Uganda Shuts Down HIV/AIDS Clinic

The horrors of that brutal new anti-gay law in Uganda are becoming more appalling by the day. The Ugandan police shut down one of the few clinics in that country that treated those with HIV and AIDS and arrested clinic staff for the "crime" of "promoting homosexuality." … [Read more...]

More Bloggers Arrested in Bangladesh

With four atheist bloggers already facing criminal charges for blasphemy, two more teenage bloggers were attacked by a Muslim mob and then arrested for posting "derogatory comments against Islam and Prophet Mohammad." Some of their fellow bloggers say this is all trumped and all they did was protest death threats against others by Muslim extremists: … [Read more...]

Saudi Arabia Equates Atheism and Terrorism

Saudi Arabia, whose ruling family includes some princes who support and fund terrorism around the world, has passed a new anti-terrorism policy that defines atheism itself, along with nearly all dissent from that country's leadership, as terrorism. The new definition of terrorism includes: … [Read more...]

Wingnut Longs for the Days He Could Whip Bill Maher

Tristan Emmanuel is upset by Bill Maher's entirely accurate comment that the God of the Bible is a "psychotic mass murderer." Really, really upset. So upset that he longs for the "good old days" when Maher would be publicly whipped for his blasphemy. … [Read more...]

Pakistani Christian Gets Death Penalty for Blasphemy

In yet another example of astonishing barbarism and totalitarianism, a Christian in Pakistan has been sentenced to death for blasphemy for comments he allegedly made to a Muslim friend during an argument. The case already saw violent attacks on the Christian community in that country by mobs of barbarians. … [Read more...]

EU Wants Saudis to Respect Religious Freedom

This news is about a month old, but the European Union has approved a report calling on Saudi Arabia to respect religious freedom. Unfortunately, that declaration says nothing about the right of the non-religious not to practice a religion or the right to criticize religion. … [Read more...]

Ugandan Paper Prints Gay Hit List

Now that President Musevini has signed Uganda's harsh new anti-gay law and put it into effect, the witch hunts have officially begun. A Ugandan newspaper published a list of 200 allegedly gay people. I fully expect that, like Nigeria, they will be rounding up anyone suspected of being gay. … [Read more...]

Seriously, Damon Linker?

Damon Linker has written some truly baffling things about religion and politics, but his latest column in The Week really leaves me shaking my head. He actually argues, entirely seriously, that the current push for gay rights is the result of -- wait for it -- Christianity. … [Read more...]

Trans Legislator Arrested at Sochi Olympics

The first openly trans legislator in Europe was arrested at the Sochi Olympics for holding a banner that said, in Russian, "Gay is OK." Because they have to protect the children, dontchaknow. This is what the Russian law censors as "gay propaganda." … [Read more...]

Ben Baz is Free. What Now?

Michael Nugent reports that Abdel Aziz Mohamed Albaz, aka Ben Baz, has been released from prison in Kuwait after a year locked up for blasphemy. The real question, though, is what happens now? If I recall correctly, he now has to leave Kuwait, but he may well face even worse punishment if he goes back to his native Egypt. I hope he can get somewhere safe. … [Read more...]

Court Silences Muslim Thugs in the UK

In British law they have something called an Anti-Social Behavior Order (ASBO), which is kind of like a disorderly conduct charge in the US in that it's relatively vague and can be applied to a lot of situations. But here's a situation where it sounds like it was correctly applied to a bunch of Muslim thugs who like to harass and assault people. … [Read more...]

Musevini to Sign Ugandan Anti-Gay Bill

After initially refusing to sign an infamous bill that prescribes life in prison (but no longer the death penalty) for homosexuality because the legislature lacked a quorum to pass it, Ugandan President Museveni has changed his mind and decided to sign the bill and make it law. … [Read more...]