Bakker: People who Support the Constitution Being Eliminated

TV evangelist con man and hawker of crappy buckets of good Jim Bakker has a new conspiracy theory. Unnamed agencies are "monitoring" all speech, especially of Christians. Oh, and those who support the Constitution are being eliminated one by one. … [Read more...]

Christian Con Artists Lay Hands on Trump to Ward Off Satan

Donald Trump attended an event at a megachurch in Ohio with a huge group of pastors on Wednesday and they laid hands on him and prayed that God would prevent Satan from getting his greedy little hands on the candidate. One can only imagine how Satan's influence would be any different than what we see now. … [Read more...]

Bakker: They’re Going to Kill the Christians!

TV evangelist con man and professional hysteric Jim Bakker knows exactly what he's selling to his audience. No, not just shitty survival food, that's merely the end result. He's selling them fear and paranoia. That's the marketing slogan for the shitty food. To wit: … [Read more...]

King: Hillary to ‘Usher in the Antichrist’

So in the last week we've had Hillary Clinton as the Antichrist or an Illuminati witch, we've had her moved by the "spirit of the Antichrist," and now we have Alveda King, who must be a terrible embarrassment to the family of MLK, claiming that she wants to "usher in the Antichrist." … [Read more...]

Wallnau Offers ‘Prophecy’ About Donald Trump

Lance Wallnau, a self-declared "prophet" and one of the most prominent advocates of Seven Mountains Dominionism, says God gave him a "prophecy" that He has sent Donald Trump to lead America in a war against "destructive spirits." … [Read more...]

Josh Rosenau Hits Nail on Head on the Ark Park

My friend Josh Rosenau of the National Center for Science Education has an essay in New Scientist about Ken Ham's new Noah's Ark theme park. He points out that public schools that take kids on field trips there will be rather obviously violating the law: … [Read more...]

Bakker: Govt. Will Shut Me Down All Religious Activity

Ah, Jim Bakker. The TV evangelist con man is nothing if not hysterical, not in the funny sense but in the wildly exaggerated drama sense. Now he says that if Donald Trump doesn't win in November, the federal government will shut down all religious activity. … [Read more...]

Paula White: Con Artist

Paula White, Donald Trump's "spiritual adviser," is, like him, a prosperity gospel con artist. Her version is religious, his is secular, but they operate the same way, by fleecing credulous, desperate people of their money in a highly efficient manner. Listen to her version of the scam: … [Read more...]

Con Woman: Trump Campaign Has the ‘Hand of God’

Paula White, a prosperity gospel preaching con artist who has apparently known Donald Trump for a long time, says that he won the Republican nomination because he has the "hand of God" on him. Given their mutual histories of adultery and divorce, I'm not surprised they have an affinity for one another. … [Read more...]

Meet Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board

Donald Trump has named his Evangelical Advisory Board and it's a long list of assorted ignorant dumbasses, first class bigots and prosperity gospel con artists, including Michele Bachmann, Paula White, James Dobson, James Robison and Robert Jeffress. … [Read more...]

Christian Con Man to ‘Uplift’ Spirits, and His Wallet, in Detroit

Christian con man Joel Osteen is coming to Detroit to bring his "uplifting" message, which combines traditional televangelist hucksterism with Tony Robbins-style happy crappy bullshit, to the people of that city. And to line his pockets further, of course. … [Read more...]

‘Witches’ Cast Hex on Stanford Rapist

Look, we're all upset over the Stanford swimmer who got only six months for raping an unconscious women, and rightly so. But this may be the most ludicrous, idiotic response I've heard of. A group of "witches" have cast an impotency hex on him to prevent him from raping again. … [Read more...]