Wallnau Quickly Atoning for ‘Sin’ of Not Begging for Money

Lance Wallnau is really making up for lost time after "repenting" of the "sin" of not begging people to send him money so he can cover the United States in the blood of the lamb. He's got a fancy new sales pitch -- send him money so he can do a radio show from Washington, DC. … [Read more...]

Bakker: All Hell Opposes Trump Because of His ‘Righteousness’

Add another incredibly stupid statement from televangelist con man Jim Bakker. He says that the forces of hell are rising up in opposition to Donald Trump because he is a model of "righteousness" and God was the one who put him in office. … [Read more...]

Dominionist Repents for Not Begging for Money

Lance Wallnau, an advocate of Seven Mountains Dominionism and self-declared "prophet" who says God told him to support Donald Trump, took to Facebook to repent to his followers for the "sin" of not asking them to send him money. … [Read more...]

Aww Crap. I’ve Picked Up a Demon.

I thought I was safe from demons wanting to possess my soul, mostly by not having a soul, but apparently I was wrong. Professional demon identifier Gordon Klingenschmitt says that I am demon possessed because I've criticized him and other Christians. … [Read more...]

Bakker: God Sent Earthquake to New Zealand After Trump Victory

One of the primary skills of a TV evangelist con man like Jim Bakker is the ability to tie together totally unrelated events to find the hand of God in it all. And he says that God sent an earthquake to hit New Zealand a few days after the election to wake up the church. … [Read more...]

Bakker: Trump Called Me. And I Need Money.

Alex Jones is not the only wingnut con artist Donald Trump called to thank for his support after the election, apparently. If Jim Bakker is to be believed -- a dicey proposition at best -- Trump called him too. And that's why you should send him money. … [Read more...]

Robertson: Sell Demon-Possessed House

Pat Robertson is answering questions from viewers again and that rarely ends well. A woman asked about a friend of hers who lives in a house she thinks is haunted and Robertson told her the woman needs to sell the house immediately and let the new buyers deal with the problem. … [Read more...]

Wildmon: Clinton Would Have Criminalized Christianity

Tim Wildmon of the American Family Association (read: American Bigots Association) says that we're all very lucky that Donald Trump was elected because if Hillary Clinton had gotten into office she would have "weaponized" the federal government to "criminalize" Christianity. … [Read more...]

Bakker: Buy My Crappy Food Before Anti-Trump Riots Explode

Always on the lookout for anything he can blow completely out of proportion to use as a marketing tool for his shitty survival food, TV evangelist con man Jim Bakker now says you should buy his buckets of swill because anti-Trump riots will usher in the last days. … [Read more...]

Joyner: Trump is Compassionate, Honest…Like Jesus’ Apostles

Rick Joyner turned the bullshit up to 11 on a recent edition of his ridiculous TV show on Christian networks, saying that Donald Trump is amazingly compassionate, fears the lord greatly, and -- I love this one -- “one of the most honest people I’ve met." … [Read more...]

Wingnut Pastor Speaks in Tongues to Praise God for Trump’s Victory

Pentecostal preacher John Kilpatrick of Evangel Temple in Meridian, Mississippi gave a sermon after the election praising God for putting Donald Trump into office and defeating that "Jezebel" Hillary Clinton. But you can barely make it out for all the incoherent babbling they call "speaking in tongues." … [Read more...]

Copeland Declares Himself a Conduit from God to Trump

TV evangelist con man Kenneth Copeland is thrilled with the election of Donald Trump as president because he now believes that he will be the conduit between God and Trump. Based on Copeland's previous record, what God says most often is "send me money, suckers." … [Read more...]