Barton Reuses His Own Fake Quote

Many years ago, after being lambasted for passing on numerous fake quotes from the founding fathers, David Barton put out a document on his website admitting that many of the quotes he used in his first book were "unconfirmed." One of those quotes was this one from Thomas Jefferson: … [Read more...]

More Fake Quotes in Santa Monica Atheist Displays

You probably know by now that Damon Vix and his group Atheists United managed to get a nativity scene out of a public park in Santa Monica by forcing the city first to open up the park as a public forum and then, by putting up lots of non-religious displays, prompt them to shut down the whole thing and not allow any unattended displays of any kind. And I laud him and them for that. But I wish they cared more about accuracy, which ought to matter to atheists and skeptics more than to our … [Read more...]

Those Common Fake Founding Father Quotes

The Wall Street Journal has an article about those seemingly ubiquitous fake quotes from the founding fathers, especially Thomas Jefferson. I bet you've seen this one: "All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent." Nope, he never said that. … [Read more...]

Jefferson, Paine and Jesus

I had an interesting exchange on my friend Justin Scheiber's Facebook page with a Christian apologist named John Barron, who has apparently argued with Justin in the past. The exchange was about Dinesh D'Souza. Barron thinks that D'Souza is largely correct in his conclusions but not very good at presenting them and I said the following: … [Read more...]

More Fake Founding Fathers Quotes From Secularists

It is with great irritation that I call your attention to yet another article full of fake quotes from the founding fathers -- not by David Barton and his ilk, but by someone on "our side." Yes, I know this is a year old. I don't care. This crap has to stop. … [Read more...]

Former Fan Hammers Wallbuilders Supporters

Bart Gingerich writes an interesting, if too brief, article at the Institute on Religion and Democracy's blog about David Barton and Wallbuilders. Gingerich was homeschooled and got his history degree from Patrick Henry College, which he entered as a big fan of Barton's work. He is now a staunch critic: … [Read more...]

Even the Reconstructionists Reject Barton’s Lies

Things are getting bad enough for David Barton that even the Christian Reconstructionists are blasting his distortions of history. Joel McDurmon of American Vision, who does believe in "restoring America's Biblical foundation," takes Barton to task for several blatant errors. … [Read more...]

Even Beck’s Favorite Historians Reject Barton

Yet another twist in the ongoing David Barton saga. WORLDmag has an article that cites several historians that have been praised by Barton and by Glenn Beck, who have appeared on their shows, criticizing Barton's revisionist history in regard to Thomas Jefferson. … [Read more...]

Boykin Expands on Barton Lie

As Right Wing Watch points out, the casual lies of David Barton are often magnified by others, who take some smaller falsehood told by him and turn it into an even bigger falsehood. The deranged Jerry Boykin does exactly that in this video, claiming that "the Bible is referenced four times more than any other document in our Constitution." … [Read more...]

America for Jesus — and Lying About History

Back in 1980, I attended one of the original America for Jesus rallies, in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I was 13 at the time, so I wasn't yet capable of recognizing the lies I was being fed. This year they're holding the same event again and they're making those lies plain for all to see on the flier for it. The first fake quote is from Washington: … [Read more...]

David Barton: Logical Fallacy Machine

David Barton is responding to some of the critics of his new and aptly-named book The Jefferson Lies and, true to form, his response is little more than a laundry list of logical fallacies with almost no substantive argument whatsoever. His most common form of argument is what I often call the argumentum ad labelum, or argument by label. … [Read more...]

Barton Continues to Lie About Constitution and Bible

David Barton's long list of Christian Nation lies seems to be getting even more brazen. As Right Wing Watch reports, it is now a standard part of his presentations that many of the provisions in the Constitution are "literal, direct quotations out of the Bible." In this video, he makes very specific claims about the provisions that are "exact quotes" out of the Bible: … [Read more...]