Klingenschmitt: Jesus Will Overrule Courts, Send Them to Hell

Gordon Klingenschmitt is upset that the courts keep ruling in favor of LGBT equality, but he's able to make himself feel better by thinking about how Jesus is going to "overrule the courts" and them all to hell to roast in torment for all eternity. You have to be a pretty sick human being to cheer on that vile idea. … [Read more...]

Another Horrific ‘Honor’ Killing in Pakistan

The utter barbarism in Pakistan continues. A young woman and her new husband were hacked to pieces by her family because they didn't approve of the marriage. They lured them back by telling them that they had accepted their marriage, then killed them both. … [Read more...]

Why Meriam Ibrahim Was Arrested Again

A day after being freed from a death sentence for daring not to be Muslim, Meriam Ibrahim was rearrested by the government of Sudan as she attempted to leave the country. Details are now emerging on why that happened and it's even more absurd than you might imagine. … [Read more...]

Did Saudi Arabia Hurt Themselves?

You've probably seen stories about the Saudi Arabian delegation trying to quash the statement of a CFI representative about the Raif Badawi prosecution and brutal punishment for being an atheist. My friend Michael De Dora, CFI's director of public policy, says they only hurt themselves with their behavior: … [Read more...]

Lively Goes Full Muslim Fundamentalist

During the Iranian hostage crisis and in many protests since then, Islamic fundamentalists have taken great glee in declaring the United States to the the Great Satan. Deranged anti-gay bigot Scott Lively now joins them, and his reason is because Obama dares to support human rights for gay people. … [Read more...]

Saudi Arabia Tries to Censor Criticism in UN Human Rights Council

Monday morning, a representative of the Center for Inquiry was speaking at a meeting of the United Nations Council on Human Rights and was criticizing Saudi Arabia for its barbaric treatment of those accused of "blasphemy," especially Raif Badawi. The Saudi representative tried three times to prevent her from speaking. … [Read more...]

Ibrahim Re-Arrested

Ugh. Before she could get out of the country, Meriam Ibrahim was re-arrested by the Sudanese government:A mother who was freed from death row for refusing to renounce Christianity has been re-arrested just one day later while trying to leave Sudan, her lawyer told NBC News on Tuesday. Meriam Ibrahim, 27, was "very happy" after an appeals court on Monday overturned a death sentence imposed because she married a Christian man and allegedly turned her back on Islam. But lawyer Elshareef Ali … [Read more...]

Meriam Ibrahim Freed by Sudanese Appeals Court

In a huge victory for human rights, Meriam Ibrahim, the Christian women in the Sudan that was sentenced to death for apostasy, has been released from prison after an appeals court overturned her conviction on those hideous charges. Now she has to get the hell out of that country. … [Read more...]

Saudi ‘Justice’ Minister Defends Fascist Laws

Mohammed Al-Eissa is the Saudi Arabian "Justice Minister," which is a lot like giving Charlie Sheen the title of Sobriety Minister. In a talk to an unnamed lawyers group in Washington, DC, Al-Eissa made a pathetic attempt to defend that country's barbaric laws. … [Read more...]

OK Candidate: Gay People Should Be Stoned To Death

You may remember the city of Moore, Oklahoma as the site of those terrible tornadoes in 2013 that did horrific damage. Add another disaster to the list, a local candidate for state office who says that gay people should be stoned to death like it says in the Bible. … [Read more...]

Brother: Meriam Ibrahim Should Be Killed

The horrifying situation in the Sudan with the woman who has been sentenced to death for apostasy continues to get worse. Now the woman's brother is speaking out and saying that if she does not convert to Islam, she deserves to be killed for it. And he's the guy who turned her in. … [Read more...]

Sudanese Christian to Be Freed?

The Sudanese Christian woman, Meriam Ibrahim, who was sentenced to die by hanging for refusing to renounce her faith (she was raised Christian by her mother, but her estranged father is Muslim and the state therefore declared that she must be Muslim) may be freed soon, according to this report. … [Read more...]