Wallnau: Witchcraft is Hurting Trump’s Family!

Christian con man and Trump sycophant Lance Wallnau (also a self-declared prophet) says that prayers are working to protect Trump from spells cast by "witches," but now those spells are bouncing off him and on to his family. So you have to pray for them too, you know. … [Read more...]

Howard-Browne Prays to Stop Secret Plot Against Trump

Christian fraud Rodney Howard-Browne, who claims a fake PhD from Life Christian University, says that he went to the White House to pray over Donald Trump because he has secret knowledge of a "planned attack" on Trump, but of course he can't be any more specific than that. … [Read more...]

Apparently, Jesus Was Full of Gluten

The doctrine of transubstantiation has always been one of the most ridiculous ideas in all of religion, but the Catholic Church seems intent on making it even sillier. They've now banned the use of gluten-free communion wafers because it evidently can't really become the body of Christ. … [Read more...]

It’s a Spice Girl Miracle!

Geri Halliwell, aka Ginger Spice, is being held up as evidence of a miracle by God because she prayed that she would get pregnant at 44 years old and she did. There was nothing wrong with her, no reason she wouldn't be able to conceive, but she and Faithwire are just sure God made it happen. … [Read more...]

Woman Goes to Hell, Sees Michael Jackson

Disclose.tv, a site of rather dubious credibility, calls attention to a Youtube video of a woman who says she died and spent 24 hours in hell with Jesus as her tour guide. There she saw her own relatives, Pope John Paul II and, of course, Michael Jackson. … [Read more...]

‘Prophet’: God Will Protect Trump

Johnny Enlow, one of the founders of Seven Mountains Dominionism and another self-declared "prophet," recounts a "prophecy" he said awoke him in the middle of the night. He actually quotes God talking directly to him, declaring that he will protect Donald Trump, the man he sent to save the world. … [Read more...]

The Limitless Possibilities of Religious Rationalization

An 11-year old girl just a short distance from where I live was shot by a stray bullet that was apparently fired from a shooting range. Thankfully, she was hit in the shoulder and she's recovering after surgery and should be fine. But listen to her parents' bizarre rationalization of it: … [Read more...]

The Battle of Silly Superstitions

I find this battle between "witches" seeking to "bind" Trump from doing bad things with their "spells" and the furious reaction from the Christian right to be endlessly amusing. The Worldnetdaily reacts with joy that a ritual got rained out at Trump Tower the other day. … [Read more...]

‘Witches’ Cast ‘Spell’ on Trump

From the Department of Completely Useless Gestures: A group of "witches" got together to cast a "mass spell" on Donald Trump that would "bind him" from doing any harm and remove him from office. In related news, I decided to cross my fingers and say jinx to do the same thing. They will be equally effective. … [Read more...]

Wallnau: Trump Threw Witchcraft Out of the White House

Professional con artist and self-declared "prophet" Lance Wallnau is still blathering on about Donald Trump and how he was put in power to destroy Satan and blah blah blah. Apparently the White House was full of witchcraft and Trump cleansed the place by his very presence. … [Read more...]

Wiles Has a ‘Gut Feeling’ Obama is Orchestrating a Marxist Coup

Rick Wiles, the utterly deranged right-wing radio host, thinks that Barack Obama is secretly orchestrating all these protests against Trump as part of a Marxist coup to overthrow the government. His evidence? He has a "gut feeling." … [Read more...]

It’s That Jezebel Spirit Again

You didn't think Jennifer LeClaire was going to let all the other Christian right fantasists have all the fun in babbling about the "Jezebel spirit" and the women's marches to protest Trump. She got Landon Schott to write about it for Charisma News. … [Read more...]