Donald Trump is Demonic!


Our old friend Gordon Klingenschmitt has a guest column on his website from a guy named Andre Traversa, who seems a good match for him. He's a big Ted Cruz fan and he's decided that Donald Trump's attacks on Cruz are proof that he's possessed by demons. I'm sure he and Gordon have names for them. … [Read more...]

Cindy Jacobs Can Change the Weather!


Our old friend Cindy Jacobs is at it again. She of the bottomless spaghetti bowl also can command the weather and send the rain clouds away so they can do a videotaping for the 700 Club. It may take a half an hour to do it, but she's just sure it was her praying that made the rain go away. Because obviously, clouds don't move with the winds or anything. Hemant has the story: … [Read more...]

Bakker Blames Weird Weather on ‘Spirit of ISIS’


Whenever Jim Bakker and Rick Wiles get together, which seems to be pretty often these days, much hilarity is bound to ensue. These two chowderheads are like two peas in a pod, sharing a small portion of a syphilitic monkey brain found in the back of a research lab in Oklahoma. And today, they're going to explain basic meteorology to all the good little boys and girls. … [Read more...]

Satan Using Fire Alarms to Censor Jim Bakker


The concept of cause and effect has always been a real problem for fundamentalist Christians. Natural disasters are not caused by weather patterns, atmospheric conditions or tectonic plate shifting but by God being angry about all the things they themselves hate. Perhaps that explains why Jim Bakker blames Satan when a fire alarm goes off in the studio where he films his show. … [Read more...]

Klingenschmitt: Demons Behind Failure to Defund Planned Parenthood


Our old pal Gordon Klingenschmitt is seeing demons everywhere again. After Congress failed to defund Planned Parenthood, he has "discerned" that the reason for the failure is that the legislators who voted were under the influence of a "demonic spirit of murder" (never mind that the funds PP receives are actually used to save lives, the details don't matter). … [Read more...]

Pat Robertson Predicts Fall of Saudi Arabia


At the end of every year, Pat Robertson goes to a mountaintop retreat and communes with God, who gives him predictions for the next year (apparently, you get better reception up there). The fact that his predictions almost never come true unless they're incredibly obvious should probably make you doubt this latest prophecy, that the Saudi government is going to be overthrown. … [Read more...]

Creflo Dollar Will Get His Gulfstream Jet

Youtube screenshot

Every reasonable person pointed and laughed when televangelist con man Creflo Dollar asked his congregation to donate enough money to buy him a $65 million Gulfstream private jet, but his congregation is apparently credulous enough to fall for his inane argument that it was necessary to spread the gospel around the world. He's going to get his jet after all: … [Read more...]

Worldnetdaily Distorts Reality to Support Shemitah Nonsense

Credit: Gage Skidmore

The Worldnetdaily has never found a cockamamie theory it wouldn't hype, especially if they make a buck on it. Despite the fact that all that Shemitah year stuff they published from wingnut Rabbi Jonathan Cahn turned out to predict nothing at all, they're desperately trying to make it seem accurate by carefully selecting some facts, distorting others, and ignoring contrary evidence. … [Read more...]

Pat Robertson Has No Idea What a Religion Is


Pat Robertson joined the chorus of ignorant right-wing halfwits who have tried to argue that Islam is not a religion but is instead a “political system masquerading as a religion.” How incredibly ironic coming from someone who did more to politicize American Christianity than almost anyone else. He, Falwell and a few others are the ones who turned the Republican party into a wholly owned subsidiary of the Christian right. … [Read more...]

Jim Bakker’s Food No Taste So Good


Professional con man of God Jim Bakker now makes his money selling freeze-dried survival food to his dimwitted and paranoid followers. He promises them profusely that it's absolutely delicious and that they'll be eating like kings while the world is sending. So NPR staff decided to order a few buckets and give it a shot. Guy Fieri has gotten better reviews for his Times Square restaurant. … [Read more...]

Jim Bakker Blames His Downfall on Witches


Okay folks, prepare to laugh. I don't mean giggle or titter or snicker, I mean a full-on belly laugh or a guffaw. Jim Bakker, the televangelist con man who was caught having an affair with his secretary and sent to prison for a fraudulent time-share scheme at the theme park he built, knows who is to blame for all of that. No, it isn't himself. Who is it? Witches! … [Read more...]

Pat Robertson Thinks Gay Marriage is Still Illegal


Following in the footsteps of Mike Huckabee, Christian con man Pat Robertson told the 700 Club audience that despite the Supreme Court's ruling in Obergefell v Ohio, same-sex marriage is still illegal in the United States because that ruling applies only to the plaintiffs in that particular case and not to anyone else. So it's still illegal unless Congress passes a law. … [Read more...]