Barton Still Claims Jefferson Would Agree With Him

Christian nationalists like David Barton have to lie a lot in order to make Thomas Jefferson sound like one of them. They have to ignore a mountain of statements in his private letters that make absolutely clear that he rejected almost everything about the Christian mythology. So Barton says things like this: … [Read more...]

Beck: The Constitution is the Same as God’s Will

Glenn Beck took a call on his radio show from a young girl who said she supported Ted Cruz because he uses the Bible as his compass. Beck then delivered a weird, ahistorical diatribe about how you didn't need to use God as a compass because the founding fathers did so when they wrote the Constitution. … [Read more...]

The David Barton School of Political Science Now Exists

One of my favorite bands, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, have a song whose chorus goes "The world ain't gone crazy, baby, it was born that way." To prove that statement, I offer the fact that the David Barton School of Political Science is now a thing that actually exists. … [Read more...]

John Fea Echoes My Argument on Thomas Jefferson

I have been arguing for more than a decade now that today's "Christian nation" crowd is making the exact opposite of the claims their forebears made about religion and the founders, especially Thomas Jefferson. In the late 18th century, Jefferson was a terrible infidel and the Constitution was a godless document. Christian historian John Fea makes a similar argument about David Barton's lies about Jefferson: … [Read more...]

David Barton and Those Mythical ‘Important Academics’

Now that the Worldnetdaily has republished David Barton's The Jefferson Lies, a book that is indeed full of lies about Jefferson, he'd like you to know that you should ignore all of those hoity toity "historians" with their "knowledge" and "facts" because he has a whole bunch of "important academics" who have endorsed his book. Like this one guy who never graduated from college. … [Read more...]

Meet the New Barton Book; Same as the Old Barton Book

David Barton's The Jefferson Lies, pulled from the shelves by Thomas Nelson Publishers, has been republished by Worldnetdaily Books (what a shocker), which doesn't care about trivial things like accuracy. Barton, of course, has said that none of the criticisms of the old book were valid, but he made some minor changes in wording anyway. But here's one lie that's still in there: … [Read more...]

Chris Rodda’s Liars for Jesus, Vol. 2 Published

I am very happy to announce that Liars For Jesus: The Religious Right's Alternate Version of American History, Vol. 2 (Volume 2), by my friend Chris Rodda, has been published (there's also a Kindle version). She was kind enough to ask me to write the foreword to the book, which I was more than happy to do. … [Read more...]

Cynthia Dunbar: Still Dumb as a Stump After All These Years

I'm sure you remember Cynthia Dunbar, former chair of the Texas State Board of Education. Well she's now a professor at Liberty University (shocker!) and co-chair of Ted Cruz' presidential campaign in Virginia. And she's still astonishingly dumb (that's a prerequisite for being a professor at Liberty, of course). Let's look at some of the things she's said recently: … [Read more...]

Carson Butchers American History, Part 2893

Ben Carson continues to put his total ignorance of American history on proud display. Everything he knows about the subject seems to have been cribbed from ridiculous right-wing websites. It's been one ignorant (or dishonest, if you prefer) statement after another. The latest is a hoary old lie about Ben Franklin supposedly rallying the Founding Fathers to pray during the Constitutional Convention. … [Read more...]

John Oliver on Fake Founding Fathers Quotes

Isn't it great when someone you admire takes up an issue you've been talking about for years? I've written a huge number of words about people misquoting the founding fathers and now John Oliver has taken notice of it. Video below the fold. … [Read more...]

Huckabee: Not My Fault I Used False Quotes In My Book

Buzzfeed has caught Mike Huckabee presenting a whole raft of false quotes from the Founding Fathers in his 1998 book Kids Who Kill, including Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Patrick Henry, as well as Abraham Lincoln and others. Most of them were probably cribbed from David Barton (seriously, when will wingnuts stop trusting him to tell the truth?). … [Read more...]

Anatomy of a David Barton Lie

Warren Throckmorton is again taking David Barton to task for his ubiquitous lies. This time he's focusing on Barton's claim that John Locke's Two Treatises of Government contains more than 1500 references to the Bible. It's a claim that Barton has made over and over again, in books and videos and interviews. It's completely false. But Throckmorton has figured out how Barton does the math. … [Read more...]