Trump Holds Up Sign From a Bizarre Religious Group

At one of his rallies this week, Donald Trump noticed two signs in the audience. One said Women For Trump and the other said Blacks for Trump. So he got ahold of both signs and held them up. The second, though, was from a group that is bizarre, to say the very least. … [Read more...]

Pentecostals Send Thoughts and Prayers for Donald Trump

The unhinged dumbasses at Charisma magazine and Charisma News are still pushing the claim that God has "anointed" Donald Trump to be president, based on "prophecies" by self-declared "prophets" (read: con artists) like Lance Wallnau. And yet they think prayer will help even more: … [Read more...]

Bakker: If Clinton Wins, God Will Punish Us

Jim Bakker has had fellow televangelist con man Rick Joyner on all week and the bullshit has been flying over the airwaves. Bakker said on Wednesday that if Hillary Clinton is elected, God is going to pour out his wrath upon us all for making the wrong choice. … [Read more...]

Pat Robertson Kicks It Old School Wingnut

Pat Robertson is apparently having flashbacks to 1982 because he's suddenly started ranting about the evils of Dungeons and Dragons again. As usual, his latest dumbsicle came in response to a question from a viewer. That's when he does his most ingenious work. … [Read more...]

Klingenschmitt ‘Discerns’ the Demon Possessing Hillary Clinton

Our old pal Gordon Klingenschmitt is back to discerning which demons are possessing which people. This time it's Hillary Clinton, who is apparently possessed by a "demonic, evil spirit of hatred." Sounds like a case for the Ghostbusters. … [Read more...]

Christian Con Artists Lay Hands on Trump to Ward Off Satan

Donald Trump attended an event at a megachurch in Ohio with a huge group of pastors on Wednesday and they laid hands on him and prayed that God would prevent Satan from getting his greedy little hands on the candidate. One can only imagine how Satan's influence would be any different than what we see now. … [Read more...]

King: Hillary to ‘Usher in the Antichrist’

So in the last week we've had Hillary Clinton as the Antichrist or an Illuminati witch, we've had her moved by the "spirit of the Antichrist," and now we have Alveda King, who must be a terrible embarrassment to the family of MLK, claiming that she wants to "usher in the Antichrist." … [Read more...]

Wallnau Offers ‘Prophecy’ About Donald Trump

Lance Wallnau, a self-declared "prophet" and one of the most prominent advocates of Seven Mountains Dominionism, says God gave him a "prophecy" that He has sent Donald Trump to lead America in a war against "destructive spirits." … [Read more...]

Hillary Clinton: Antichrist or Illuminati Witch?

Jennifer LeClaire, editor of Charisma News, never fails to crack me up. She's so earnest while spouting some of the most ridiculous nonsense imaginable. In her latest column she asks, in all seriousness, whether Hillary Clinton is the Antichrist or just a lowly Illuminati Witch. … [Read more...]

When Black Nationalism Meets Sovereign Citizen Nonsense

The man who killed three cops and wounded three others in Baton Rouge has been identified. His name is Gavin Long and it turns out that he's a rather unusual mix of afrocentrism, black nationalism and the sovereign citizen movement. I've actually dealt with some of these people before. … [Read more...]

LeClaire Blames Orlando Massacre on ‘Jezebel Spirit’

I so love it when Jennifer LeClaire goes all Gordon Klingenschmitt and starts naming demons and spirits. Gordo can tell you which demons control which people, but LeClaire will tell you which ones control specific places. And her go-to demon is the "Jezebel spirit," which apparently caused the Orlando massacre. … [Read more...]

I’m So Glad Jennifer LeClaire Cleared That Up

The terminally ridiculous Jennifer LeClaire, editor of Charisma News, actually wrote a whole column seeking to explain why so many people think Madonna is the Antichrist. But she's not, LeClaire assures us. I feel so much better about it, don't you? … [Read more...]