Larson Selling ‘Exorcisms’ Over Skype

Bob Larson, the colossal fraud who claims to cast out demons, has found yet another way to bilk the credulous out of their money. He's now offering exorcisms over Skype for a mere $295. And it's all tax-deductible, of course, because it's a ministry. … [Read more...]

Oh Look, Another Megachurch Pastor Caught Having Affairs

Dog bites man, winter is cold, water is wet and -- gasp -- another megachurch pastor has been caught having affairs with women in his church while posing as a paragon of moral virtue and, most amusingly, giving seminars on how to have a healthy marriage. … [Read more...]

Saleem Finds More Suckers in Houston

Kamal Saleem, one of several fake "ex-terrorists" making money on the Christian rubber chicken circuit, seems to have found another group of suckers in the Houston Area Pastor Council, who are paying to bring him down from Michigan to Texas to give his testimony of how Jesus saved him from being a terrorist. … [Read more...]

Pat Robertson’s 2014 Predictions

As he does every year, Pat Robertson went up to his mountaintop retreat and spoke to God, who gave him a long list of predictions for 2014. Of course, two years ago God allegedly told him that Mitt Romney would win the presidency. Hey Pat, were you lying then or was God? … [Read more...]

Kabbalah Centre Sued for Fraud

Well here's a shock. That completely ridiculous kaballah group started by Karen Berg and her family is being sued for fraud after soliciting huge amounts of money to build a headquarters and a charity and then apparently absconding with the money. … [Read more...]

Pentecostal Preachers in Africa Killing HIV-Positive People

Pentecostal preachers in Africa are responsible from some truly vile things, including the witch hunts in Nigeria and Uganda that Leo Igwe bravely battles against. Here's another horrifying example: They're holding "healing services" for people who are infected with HIV and taking their anti-retroviral drugs away from them. … [Read more...]

Con Man Evangelist Paul Crouch Dies

Christian con man Paul Crouch, founder of the Trinity Broadcasting Network, died Saturday, unfortunately not from shame because he clearly didn't have any of that. Crouch was a ghoul, a grief vampire who made himself fabulously rich by fleecing the desperate and the ignorant. And please don't tell me not to speak ill of the dead. I'm saying the same thing about him now that I've always said about him. Death does not magically transform a fraud into someone who should be praised. … [Read more...]

Florida Man Auctions Jesus’ Toenails

Are you a Christian with a foot fetish? If so, a guy in Florida has the Christmas gift for you -- Jesus' toenails. He's selling them on Ebay along with a cockamamie story about how they ended up in his possession. Their condition is listed, naturally, as "used." … [Read more...]

New York ‘Psychic’ Gets Long Prison Sentence

This is the latest in a series of high profile criminal cases being brought against "psychics" for fraud. A con woman from Manhattan has been sentenced to five to fifteen years in prison, which was actually longer than the prosecutors had requested. … [Read more...]

Meet the World’s Most Powerful ‘Witch’

A friend on Facebook pointed me to the amazing website of Kevin Carlyon, who declares himself to be "the high priest of British white witches" and "possibly one of the world's most powerful witches and spellcasters." I like the "possibly" -- you don't want to be too brash about these things, you know. Just reading the first page leaves your jaw agape, starting with this disclaimer: … [Read more...]

WND Cites ‘Expert’ on ‘Demonology’

It's Halloween time and you know what that means. It means we get treated to the bleatings of Christian fundamentalists who think that participating in Halloween opens children (and adults, presumably) up to demonic possession. Whatever the hell that is. The Worldnetdaily is concerned with more than Halloween, though; they're concerned about the popularity of zombies, vampires and other bad beasties. … [Read more...]

Santorum Battles Satan Himself

Rick Santorum is now the CEO of a Christian movie company while in between presidential elections and they've got a new movie out that will undoubtedly earn thousands of dollars at the box office. So he's making the rounds of the Christian TV shows asking people to see the movie because Satan controls the movie industry. And as Right Wing Watch notes, he was complaining about materialism in movies at, of all places, the Trinity Broadcasting Network, home of prosperity gospel preachers getting so … [Read more...]