Joyner: God Set a Comey Trap for Trump’s Enemies

Professional con man Rick Joyner is really providing a great deal of amusement to me lately as he comes up with one asinine claim after another about Trump. The latest is to claim that God set up the Comey firing to set a trap for Trump's enemies in order to take them out. … [Read more...]

Joyner: Soon, ‘Prophets’ Can Deliver News a Week Early

Ridiculous con man Rick Joyner is teaching a "school of the spirit" at his church, which he says will unleash a wave of "prophets" on the world that are even better than in the Bible, so good that they'll be able to deliver newspapers with accurate news a week in advance. … [Read more...]

Paula White Threatens to Sue Publication

Heat Street has a long expose` about Paula White, one of Donald Trump's allegedly close "spiritual advisers," and she threatened to sue them for tens of millions of dollars if they published it. Sounds like Trump is her spiritual adviser too. … [Read more...]

Cindy Jacobs Can Command the Weather

Lest you think the bottomless bowl of spaghetti and the shoes that never wear out exhaust the magical powers of self-declared "prophet" Cindy Jacobs, think again. She also has the power to change the weather if she just prays hard enough. Speaking of a prayer rally in Nashville in 2007, she said: … [Read more...]

A Peter Popoff Expose

GQ has a long expose about Peter Popoff, the "faith-healing" con man who was once put out of business by James Randi but has returned to fleece a new flock of sheep out of millions and millions of dollars every year. He compares him, quite rightly, to Donald Trump. … [Read more...]

IRS Raids Benny Hinn’s Offices

The IRS and the U.S. Postal Service spent all day Wednesday at the offices of televangelist con man Benny Hinn, hauling boxes of material out and loading them into trucks. We can only hope that this is the downfall of that absolute fraud. An ABC report on the raid: … [Read more...]

Throckmorton Gets Evangelist to Admit to Fake Degree

Warren Throckmorton has been keeping the pressure up on David Barton to admit that his "earned PhD" from Life Christian University is not earned at all, with no success so far. But he did get televangelist con artist Joyce Meyer to stop claiming her identical PhD was earned. … [Read more...]

Joyner Spreads Lie About Mexico Having a Wall

TV evangelist con man Rick Joyner is, like everyone of his ilk, a professional liar. His latest lie is to claim that Mexico has a wall along its border with Guatemala, which allegedly makes liberals hypocrites for criticizing Trump's proposed wall but not the Mexican wall. … [Read more...]

Bakker: Conservatives Never Protested Obama!

Exactly how out of touch with reality -- or how much of a brazen liar -- is televangelist con man Jim Bakker? He told his audience that conservatives never protested Barack Obama during the eight years he was in the White House. Seriously. He said that. … [Read more...]

What Caused Hitler This Time? Environmentalism, of Course.

The Cornwall Alliance is a conservative Christian non-profit that rails against environmentalism. It is, of course, funded by the oil industry. Now they're promoting a book that claims that the real cause of Hitler and the Third Reich was concern for the environment. Seriously. … [Read more...]

Joyner Gives Trip Report of His Visit to Heaven

Professional con man Rick Joyner posted an utterly ridiculous video detailing one of his many trips to heaven. He says he spent 8 hours there (in "earth time") during an illness in which he thought he had “Ebola plus the bird flu." And he's been there many times, he said. … [Read more...]

Joyner Uses Fake Story to Claim Trump Uncovering Liberal Corruption

Professional "Christian" con man Rick Joyner has yet another completely unhinged video, this one attacking the LA Times for an editorial slamming Trump's dishonesty. Joyner, like his hero, used a completely fake story to justify his derangement. … [Read more...]