And Yet Another Murder in Bangladesh by Islamic Extremists

Another day, another person in Bangladesh hacked to death by Islamic militants for daring to say something they don't like. This time it's an English professor and ISIS says they're responsible and that they did it because the professor was "calling for atheism." … [Read more...]

Mauritania Sentences Blogger to Death for ‘Insulting the Prophet’

Add Mauritania, one of the most barbaric and oppressive nations on the planet, to the list of countries that will murder people for "insulting the prophet Muhammad." A court there has sentenced a blogger to death for daring to say that religion is often used to justify discrimination. … [Read more...]

Muslim Slams Bangladeshi Leader Over Atheist Murders

After six atheist writers have been murdered in Bangladesh, the prime minister of that country has made it quite clear that she doesn't really care and that she thinks they got what they deserved for daring to insult Islam. … [Read more...]

Philosophy Prof in Kuwait Faces Blasphemy Charges

A philosophy professor at a Kuwaiti university is being investigated for blasphemy after saying in a television interview that the Kuwaiti constitution should take precedence over the Quran and Islamic law. That's all it takes to get thrown in prison, or worse, in Kuwait and many other countries. … [Read more...]

Saudi Official Explains Why Atheism is Terrorism

A while back, Saudi Arabia began to classify the advocacy of atheism as being the same thing as committing terrorism. A reporter from Al Jazeera interviewed the Saudi UN Ambassador and asked him to defend this. The answer is every bit as ridiculous and fascist as one would expect. … [Read more...]

Barton Repeats Dominionist Roots of Christian Government School

Professional liar and fake historian David Barton is starting a school of government at Charis Bible College in Colorado and he has yet again stated that it will be based on Seven Mountains Dominionism, which teaches that Christians must take over every aspect of society, including the government, to create a theocracy. … [Read more...]

Cruz Lies About Condemning Kevin Swanson

In November, Ted Cruz and two other then-candidates for the Republican presidential nomination appeared at a "religious liberty" conference put on by Christian fascist Kevin Swanson, who thinks gay people should be put to death. Ted Cruz is now flat out lying and saying that he had no idea of those views and condemned them when he found out: … [Read more...]

Hysterics Lose Their Minds Over…Nothing

Glenn Beck and every Christian hysteric and their mothers have been losing their minds over the placing of a replica of the entry arch of the ancient temple of Baal from Palmyra in Times Square. Turns out they've been flipping out over nothing. The arch that will go on display is not from that temple at all. … [Read more...]

Domestic Terrorist Did It All for the Fetuses

Remember last November when Robert Dear entered a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic and opened fire, killing three people and wounding nine others and the Christian right immediately began to claim that it had nothing to do with abortion, that it was just a bank robbery gone wrong? New documents reveal his motive in stark relief: … [Read more...]

Bangladeshi Official Blames Atheists For Their Own Slaughter

With six atheist writers or publishers in Bangladesh now hacked to death in the last 14 months and the government doing little to stop it, it's not hard to figure out why. A top Bangladeshi official is putting the blame on the victims for daring to offend religious people. … [Read more...]

U.S. May Grant Asylum to Bangladeshi Bloggers

In the wake of the 6th murder of a Bangladeshi atheist blogger, a State Department spokesman says that they are considering granting a sort of modified asylum called "humanitarian parole" to others there whose lives are in imminent danger. That is a huge development that I hope comes to be. … [Read more...]

Another Atheist Brutally Murdered in Bangladesh

For the sixth time in the last couple years, an atheist writer and blogger has been hacked to death by Muslim extremists in Bangladesh. Najimuddin Samad, a law student, was, like several others, attacked by barbarians on motorcycles while walking down the streets and hacked to death with machetes. … [Read more...]