Yep, Walid Shoebat is a Murderous Christian Fascist Too

I've written a lot about Theodore Shoebat, who gleefully advocates a Christian theocracy that would "slaughter" all gay people, along with non-Christians and virtually everyone else. And I've wondered if his father, fake "ex-terrorist" Walid Shoebat, on whose website he publishes his noxious barbarism, agrees with him. Yep. He starts by lying: … [Read more...]

Lively’s Weird Ukraine Conspiracy Theory

Anti-gay Christian fascist Scott Lively has a rather bizarre conspiracy theory about the Russian invasion of the Ukraine following an attempted coup there. He says Obama orchestrated the whole thing in order to stop the spread of Russia's anti-gay speech law, which forbids "propaganda" -- that is, being openly gay. … [Read more...]

Bangladesh Still Censoring Atheist Books and Authors

In Bangladesh, if you express your atheism you have two problems. On the one hand, the government may arrest you and put you in prison; on the other hand, Islamic fascists may hack you to pieces, as they have at least five times already and are threatening more. Those two things are not unrelated. The latest from the government side: … [Read more...]

Forced Birther: Obama Appointment = Totalitarianism!

Troy Newman, the leader of Operation Rescue who wants abortion doctors put to death, says that Justice Scalia might have been murdered and that the Senate Republicans cannot allow Obama to name his replacement because "we are just one Obama appointee away from a totalitarian government." … [Read more...]

Shoebat: Jesus Would Kill Gay People!

Christian fascist Ted Shoebat has another video in which he calls on Christians to kill gay people, this time by beating them to death in the streets. He praised Christians in Eastern Europe who supposedly did this (like they do in Russia a lot) and were not punished for their violent barbarism, and said Jesus would personally beat gay people to death: … [Read more...]

Egypt Arrests Satirist for Operating Website Without a License

Here's a rather creepy bit of totalitarianism. The Egyptian government has arrested a cartoonist and political satirist who has made fun of the government. This is not unusual in Egypt, which has arrested a great many critics. Their excuse this time? He was operating a website without a license. Seriously. … [Read more...]

Shoebat: Gays Rape and Murder Boys at Southern Decadence

Southern Decadence is an annual rave for gay people held in New Orleans, so naturally deranged Christian fascist Ted Shoebat wants them all killed. And he's justifying it by making up out of thin air the accusation that they regularly kidnap young boys and rape and kill them during the event. … [Read more...]

The Weirdly Catholic Shoebats

Longtime friend of the blog Richard Bartholomew takes a look at Walid and Theodore Shoebat, the fake "ex-terrorist" and his openly and admittedly fascist son. What really strikes me as odd about them is that they're Catholic. Usually their particular brand of theocratic totalitarianism is found in Protestant circles, especially among the hardcore Calvinists. Not so here. … [Read more...]

Russian Orthodox Leader Blames The Gay for ISIS

The Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, who is a Christian totalitarian, says he understands why Muslims are joining the Muslim totalitarian and terrorist group ISIS. It's because of those damn gay people, who are getting all uppity in thinking that they're human beings with equal rights and not just convenient boogeymen for hateful assholes like him. … [Read more...]

More Violence from Hindu Fundamentalists

And we have yet another story of Hindu nationalist fundamentalists in India violently attacking people on nothing more than a rumor that they have beef to eat (not that it should matter if they do, of course). This time it was a couple on a train who were attacked because these violent extremists thought they had beef in the bag they were carrying. … [Read more...]

Saudi Arabia to Murder Another Apostate

The fascist kingdom of Saudi Arabia is going to put to death -- murder, let's call it what it is -- yet another person for the mere act of leaving Islam. Apostasy is a capital crime in that totalitarian country and the poet Ashraf Fayadh is the latest to be given the death penalty for publishing “something that harms public order, religious values, public morals." … [Read more...]

IHEU Issues 2015 Freedom of Thought Report

The International Humanist and Ethical Union has issued its annual Freedom of Thought Report, which documents discrimination around the world against atheists, humanists and the non-religious. The report was made public on International Human Rights Day in Brussels, Amsterdam and Washington, DC. Unfortunately, it got little press attention in this country. … [Read more...]