Saudi Arabia Threatens to Sue Over ISIS Comparisons


Apparently pulling a page from Donald Trump's playbook, Saudi Arabia is now threatening to sue anyone who compares their "justice" system to the extreme form of Sharia law practiced by ISIS in the territory they control. The threat was aimed at someone on Twitter, but they say they'll go after anyone who makes such a comparison. Okay, I'm game. Your legal system is, if anything, even worse than ISIS. … [Read more...]

Huckabee: I’ll Summarily Outlaw Abortion as President


Mike Huckabee, who remains absolutely convinced that the president can ignore any Supreme Court ruling he doesn't like (unless Obama did that, of course; then it would be an outrageous HitlerStalinMao action), told the Iowa Family Leader forum this weekend that if he is elected, he will not only ignore the Supreme Court's same-sex marriage ruling, he would issue an executive order outlawing abortion completely. … [Read more...]

Trump Endorses Violence at His Rallies


As Donald Trump campaign stops begin to look more and more like Nazi rallies, complete with his own brownshirts beating up protesters multiple times, Donald Trump says it's okay, maybe they had it coming because they were being "obnoxious." To hell with Godwin's law, which I am declaring officially suspended with so many Republican leaders literally proposing policies borrowed directly from Hitler. … [Read more...]

How Much Do Ultra-Orthodox Jews Hate Women? This Much.


The ultra-Orthodox Haredi sect has caused all kinds of problems in Israel, and in the United States as well to a lesser degree. They're the ones who go around assaulting women who don't show enough modesty, attack people at pride parades and bomb police stations. They're the Jewish version of the Taliban. So how much do they truly hate women? So much that they don't even want to see them. … [Read more...]

Huckabee, Cruz, Jindal Refuse to Repudiate Swanson


Rekha Basu of the Des Moines Register has been trying to get Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee and Bobby Jindal to go on the record about their presence at a "religious liberty" conference put on by Kevin Swanson, who openly advocates that gay people should be put to death (by stoning, specifically, as Leviticus demands). They seem to want to do anything but address the matter. … [Read more...]

The Syrian Refugees and the Fascist Impulse

The reaction in this country to the Paris terrorist attacks has reached an absolutely frightening stage where people are seriously offering up policies borrowed, quite literally, from the Nazis. As the right wing continues to pretend that the Syrian refugees and ISIS are the same thing, some of them are suggesting policies that should horrify any reasonable person. Donald Trump, for example, thinks maybe Muslims should have to carry ID badges. … [Read more...]

Out of the Ugandan Frying Pan, Into the Kenyan Fire


With the passage of incredibly draconian and brutal anti-gay laws in Uganda, many gay people in that country fled for Kenya. Unfortunately, they have sometimes faced even worse treatment in that country. In Africa, both Islam and Christianity tend to be highly authoritarian and barbaric. And one thing they both agree on is that gay people deserve to be persecuted. … [Read more...]

CFI Wants Christian Groups to Help Save Atheists From Terrorists

The Center for Inquiry has long been consistent in its condemnations of all sectarian violence, regardless of the identity of the victims. When Muslim countries have threatened and oppressed Christians, they've stood up for religious freedom. Now, in a Washington Post piece by friend Paul Fidalgo, they're asking Christian groups to help them do the same when atheists are threatened by those same reactionary Muslims in Bangladesh and elsewhere. … [Read more...]

Bangladeshi Government Has Screwed Up Priorities

Islamic terrorists have gone on a killing spree throughout Bangladesh, particularly targeting atheist and secular writers and those who publish their writings. So what is the prime minister of that country doing about it? Warning people not to say or write anything that offends the religious sensibilities of others. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has this appalling message: … [Read more...]

Swanson Gives Kill List, With a Brief Reprieve


Deranged bigot and theocrat Kevin Swanson spoke at his own absurdly-named "religious liberties" conference this weekend and offered up a list of people he thinks should be put to death, including gay people, adulterers, divorcees and those who watch porn. But he wanted them all to know that, nice guy that he is, he doesn't want to kill them right away -- he'll give them a chance to repent first. … [Read more...]

Why Mixing ANY Religion and State is Bad

Church and State

In the United States, we call it separation of church and state because Christianity is the only religion that has ever attempted to impose itself through the government. But that is certainly not true in other countries, which demonstrates the need to demand separation of religion and state, as these two stories demonstrate. The first is from Thailand, where there is a push going on to make Buddhism the official state religion. … [Read more...]

GOP Candidates Rub Elbows With People Who Want to Murder Gays


Next month, Kevin Swanson is running a conference in Iowa that is ostensibly about religious freedom, at which Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee and Bobby Jindal are all scheduled to speak (Carson was also allegedly going to speak there, but that has not been confirmed). Swanson is a far-right radio host who has endorsed the death penalty for homosexuality, as have several others who are involved in the conference. … [Read more...]