FL Principal Quotes Stoning Gays Verses After Orlando Shooting

Cyd Ziegler writes at Outsports about the principal of a school in Florida who posted that infamous verse from Leviticus 20 calling for gay people to be put to death. He posted it as a comment on a picture of two married men kissing only a couple days after the massacre in Orlando. … [Read more...]

Dean Publishes Shoebat Column Wanting Murder of Gay People

Bradlee Dean threw a major tantrum when we quoted him in 2010 saying that Muslims are more moral than Christians because they actually put gay people to death as the Bible commands. But here he is republishing a Theodore Shoebat commentary calling for exactly that: … [Read more...]

Shoebat the Lesser Wants Milo Yiannopoulos Put to Death

Milo Yiannopoulos and Gavin McInnes staged a kiss during a press conference to make an anti-Muslim statement and Christian fascist Theodore Shoebat is now demanding that they be put to death. Because he hates Islam, don't you know, but just loves that anti-gay Sharia law stuff. … [Read more...]

Landlord Wants to Evict Pastor Who Praised Orlando Killer

The company that owns the property where Verity Baptist Church is located in California, whose pastor Roger Jimenez praised the man who murdered 49 people at a gay club in Orlando and said we should all be happy he did it, wants to evict the church when their lease is up in March. … [Read more...]

TX Pastor Prays for More Orlando Victims to Die

The Christian fascists are coming out of the woodwork to praise the Muslim barbarian who murdered 49 people and wounded more than 53 others in Orlando. A Baptist minister from Ft. Worth, Texas, told his congregation that he is praying that God kills those who were wounded now because they were gay. … [Read more...]

Beck Condemns ‘Kill the Gays’ Conference, Doesn’t Mention Cruz

Glenn Beck has hypocrisy down to an art form. He's going after one of the far-right Christian pastors who wants gay people put to death and even mentions the conference that Kevin Swanson put on at which he advocated exactly that, but without mentioning that his buddy Ted Cruz spoke there. … [Read more...]

Bigot: Gays ‘Provoked’ Massacre, Should Return to the Closet

Timothy Buchanan is a world-class bigot, as is pretty much anyone who writes for BarbWire. You aren't even going to be let in the door there if you don't hate gays as much as Matt Barber -- and he really, really hates gays. Buchanan says that the victims "provoked" their own murder and should return to the closet where they belong. … [Read more...]

Anti-Gay Threat Posted to San Diego Craigslist

In the wake of the Orlando massacre, someone posted an item in the "men seeking men" section of the San Diego Craigslist cheering what happened and threatening that San Diego would be the next city to see the same thing. The FBI is investigating to find out who sent it. … [Read more...]

Orthodox Jew Cheers Orlando Massacre

It isn't just some far-right Christians who are cheering on the man who carried out the massacre of dozens of people and wounding of dozens more in Orlando. Here's an Orthodox Jew of the Chabad variety who put up a video praising the murder of LGBT people. … [Read more...]

The Absurdity of the ‘Islamo-Gaystapo Axis’

We hear constantly from the right wing that liberals and LGBT people are in league with ISIS and other Islamic reactionaries. It's one of the most ridiculous claims they make, but they repeat it like a mantra. Peter Montgomery of People for the American Way debunks this nonsense: … [Read more...]

Theodore Shoebat Does Not Surprise

Walid Shoebat has already responded to the massacre in Orlando with a bizarre screed and so has another writer on their site, but I was waiting for Theodore Shoebat to weigh in with the inevitable "the victims were gay so they had it coming" position. He does not disappoint. … [Read more...]

Shoebat the Greater Goes on Bizarre Rant About Orlando Massacre

Fake "ex-terrorist" Walid Shoebat, who is every bit as much of a Christian fascist as his son Theodore, went on a rather bizarre diatribe after the massacre in Orlando, Florida. Something about Jews and evangelical Christians who aren't as extreme as him. Oh, and no one should care about all the dead people. … [Read more...]