When Black Nationalism Meets Sovereign Citizen Nonsense

The man who killed three cops and wounded three others in Baton Rouge has been identified. His name is Gavin Long and it turns out that he's a rather unusual mix of afrocentrism, black nationalism and the sovereign citizen movement. I've actually dealt with some of these people before. … [Read more...]

LeClaire Blames Orlando Massacre on ‘Jezebel Spirit’

I so love it when Jennifer LeClaire goes all Gordon Klingenschmitt and starts naming demons and spirits. Gordo can tell you which demons control which people, but LeClaire will tell you which ones control specific places. And her go-to demon is the "Jezebel spirit," which apparently caused the Orlando massacre. … [Read more...]

I’m So Glad Jennifer LeClaire Cleared That Up

The terminally ridiculous Jennifer LeClaire, editor of Charisma News, actually wrote a whole column seeking to explain why so many people think Madonna is the Antichrist. But she's not, LeClaire assures us. I feel so much better about it, don't you? … [Read more...]

‘Witches’ Cast Hex on Stanford Rapist

Look, we're all upset over the Stanford swimmer who got only six months for raping an unconscious women, and rightly so. But this may be the most ludicrous, idiotic response I've heard of. A group of "witches" have cast an impotency hex on him to prevent him from raping again. … [Read more...]

Klingenschmitt Wants to Do an Exorcism on Caitlyn Jenner

Gordon Klingenschmitt, identifier of demons far and wide, says that he has diagnosed Caitlyn Jenner with a "spirit of insanity" that has confused her about her gender identity. And he thinks she needs an exorcism to get rid of it. … [Read more...]

More on Trump’s New ‘Liaison for Christian Policy’

Right Wing Watch has been digging into the background of Donald Trump's newly announced "liaison for Christian policy," Frank Amedia, and finding some really fun stuff. He's a lot like Pat Robertson, apparently, in that he thinks he can pray away hurricanes and tsunamis. … [Read more...]

Terrible Preacher Hits Topeka School

This video is hilarious. Some woman showed up at a Topeka high school to preach at students as they left and she just shouted the lyrics to God's Not Dead at them. Since she's from Topeka, I have to wonder if she's got some association with the Westboro Baptist Church or not. … [Read more...]

Temple Replica Could Open a Portal to Evil!

Okay, this is my favorite reaction to the totally unremarkable tour of a replica of the entrance to an ancient pagan temple that was destroyed by ISIS. A hysteric named Michael Snyder writes at Charisma News that this could actually open up a portal to...well, to something evil and Satanic. … [Read more...]

Hulk Hogan Finds God. And Joel Osteen.

How many times have we seen this scenario before? A "celebrity" gets into trouble and has a scandal or two, then suddenly "finds God," with the help of some evangelical shyster. This time it's Hulk Hogan, fresh from his sex tape scandal and getting fired for spouting racist slurs, and the shyster is Joel Osteen. … [Read more...]

Hindu Extremists Attempt Suicide. Over a Cow.

The cow-worshiping behavior of Hindu nationalist extremists in India continues to get more and more bizarre. A group of them are demanding that the cow be named the "mother of the nation," and to reinforce their point they decided to attempt suicide by ingesting poison. Apparently, someone bothered to try and stop them. … [Read more...]

Update on the Franklin, TN GSA Battle

I've written a couple times about the furor at Franklin County High School in Tennessee over the formation of a Gay-Straight Alliance club. A bunch of bigots in the community want it shut down, predictably, and the school board is playing ridiculous games with it to pander to them. Here's an update on the situation. … [Read more...]

Oh Boy, a Curse on Martin Shkreli

I know the whole country despises pharma bro price gouger Martin Shkreli, but a group of "witches" from Brooklyn is "taking action" -- that is to say, mumbling some irrelevant words they consider to be curses -- against him. Because that's sure to do the trick, don't you think? … [Read more...]