Story of Stoned Pakistani Woman Gets Worse

In case you didn't think the story of the pregnant woman who was stoned to death by her family for marrying someone they didn't approve of, think again. Turns out the guy she married killed his first wife so he could marry her and got virtually no punishment for it. … [Read more...]

UN Human Rights Chief Decries Honor Killing

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay strongly condemned the honor killing of a pregnant woman in Pakistan by her family as revenge for her marrying a man they did not approve of (they nearly killed him as well, but he apparently survived). … [Read more...]

Bryan Fischer Lies About Slavery and the Bible

Bryan Fischer on a recent show claimed that the kind of slavery practiced in America was a capital crime under the Old Testament law. In order to make that case he has to tell the lie that nearly all people like him tell, pretending that the rules for Hebrew servants in Exodus applied to all slaves. Here's the video: … [Read more...]

Another ‘Honor Killing’ in Pakistan

Another day, another horrific murder in Pakistan of a woman who did nothing that could even remotely be considered wrong except by a totalitarian and deeply misogynistic religious culture. A woman who had married a man without her family's permission was stoned to death by her father and other members of the family, right outside a courthouse. … [Read more...]

Sudan’s Inane Response to Criticism

The Sudanese embassy has released a patently ridiculous and self-contradictory statement regarding the death sentence they have handed down on a pregnant woman for apostasy after she converted to Christianity and married a Christian. Try to parse this bullshit: … [Read more...]

The Barbarism of Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws

Novelist Ali Sethi has an op-ed column in the New York Times about Pakistan's brutal and horrifying blasphemy laws, which have been used more frequently over the last few years, primarily against Christians and other religious minorities. He traces the history of those laws: … [Read more...]

Pakistani ‘Blasphemer’ Killed in Police Custody

As bad as the blasphemy laws are in most officially Muslim countries, it's often better than what mobs of barbarians will do to those who are accused of that "crime." Again and again, accused blasphemers are beaten and killed by mobs. The latest is in Pakistan and it happened in police custody. … [Read more...]

Another Uncomfortable Bible Passage

When people ask me why I'm no longer a Christian, I often say "because I read the Bible." I'm not just being snarky, I mean it literally. If I hadn't read the Bible so much, I may have stayed a Christian. But it contains so many passages that are appalling and/or ridiculous that I simply could not believe it any longer. Here's a perfect example, from Numbers 5: … [Read more...]

UN Experts Strongly Criticize Saudi Arabia Over Badawi

A group of United Nations Special Rapporteurs has issued a statement strongly criticizing Saudi Arabia over the brutal sentence handed down against Raif Badawi for nothing more than expressing the fact that he's an atheist and creating a platform to allow others to do so. … [Read more...]

Christian Women to Hang for Apostasy in Sudan

Yet another example of the extraordinary barbarism of reactionary Islamic law, this time in the Sudan where a woman has been sentenced to death by hanging for apostasy after converting to Christianity and marrying a Christian man, both of which are forbidden under that nation's version of Sharia law. … [Read more...]

Coach Dave Hearts Gay-Killing Pastor

"Coach" Dave Daubenmire loves him some James David Manning. Manning, you may recall, is the Harlem pastor who says that gay people should be put to death like it says in the Bible and that Obama is releasing "homo demons" on the black community. The two of them are getting together for an event to "bury racism" at Gettysburg. And by "bury racism," I mean claim that the south should have won the Civil War. … [Read more...]

Muslim Exorcism Kills Man in Pakistan

Did you know that Muslims have exorcisms just like Christians do? I didn't. But an attempt to free a man of "demonic possession" in Pakistan using smoke ended with that man dead and the man who performed the exorcism facing possible criminal charges. … [Read more...]