idea to have the KKK show up to protest their removal. But that's what happened in New Orleans. Here's video of one of them telling a "fucking nigger" to go back to Africa, which he thinks is a country rather than a continent. … [Read more...]

Walsh: Blacks Are Why We Can’t Have Nice Things Like Universal Healthcare

Former Republican Congressman Joe Walsh of Illinois responded to Jimmy Kimmel's heartfelt monologue about babies dying due to lack of health insurance in the most reprehensible way possible, then he compounded it by using a clearly racist dog whistle. … [Read more...]