Paula White: Con Artist

Paula White, Donald Trump's "spiritual adviser," is, like him, a prosperity gospel con artist. Her version is religious, his is secular, but they operate the same way, by fleecing credulous, desperate people of their money in a highly efficient manner. Listen to her version of the scam: … [Read more...]

Con Woman: Trump Campaign Has the ‘Hand of God’

Paula White, a prosperity gospel preaching con artist who has apparently known Donald Trump for a long time, says that he won the Republican nomination because he has the "hand of God" on him. Given their mutual histories of adultery and divorce, I'm not surprised they have an affinity for one another. … [Read more...]

Meet Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board

Donald Trump has named his Evangelical Advisory Board and it's a long list of assorted ignorant dumbasses, first class bigots and prosperity gospel con artists, including Michele Bachmann, Paula White, James Dobson, James Robison and Robert Jeffress. … [Read more...]

Christian Con Man to ‘Uplift’ Spirits, and His Wallet, in Detroit

Christian con man Joel Osteen is coming to Detroit to bring his "uplifting" message, which combines traditional televangelist hucksterism with Tony Robbins-style happy crappy bullshit, to the people of that city. And to line his pockets further, of course. … [Read more...]

‘Witches’ Cast Hex on Stanford Rapist

Look, we're all upset over the Stanford swimmer who got only six months for raping an unconscious women, and rightly so. But this may be the most ludicrous, idiotic response I've heard of. A group of "witches" have cast an impotency hex on him to prevent him from raping again. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Christian Liaison is a Benny Hinn-Style Fraud

So it turns out that Frank Amedia, Donald Trump's "liaison for Christian policy," is a tongue-speaking, faith-healing con man just like Benny Hinn. In fact, here's video of him on Benny Hinn's TV show doing the same ridiculous schtick of hitting people on the head and making them fall down while muttering gibberish. … [Read more...]

Christian Con Artist Finally Dies

Jan Crouch, part of the con artist team that founded the Trinity Broadcasting Network, is dead at the age of 78. If anyone expects me to grieve, you can forget that. They say not to speak ill of the dead, but if you didn't speak ill of her you'd have nothing to say. Charisma News lavishes her with fake praise. … [Read more...]

More on Trump’s New ‘Liaison for Christian Policy’

Right Wing Watch has been digging into the background of Donald Trump's newly announced "liaison for Christian policy," Frank Amedia, and finding some really fun stuff. He's a lot like Pat Robertson, apparently, in that he thinks he can pray away hurricanes and tsunamis. … [Read more...]

Bakker Gets a Vague Prophecy

Christian con man Jim Bakker is now using vague "prophecies" he claims to have received from God to push his buckets of crappy survival food. He says that God told him while he was walking around his yard that a "major event" is going to happen, so you better buy some buckets right now. … [Read more...]

Bakker’s Latest Food Bucket Pitch: Zika Virus

Christian con man Jim Bakker will find any excuse whatsoever to tell people why they should be buying buckets of his (by all accounts) terrible survival food. The latest justification is the Zika virus, though I don't see how buckets of crappy food are going to help anyone should they catch it. … [Read more...]

Dog Eats Pastor’s Pictures from Heaven

A South African "prophet" told his followers that he ascended to heaven and took pictures of it on his cell phone, and if they pay him enough he'll let them see those pictures. But then the government told him that doing so was illegal and suddenly he says those images, and the cell phone, were stolen. … [Read more...]

Bakker: Buy My Buckets of Food Because Terrorists!

Jim Bakker is trying everything he can to get people to buy his buckets full of shitty survival food. His latest marketing pitch is that criminals and terrorists are streaming over the Mexican border. I can only presume that he's urging people to serve them his buckets of food to make them leave again. … [Read more...]