TV Evangelist: Trump is a ‘Baby Christian’ But Won’t Talk About It

James Robison, one of the many televangelist con artists on Trump's "spiritual advisory committee," told Gary Dull of the Pennsylvania Pastors Network that Trump is a "baby Christian" hungering for Christ, but he won't talk about it publicly because it'll be used against him. … [Read more...]

Bakker: Trump Is Humble, Weepy and God’s Chosen One

Jim Bakker delivered his usual collection of shitty food and even shittier opinions on his show recently, declaring that Donald Trump is a true man of God but is too humble to show it publicly (yes, you can laugh now) and that God has chosen him to win the election. … [Read more...]

Christian Con Man Predicts Landslide Win for Trump, Civil War If He Doesn’t

Rodney Howard-Brown, the con artist behind the whole "laughing in the spirit" thing that captured the imagination of charismatics 10 or 15 years ago, says that Donald Trump is going to win in a landslide -- and if he doesn't, we'll have another civil war. … [Read more...]

Trump Holds Up Sign From a Bizarre Religious Group

At one of his rallies this week, Donald Trump noticed two signs in the audience. One said Women For Trump and the other said Blacks for Trump. So he got ahold of both signs and held them up. The second, though, was from a group that is bizarre, to say the very least. … [Read more...]

The Truth Comes Out on Barton’s ‘Earned’ PhD

Warren Throckmorton reports that we finally have the truth about David Barton's "earned" PhD. And just as he initially predicted, it's from the totally unaccredited Life Christian University and he didn't have to take a single class or write a single thing. LCU's full statement: … [Read more...]

Trump Faith Leader Not Bothered by New Tape

Ralph Reed, founder of the Faith and Freedom Coalition and the head of Donald Trump's religious advisory board, wasn't the least bit bothered by the release of the new tape showing Donald Trump literally admit to committing sexual assault because he's a "star." … [Read more...]

Bakker: Hillary’s Fainting a Sign of Imminent American Collapse

Jim Bakker has another cockamamie notion that he's pushing to sell more of his crappy buckets of food. He says that the fact that Hillary Clinton got pneumonia and fainted on 9/11 is yet another warning from God that America is going to collapse if she's elected. … [Read more...]

Pentecostals Send Thoughts and Prayers for Donald Trump

The unhinged dumbasses at Charisma magazine and Charisma News are still pushing the claim that God has "anointed" Donald Trump to be president, based on "prophecies" by self-declared "prophets" (read: con artists) like Lance Wallnau. And yet they think prayer will help even more: … [Read more...]

Pat Robertson Kicks It Old School Wingnut

Pat Robertson is apparently having flashbacks to 1982 because he's suddenly started ranting about the evils of Dungeons and Dragons again. As usual, his latest dumbsicle came in response to a question from a viewer. That's when he does his most ingenious work. … [Read more...]

Joyner: Donald Trump is ‘Humble’ and ‘Honest’

Televangelist con man Rick Joyner went on fellow con man Jim Bakker's show and displayed his total disconnection from reality by declaring that while Donald Trump may say outrageous things, he knows for that he is "honest" and "humble." … [Read more...]

Bakker: People who Support the Constitution Being Eliminated

TV evangelist con man and hawker of crappy buckets of good Jim Bakker has a new conspiracy theory. Unnamed agencies are "monitoring" all speech, especially of Christians. Oh, and those who support the Constitution are being eliminated one by one. … [Read more...]

Christian Con Artists Lay Hands on Trump to Ward Off Satan

Donald Trump attended an event at a megachurch in Ohio with a huge group of pastors on Wednesday and they laid hands on him and prayed that God would prevent Satan from getting his greedy little hands on the candidate. One can only imagine how Satan's influence would be any different than what we see now. … [Read more...]