Guest Post by Leo Igwe on Boko Haram

This is a guest post by my friend Leo Igwe, a courageous humanist activist who has been fighting against the witch hunts in northern Africa for so long. In this piece, he discusses the astonishingly brutal terrorist rampage that Boko Haram has been on in his native Nigeria. … [Read more...]

Another Woman Brutally Murdered in Pakistan

Here's another story out of Pakistan that is so barbaric that it turns my stomach to even think about it. A school teacher was beaten and set on fire by a mob of men after turning down a marriage proposal from the son of the man who owns the school she teaches at. … [Read more...]

Wingnuts Defend Roy Moore from Demonic Drag Queens

A group of anti-gay bigots gathered on Saturday to defend the honor of Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore. Naturally, they implored God to intervene in the proceedings of his ethics complaint. Or course, they did that a decade ago when he lost just such a challenge, so apparently God doesn't like Moore very much. … [Read more...]

CFI Gets Bangladeshi Blogger to Safety in Germany

A year ago, the Center for Inquiry set up the Freethought Emergency Fund in order to raise funds to help atheists in Muslim countries whose lives were in danger. One of those atheists, a Bangladeshi blogger named Shammi Haque, has escaped that country and has been granted asylum in Germany due to those efforts. … [Read more...]

Bangladeshi Officials Still Blaming Murder Victims

Officials from the government of Bangladesh continue to assert a completely repulsive false equivalence between writers and those who hack them to death on the streets of their country. This time it's the "home minister" of the country blaming the victims and showing how unseriously his government takes the problem. … [Read more...]

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Jerk of the Day

I'd like to make that the asshole of the day, but I'm not allowed to use profanity in headlines (obviously I can and do use naughty words in my posts). A tow truck driver in South Carolina left a handicapped woman sitting on the side of the road in her car after refusing to give her a tow because she had a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker. … [Read more...]

Brave Bangladeshi Bloggers Refuse to Be Silenced

I think it's very important that we work to get as many people who face death every day for daring to speak their minds out of their countries, but only if they want to go. The Telegraph interviews a Bangladeshi atheist who has watched his friends be hacked to death but is bravely refusing to leave or to shut up. … [Read more...]

Kerry Calls Bangladeshi Leader About (Some) Murders

John Kerry personally called Prime Minister Sheikih Hasina of Bangladesh about the murder of a USAID worker and an LGBT rights activist by Muslim extremists last week, demanding that the killers be tracked down. Which is a good thing, of course, but why didn't this happen after any of the six murders of atheist writers in the last year and a half? … [Read more...]

Two More People Hacked to Death in Bangladesh

And hot on the heels of an English professor being murdered by Muslim extremists for advocating atheist, two LGBT activists and writers have been hacked to death. Meanwhile, the Bangladeshi government sits on its thumbs and blames the victims. … [Read more...]

And Yet Another Murder in Bangladesh by Islamic Extremists

Another day, another person in Bangladesh hacked to death by Islamic militants for daring to say something they don't like. This time it's an English professor and ISIS says they're responsible and that they did it because the professor was "calling for atheism." … [Read more...]

Mauritania Sentences Blogger to Death for ‘Insulting the Prophet’

Add Mauritania, one of the most barbaric and oppressive nations on the planet, to the list of countries that will murder people for "insulting the prophet Muhammad." A court there has sentenced a blogger to death for daring to say that religion is often used to justify discrimination. … [Read more...]

Muslim Slams Bangladeshi Leader Over Atheist Murders

After six atheist writers have been murdered in Bangladesh, the prime minister of that country has made it quite clear that she doesn't really care and that she thinks they got what they deserved for daring to insult Islam. … [Read more...]