Another Trump Lie: Moments of Silence for Cop Killer

On Wednesday, Donald Trump trotted out yet another lie by claiming that at Black Lives Matter protests they've been holding moments of silence for the man who killed five Dallas police officers. He appears to be the only one on the planet who has witnessed this. … [Read more...]

David Duke May Run for Congress

Remember Rep. Steve Scalise, the Louisiana Republican who spoke at a white supremacist conference? Well since he denied all of that, David Duke is now considering running against him for his seat in the House. Because that would be really, really fun. … [Read more...]

Trump: Blacks Have It Rough — Just Like Me

One trait of narcissists is that everything is turned around so it's about them, not others. So when Bill O'Reilly asked Donald Trump if he thought there was a divide between blacks and whites in America, he said he thinks the game is rigged against blacks -- like it is against him. … [Read more...]

Awww. The Police Officers Got Their Fee Fees Hurt.

A group of off-duty Minneapolis police officers working security at a Minnesota Lynx WNBA game walked off the job because the players were wearing warmup t-shirts that listed the names of black men killed for no reason by cops recently. … [Read more...]

Another Classic Sarah Palin Word Salad

Sarah Palin has fired up her handy dandy outrage machine and it spat out the kind absolutely classic word salad that she has become so famous for. It also made her an immediate expert on Martin Luther King, though I suspect she thinks he nailed some demands to church door somewhere. … [Read more...]

What Black Lives Matter is Demanding

As the right wing flips out and demonizes the Black Lives Matter movement, it's worth looking at the actual changes that the group is demanding in our criminal justice system. There's nothing the least bit radical about it. Here are the ten policy changes they want: … [Read more...]

KKK Tabloids Come to Grand Rapids

Someone dropped off a bunch of newspapers published by the KKK every quarter in a residential neighborhood here in Grand Rapids. Someone apparently just threw a huge bundle of them, wrapped in plastic, on to yards from the back of a pickup truck. … [Read more...]

Wingnut: Black Lives Matter is a Terrorist Organization

I'd never heard of Brad Thor before he appeared on Glenn Beck's show last week blathering on about how the Black Lives Matter movement should be labeled a terrorist organization because they call for the killing of cops (actually, they say the exact opposite and have repeatedly). … [Read more...]

Gaffney and the Decepticon of Bad Guys

Islamophobic bigot Frank Gaffney is still selling his ridiculous notion of a bad guy Decepticon, with Black Lives Matter protesters joining with ISIS, liberals and gay rights advocates to assemble into one giant bad guy that must be defeated. … [Read more...]

Alex Jones Says Soros Had Dallas Cops Killed

Always the voice of calm and reason in the wake of any tragedy, Alex Jones pulled out his go-to conspiracy -- that it's all a false flag designed to create martial law and a communist takeover -- about the Dallas police shootings, and this time George Soros is behind it all. … [Read more...]

Trump Son Blames Someone Else for Star of David Tweet

I'm always amused when politicians say something incredibly stupid or bigoted on social media, then blame it on some intern or flunkie that they, for some reason, allowed to have the ability to post in their name. The latest is Donald Trump, whose son says that infamous Star of David tweet was the fault of an "IT guy." … [Read more...]

The Sordid History of the Baton Rouge Police Department

The Baton Rouge Police Department, the ones whose officers gunned down Alton Sterling last week, have a long and sordid history of racism and police brutality. My friend Alex Songe, who lived in Baton Rouge for many years, sent along this article. … [Read more...]