You Know What the World Needs Now? More ‘Exorcists’

The Catholic Church is concerned -- very concerned -- that they don't have enough "exorcists" to cast "demons" out of people now that an "army" of demons has used drugs and porn to possess vast numbers of people. Bob Larson to the white courtesy phone! … [Read more...]

Aww Crap. I’ve Picked Up a Demon.

I thought I was safe from demons wanting to possess my soul, mostly by not having a soul, but apparently I was wrong. Professional demon identifier Gordon Klingenschmitt says that I am demon possessed because I've criticized him and other Christians. … [Read more...]

Wingnut: ‘Rabbis’ Think Trump May Be the Messiah

Jim Bakker had a parade of end times preachers and babblers on his show, including a guy named Tom Horn, who claimed that unspecified "rabbis" believe Donald Trump to be either the long-awaited messiah or the forerunner to the messiah (think John the Baptist rather than Jesus). … [Read more...]

Klingenschmitt Sniffs Out More Demons

Those demons can run but they can't hide from the indefatigable Gordon Klingenschmitt. He will name and shame them wherever he finds them and he's found them in control of executives from Zales Jewelry because they had a lesbian couple in a commercial. … [Read more...]

Pizzagate = The Return of the Satanic Panic

Jay Michaelson at the Daily Beast writes that the ridiculous furor over Pizzagate is another instance of the Satanic panic that gripped the country in the 80s, when everyone, it seemed, was being accused of being in league with the devil. … [Read more...]

Wingnut Pastor Speaks in Tongues to Praise God for Trump’s Victory

Pentecostal preacher John Kilpatrick of Evangel Temple in Meridian, Mississippi gave a sermon after the election praising God for putting Donald Trump into office and defeating that "Jezebel" Hillary Clinton. But you can barely make it out for all the incoherent babbling they call "speaking in tongues." … [Read more...]

Harvey: Feminist Seminary Class Just Like a Concentration Camp

Linda Harvey, an absolutely unhinged anti-gay bigot, told the story of taking a class in seminary from a feminist professor. It was so horrifying for her that she says it was "like a concentration camp." Thankfully she was rescued by a plucky band of POWs led by Colonel Hogan. … [Read more...]

Wallnau: Liberals Use Witchcraft on Conservatives!

From the Annals of WTF: Self-declared "prophet" Lance Wallnau, who now has his head so far up Donald Trump's posterior that he knows what he had for breakfast, told Jim Bakker that liberals are using witchcraft to attack conservatives. I think was an episode of Charmed, wasn't it? … [Read more...]

Trump Holds Up Sign From a Bizarre Religious Group

At one of his rallies this week, Donald Trump noticed two signs in the audience. One said Women For Trump and the other said Blacks for Trump. So he got ahold of both signs and held them up. The second, though, was from a group that is bizarre, to say the very least. … [Read more...]

Pentecostals Send Thoughts and Prayers for Donald Trump

The unhinged dumbasses at Charisma magazine and Charisma News are still pushing the claim that God has "anointed" Donald Trump to be president, based on "prophecies" by self-declared "prophets" (read: con artists) like Lance Wallnau. And yet they think prayer will help even more: … [Read more...]

Bakker: If Clinton Wins, God Will Punish Us

Jim Bakker has had fellow televangelist con man Rick Joyner on all week and the bullshit has been flying over the airwaves. Bakker said on Wednesday that if Hillary Clinton is elected, God is going to pour out his wrath upon us all for making the wrong choice. … [Read more...]

Pat Robertson Kicks It Old School Wingnut

Pat Robertson is apparently having flashbacks to 1982 because he's suddenly started ranting about the evils of Dungeons and Dragons again. As usual, his latest dumbsicle came in response to a question from a viewer. That's when he does his most ingenious work. … [Read more...]