Swanson: Highlights Magazine as Bad as ISIS

Kevin Swanson, who may be the single most ridiculous far-right talk radio host (which does not, of course, stop Republicans from appearing at his events), says that Highlights magazine is just as bad as ISIS for acknowledging that gay parents exist. … [Read more...]

Secular Writers, Critics Disappear in Pakistan

In a very disturbing development, four secular writers who have been staunch critics of the government, have disappeared in Pakistan over the last week. The only question is whether those responsible are militant Muslims or the government (but I repeat myself). … [Read more...]

C-FAM’s Ridiculous Fundraising Letter

Austin Ruse, leader of the Catholic anti-sex group C-FAM, just sent out a hilariously stupid and internally contradictory fundraising letter declaring that the sexual revolution has killed more than Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot combined. … [Read more...]

Muslim Fascists Violently Rally for Blasphemy Laws

A group of barbaric Muslim fascists in Pakistan held a violent rally in favor of strict blasphemy laws that put to death anyone who dares to offend their delicate religious sensibilities. AP reports: … [Read more...]

In India, the Religious Right is Hindu

All around the world, the story is the same: Religious conservatives want to force others to comply with the rules of their beliefs. In America, it's Christians. In India, it's Hindus, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a Hindu nationalist. Now local governments are following his lead in persecuting, and prosecuting, people who eat beef. … [Read more...]

How About Sen. Roy Moore?

With Jeff Sessions leaving the Senate to become the new attorney general, Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley gets to name his replacement until the next election. And guess who he's considering? Christian fascist and enthusiastic supporter of killing gay people Roy Moore. … [Read more...]

Who Does Theodore Shoebat Want Murdered Today?

Deranged bigot and wannabe Torquemada Theodore Shoebat is adding to the long list of people he wants to murder. This time it's a 9 year old transgender girl and the editors of National Geographic who did a story about her. And he justifies it by saying they'd do the same to him. … [Read more...]

Lively: Trump Will End Influence of LGBT Rights Movement

Scott Lively, who is just this side of Theodore Shoebat for his vicious, fascist anti-gay views, thinks Donald Trump will help end the LGBT rights movement. Along the way, he lies, obfuscates and gets a whole bunch of things flat out wrong. Quelle surprise. … [Read more...]

Wiles Plots Revenge Against Right Wing Watch

Thoroughly deranged Rick Wiles is quite upset with Right Wing Watch for exposing his batshit views, but he says that when Trump is elected he should "crush the left" and put liberals in prison, including the folks at RWW. Then he'll visit them and preach to them. … [Read more...]

Wiles Openly Hopes for a Military Coup

Deranged wingnut Rick Wiles is now openly rooting for the military to start arresting politicians, including Hillary Clinton, before the election happens. His "logic" is, as usual convoluted and baffling. … [Read more...]

Hindu Radicals Attack Atheist Gathering

A former guru turned atheist planned a meeting for his fellow atheists in his native country of India, but the meeting never happened because Hindu radicals attacked the location and got the police to shut it down in the name of keeping order. … [Read more...]

Gingrich: Pastors Must Stand Up Against ‘Totalitarian Secularism’

Noted paragon of virtue and morality Newt Gingrich addressed David Lane's theocratic American Renewal Project and said that "Judeo-Christian values" (whatever that means) are under attack and that pastors must stand against the spooky specter of "totalitarian secularism" (whatever that means). … [Read more...]