Robertson: I Use Doctors Despite Ability to Heal Because…Err…Uh…


A 700 Club viewer asked Pat Robertson why he went to a surgeon recently to have a mole removed from his skin when he claims to have the ability to heal and constantly tells people that if they have enough faith -- as measured by the amount of money they send to him, of course -- then God will heal them of anything. His answer is a bunch of aimless rambling and babbling. … [Read more...]

Wiles Whiffed on Hurricane Joaquin Prediction Too

Screenshot from Youtube clip

It was amusing to watch all the end times "prophets" and wingnuts seize on the fact that the name Joaquin means something about God (some say "lifted by God" while others say "God established") as proof that Hurricane Joaquin was going to cause massive damage to the United States as God's punishment for everything (they think) he doesn't like. Rick Wiles said it was going to destroy New York City because Congress wouldn't defund Planned Parenthood. … [Read more...]

Rodriguez Loves Him Some Cindy Jacobs


Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, has given his seal of approval to the terminally ridiculous Cindy Jacobs, self-declared "prophet" whose limitless bowl of spaghetti proves how tight she is with God. On his television show recently, he declared that Jacobs is a "legitimate prophet" and "one of the most anointed voices, prophetic voices" speaking for God. … [Read more...]

Wiles Joins the Jim Bakker Marketing Team


Deranged right-wing radio host Rick Wiles has become a regular guest on the TV show of disgraced con man Jim Bakker and it's not hard to discern the reason why. Wiles is continually predicting imminent calamities, none of which ever come true, and this gives Bakker an opportunity to promote all that freeze-dried food and other survival supplies that are his new con game, replacing hotels and amusement parks. … [Read more...]

God Told Bakker to Wear Black Underwear


Disgraced con man and televangelist Jim Bakker claims to talk to God every day, which would explain why all those predictions he made for September about a financial collapse and lots of natural disasters hitting America turned out to be false. But God doesn't just warn him about such things, he tells him what clothes to wear. And those clothes prove that God is really talking to him. … [Read more...]

Time to Stone False Prophet Jim Bakker


As Jonathan Cahn and Mark Blitz wrote books and enthralled the credulous with dramatic tales of impending doom brought on by "blood moons" (read: the plain old moon with some atmospheric effects to change the color we see) and the "Shemitah" year, disgraced felon and con man Jim Bakker got even more specific on his show while pushing his followers to buy his buckets of survival food. He was wrong about everything. … [Read more...]

Russell Moore Says Something Right

Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission is usually rather flagrantly wrong, but I think his response to Donald Trump's utterly ridiculous photo op with a bunch of TV evangelists laying hands on him and praying for him while he tried to pretend to give a shit was spot on. He points out that nearly all of the people there were prosperity gospel preachers. … [Read more...]

Trump Stays Awake While Christian Frauds Pray for Him


One of the rituals that every Republican presidential candidate has to go through these days is having a bunch of con men (and women) TV evangelists lay hands on you and say a prayer. It usually happens in Iowa as the campaign starts, but Donald Trump summoned them all to New York City, where the video shows that he somehow managed to stay awake as a veritable who's who of Christian frauds babbled about him to God. … [Read more...]

Evangelist Claims to Have Raised 35 People From the Dead


Only a few years ago, Todd Bentley, one of those hip new preachers with lots of tattoos and baseball caps, had seen his reputation destroyed after he got divorced, something Jesus frowned upon in the Bible. But now his career has been resurrected, at least partly due to the fact that he claims to have the power to resurrect dead people and claims to have done so at least 35 times. Just don't ask for any evidence for that claim. … [Read more...]

Charisma News Gives Master Class in Excusing a Failed Prophecy

Youtube screenshot

I wrote last week about the failed prophecy from Jonathan Cahn that on the last day of the "shemitah" year, something cataclysmic would happen that would show God's wrath for all of our terrible sins, like treating gay people like human beings. Bob O'Dell at Charisma News follows the script on how to excuse away a total miss on a prophecy by declaring that it did come true, we all just didn't notice. … [Read more...]

One False Doomsday Date Comes and Goes. More to Come.


This month is supposed to be terribly significant, according to a gaggle of end times preachers and writers. As has happened so many times in the past, they've seized on a bunch of "signs" that portend calamity and ran with them. Jonathan Cahn, author of all that "shemitah" nonsense that the Worldnetdaily has been pushing so hard, focused on the date of Sept. 13, which came and went this week with little incident. So of course, he just broadened it out to pretend he was still right. … [Read more...]

Bakker: Buy My Food or Eat Your Babies


"Jim Bakker spells his name with two K's because three would have been too obvious." -- Jeff StilsonDisgraced televangelist con man Jim Bakker isn't selling fraudulent timeshares anymore, he's selling survival food and supplies. And he's telling people that with the impending doom of the last days, if they don't buy his food they'll end up eating their babies! … [Read more...]