Swanson: Hillary Clinton Will Turn a Majority of Kids Gay!

Kevin Swanson, the deranged bigot who wants gay people put to death, not only thinks that Girl Scout cookies and the movie Frozen turn kids gay, but that if Hillary Clinton is elected president, she'll turn the vast majority of American kids gay. Because apparently that's all it takes to make someone gay. The mere act of being elected will instantaneously turn kids gay. … [Read more...]

Woman Prays Tornado Away to Kill Other People

Pat Robertson once claimed to have prayed away a hurricane from Virginia Beach and made it turn north, where it hit New Jersey and New York instead and did billions of dollars in damage. Now a woman in Rowlett, Texas claims that she used the power of God to command the tornado that hit there Christmas day to hit somewhere else instead. Eight people were killed. … [Read more...]

Manning Taunts Protesters With Bigoted Slurs

I'm sure you all remember James David Manning, the utterly deranged pastor from Harlem who thinks, among other bizarre things, that Starbucks puts gay semen into their lattes. A group of people protested outside his church and he responded to them in the kind, thoughtful manner to which we are accustomed. Just kidding. He screamed bigoted slurs at them, including, bizarrely, calling them "niggers." … [Read more...]

Fischer Prays to Stop Obama from Listening to Satan

Bryan Fischer thinks that Satan is whispering naughty thoughts to President Obama, giving him an agenda. Unlike Gordon Klingenschmitt, he doesn't think Obama is possessed by demons, but he's quite concerned about the president being unduly influenced by the Evil One. So what does he do about it? Well, he prays of course. Because praying has worked so well so far. … [Read more...]

The Worldnetdaily’s Weird New Bible

Longtime Friend of Dispatches Richard Bartholomew points out that the Worldnetdaily is now selling a Bible that most orthodox Christians would consider to be highly heretical. It isn't just a new translation, it contains a bunch of other non-canonical books and an additional chapter at the end of Acts, a known forgery created by weirdos who think the British are the "lost tribes of Israel." … [Read more...]

The Feuerstein/Starbucks Cups Story Gets Even Dumber

I know, I know, it hardly seems possible that Josh Feuerstein's anti-boycott of Starbucks over their plain red holiday cups, which apparently show how much they hate Christianity, could get any weirder or more stupid. But it has. After encouraging people not to boycott Starbucks but to go to Starbucks, order coffee and tell them your name is Merry Christmas, his website now has an article about the evil things you support by going to Starbucks. … [Read more...]

Priests for Life Creates Novena to Win Supreme Court Case

One of the several cases challenging the secondary accommodation to the contraception mandate in the Affordable Care Act involves the group Priests for Life. That group is now seeking a little divine help in the case, creating a novena -- a series of nine prayers to be said on consecutive days -- for their Catholic followers to recite in order to get the big guy to rig the result of the case. … [Read more...]

Elsa from Frozen is Satan’s Handmaiden

Among the more bizarre things said at this past weekend's "religious liberties" conference was a strong attack on the movie Frozen. I haven't seen that movie, since I have no kids, but I'm pretty sure Elsa is not the devil's handmaiden leading young girls to hell. I'm also pretty sure that the song Let It Go, annoying as it may be, is not “Satan’s rebellion anthem." … [Read more...]

Swanson: God Will Destroy Us for Harry Potter

Kevin Swanson, the utterly deranged preacher who thinks gay people should be murdered, was one of the speakers at his own "religious liberties" conference, where three presidential candidates were happy to speak despite Swanson's desire to see gay people murdered (imagine if he wanted Jews murdered, you think Cruz, Huckabee and Jindal would have been there?). And he said that God is going to destroy America because a Harry Potter character was gay. … [Read more...]

Gordo Is Seeing Demons Again

Our old pal Gordon Klingenschmitt, aka the Demon Whisperer, is "discerning" demons again. In a typically ridiculous rant on his Pray in Jesus Name internet show, ol' Gordo discerns all of the various demons that are currently possessing the leadership of Planned Parenthood. Personally, I think Klingenschmitt is possessed by the demon of making me laugh my ass off. … [Read more...]

Toledo Mayoral Candidate: God Will Destroy City if I’m Not Elected

A woman running for mayor of Toledo for the 5th time says that she won the vote last time and that if she doesn't get what she has earned -- the seat -- this time around, God is going to visit great destruction upon the city. Oh, and she said this while speaking in tongues, aka babbling like an idiot. Oh, and she's a self-declared "prophetess" as well. … [Read more...]

Oh Good, More Signs of Witchcraft

The hilariously goofy Jennifer LeClaire, editor of Charisma News, is back with three more "sure signs" that you're being attacked by witchcraft. And just like the first five, they're just ordinary, mundane, everyday things like feeling frustrated, or getting sick, or feeling tired. Because we can't possibly explain those things in any other way, it simply must be witchcraft. … [Read more...]