Indian Village Council Orders Continual Gang Rapes

This is one of the most horrifying stories I've ever seen. A town council has ordered two young women to undergo repeated gang rapes, among other punishments, because their brother ran off and eloped with a woman from a different caste. The sisters are asking the India Supreme Court to intervene and protect them, but I find it hard to believe that they could actually do so if that is the attitude prevalent in their communities. … [Read more...]

Lively: Gay Acceptance = Wrath of God

Screenshot from Youtube.

Scott Lively, the absolutely unhinged bigot who believes, or at least claims, that Hitler and most of the top Nazis were all gay and that explains why they did what they did, held a public conversation with the equally unhinged Peter LaBarbera in Chicago Tuesday night. After being delayed due to a tornado, Lively told the audience that the fact that homosexuality is becoming more accepted is a "harbinger of the wrath of God." … [Read more...]

Ibrahim Finally Out of Sudan

Meriam Ibrahim, the Christian woman initially sentenced to death in the Sudan for apostasy, has finally left that barbaric country and is headed to the United States. But she went first to Italy, where she got an audience with Pope Francis at the Vatican. … [Read more...]

Lawsuit Dropped Against Mariam Ibrahim

So another twist and turn, and a positive one, in the saga of Mariam Ibrahim. The lawsuit filed by her family has apparently been dropped, which may pave the way for her finally to be able to leave Sudan and come to the United States. Gee, I wonder if those anti-immigration Christian righters will complain about that? … [Read more...]

Badawi Lawyer Gets 15 Years in Prison

Waleed Abulkhair, the Saudi human rights activist who was Raif Badawi's attorney in his blasphemy trial, has been sentenced to 15 years in prison in that country for "inciting public opinion against the government" and "insulting the country's leaders and judiciary." … [Read more...]

Nigerian Atheist Now Getting Death Threats

Mubarak Bala, the Nigerian man who was committed to a mental hospital by his Muslim family for being an atheist, is now freed. It happened almost by accident, as he was freed due to a strike at the hospital. But now, of course, he's getting death threats and is in hiding from Muslim thugs who would kill him. … [Read more...]

Totalitarian…You Keep Using That Word…

Wallace Henley has a column at the Christian Post where he bizarrely calls efforts by the Obama administration to push countries around the world to stop imprisoning and killing gay people "totalitarian." He keeps using that word...I know it doesn't mean what he thinks it means. … [Read more...]

Klingenschmitt: Jesus Will Overrule Courts, Send Them to Hell

Gordon Klingenschmitt is upset that the courts keep ruling in favor of LGBT equality, but he's able to make himself feel better by thinking about how Jesus is going to "overrule the courts" and them all to hell to roast in torment for all eternity. You have to be a pretty sick human being to cheer on that vile idea. … [Read more...]

Another Horrific ‘Honor’ Killing in Pakistan

The utter barbarism in Pakistan continues. A young woman and her new husband were hacked to pieces by her family because they didn't approve of the marriage. They lured them back by telling them that they had accepted their marriage, then killed them both. … [Read more...]

Why Meriam Ibrahim Was Arrested Again

A day after being freed from a death sentence for daring not to be Muslim, Meriam Ibrahim was rearrested by the government of Sudan as she attempted to leave the country. Details are now emerging on why that happened and it's even more absurd than you might imagine. … [Read more...]

Did Saudi Arabia Hurt Themselves?

You've probably seen stories about the Saudi Arabian delegation trying to quash the statement of a CFI representative about the Raif Badawi prosecution and brutal punishment for being an atheist. My friend Michael De Dora, CFI's director of public policy, says they only hurt themselves with their behavior: … [Read more...]

Lively Goes Full Muslim Fundamentalist

During the Iranian hostage crisis and in many protests since then, Islamic fundamentalists have taken great glee in declaring the United States to the the Great Satan. Deranged anti-gay bigot Scott Lively now joins them, and his reason is because Obama dares to support human rights for gay people. … [Read more...]