Bakker Gets a Vague Prophecy

Christian con man Jim Bakker is now using vague "prophecies" he claims to have received from God to push his buckets of crappy survival food. He says that God told him while he was walking around his yard that a "major event" is going to happen, so you better buy some buckets right now. … [Read more...]

Bakker’s Latest Food Bucket Pitch: Zika Virus

Christian con man Jim Bakker will find any excuse whatsoever to tell people why they should be buying buckets of his (by all accounts) terrible survival food. The latest justification is the Zika virus, though I don't see how buckets of crappy food are going to help anyone should they catch it. … [Read more...]

Dog Eats Pastor’s Pictures from Heaven

A South African "prophet" told his followers that he ascended to heaven and took pictures of it on his cell phone, and if they pay him enough he'll let them see those pictures. But then the government told him that doing so was illegal and suddenly he says those images, and the cell phone, were stolen. … [Read more...]

Bakker: Buy My Buckets of Food Because Terrorists!

Jim Bakker is trying everything he can to get people to buy his buckets full of shitty survival food. His latest marketing pitch is that criminals and terrorists are streaming over the Mexican border. I can only presume that he's urging people to serve them his buckets of food to make them leave again. … [Read more...]

Peter Popoff Exposed by a Former Employee

When James Randi went on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and exposed "faith healer" Peter Popoff as a fraud in 1986, that was really my first introduction to organized skepticism. But Popoff returned in the 90s and found another willing batch of suckers. A former employee has now revealed what she saw on the inside. … [Read more...]

Trump Pastor: There Are No Black People

Pastor Mark Burns, one of the many prosperity gospel preachers supporting Donald Trump (after all, money is way more important than religion to these hucksters), opened for him at a rally in New York and offered up this patently ridiculous bit of nonsense: … [Read more...]

Bakker: Use My Food Buckets as Furniture

Christian con man Jim Bakker is trying really, really hard to sell those buckets of terrible survival food he's been hawking. His latest sales pitch is that you can use them as furniture in your living room until the apocalypse comes and you need to start choking down that vile slop. … [Read more...]

Hulk Hogan Finds God. And Joel Osteen.

How many times have we seen this scenario before? A "celebrity" gets into trouble and has a scandal or two, then suddenly "finds God," with the help of some evangelical shyster. This time it's Hulk Hogan, fresh from his sex tape scandal and getting fired for spouting racist slurs, and the shyster is Joel Osteen. … [Read more...]

Christian Con Artist Opts for Robocall Cold Readings

A self-declared "prophet" has a unique strategy for finding suckers to fleece: Robocalls with cold readings in the text, telling people that he has a prophecy for them involving a "miracle flavor cloud" with "prosperity blessings" just waiting for them if they have any relative with a vowel in their names. … [Read more...]

Evangelist Con Man Supports Political Con Man

Rodney Howard-Browne is a Christian con man. Donald Trump is a political and financial con men. Which explains, perhaps, why Howard-Browne thinks that Trump, if elected, will at least delay the rise of the Anti-Christ, the New World Order, the one-world government and other things that don't actually exist. … [Read more...]

Trump and the Prosperity Gospel Preachers

Infamous Christian fraud Joel Osteen recently endorsed Donald Trump for president, to no one's surprise. While Trump is a controversial figure in evangelical Christian circles, with some supporting him strongly and others condemning him even more strongly, the prosperity gospel preachers absolutely love him. … [Read more...]

Another Mass Moonie Wedding Marries 15,000

Fascist cult leader Rev. Sun Myung Moon may be dead, but the Unification Church he founded is still going. And they're still holding their famous mass weddings of people who often don't even know each other. They had a wedding recently that married 15,000 couples in unholy matrimony. … [Read more...]