Turkey Overturns Pianist’s Blasphemy Conviction


Finally, a bit of good news concerning "blasphemy" in the Muslim world. The supreme court of Turkey has overturned the blasphemy conviction of Fazil Say, a very famous pianist who was convicted for joking about religion on social media. The case got a lot of attention a few years ago, for good reason, and this is a very welcome development that hopefully portends greater freedom in that country. … [Read more...]

The Horrifying Reality of ‘Biblical Gender Roles’


There is a terrible website called Biblical Gender Roles, where they teach Christian men how to keep their women (their property) in line, especially when it comes to sex. Predictably, it teaches that women have an obligation to have sex any time, any place, and if they resist, the man should force them to have sex. Just don't look at her face during sex or your might lose your boner by seeing her cry and be upset. I wish I were making that up. … [Read more...]

Bangladeshi Barbarians Threatening Media for Reporting Their Barbarism

The people responsible for the murder of several atheist bloggers in Bangladesh are now threatening reporters and the media in that country for covering their barbaric, bloodthirsty killings of those who disagree with them. They say if anyone in the media who condemns their actions, "no one will be spared" from their vengeance. Oh, and they better fire any women working for them too. … [Read more...]

The Real Cause of Mass Shootings: Zombies, Witches, Vampires

You can always count on conservative Christians to come up with the most simpleminded explanation for any social problem. It's usually "you need Jesus," of course, but it's also frequently whatever they morally disapprove of at any given moment. Shane Idleman, a pastor from California, has figured out what is causing all these mass shootings -- movies and TV shows about zombies and vampires. Oh, and violent video games. … [Read more...]

When Hindu Nationalists Attack

When Narendra Modi of the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party was elected prime minister of India, many of us thought that was a very bad sign. Any religious nationalist party is bound to be bad news. And now comes news that the Hindu horde that attacked and killed a Muslim man because he was rumored to have killed and eaten a cow was carried out by members of that party. … [Read more...]

Christian Reconstructionist Group Swaps One Fascist for Another


The Christian Reconstructionist group American Vision is changing leaders. Christian Fascist Gary DeMar is stepping down and being replaced by fellow Christian fascist Joel McDurmon. These are the people who want to "restore America to its biblical foundations" by implementing the Mosaic law as the civil and criminal law of the land. Of course, America was never a theocracy, so they aren't actually "restoring" anything. … [Read more...]

Fischer Again Demands All Immigrants Convert to Christianity

Screenshot from Youtube clip

Bryan Fischer is once again showing that he is a dyed-in-the-wool Christian fascist, saying that America should welcome immigrants to this country -- but only if they agree to convert to Christianity. And stop being gay, I imagine. And not just any Christianity, of course, but to his own totalitarian, right-wing version of Christianity. None of those weak-kneed non-fundamentalist types allowed. … [Read more...]

Charisma Mag Loves Ban on Atheists Holding Office

Gina Meeks, the assistant editor of Charisma magazine, has an article noting that 8 states currently have bans on atheists holding public office. In promoting the story, the magazine calls those laws "good news for a Judeo-Christian America." … [Read more...]

Lawsuit Dropped Against Mariam Ibrahim

So another twist and turn, and a positive one, in the saga of Mariam Ibrahim. The lawsuit filed by her family has apparently been dropped, which may pave the way for her finally to be able to leave Sudan and come to the United States. Gee, I wonder if those anti-immigration Christian righters will complain about that? … [Read more...]

Badawi Lawyer Gets 15 Years in Prison

Waleed Abulkhair, the Saudi human rights activist who was Raif Badawi's attorney in his blasphemy trial, has been sentenced to 15 years in prison in that country for "inciting public opinion against the government" and "insulting the country's leaders and judiciary." … [Read more...]

More Misogyny in the Meriam Ibrahim Case

Man, am I getting fed up with what is happening to Meriam Ibrahim. She was sentenced to death, freed by an appeals court but then not allowed to leave the country and now she's living at the U.S. embassy. But now a lawsuit has been filed by her family of misogynists: … [Read more...]

Hindus Go Full Muslim Authoritarian

Turns out reactionary Muslims are not the only ones who throw massive temper tantrums and demand arrests and even death when someone dares to offend their delicate religious sensibilities. Indian police have issued an arrest warrant for a cricket star for a picture that portrayed him as the Hindu god Vishnu. … [Read more...]