Temple Replica Could Open a Portal to Evil!

Okay, this is my favorite reaction to the totally unremarkable tour of a replica of the entrance to an ancient pagan temple that was destroyed by ISIS. A hysteric named Michael Snyder writes at Charisma News that this could actually open up a portal to...well, to something evil and Satanic. … [Read more...]

Hulk Hogan Finds God. And Joel Osteen.

How many times have we seen this scenario before? A "celebrity" gets into trouble and has a scandal or two, then suddenly "finds God," with the help of some evangelical shyster. This time it's Hulk Hogan, fresh from his sex tape scandal and getting fired for spouting racist slurs, and the shyster is Joel Osteen. … [Read more...]

Hindu Extremists Attempt Suicide. Over a Cow.

The cow-worshiping behavior of Hindu nationalist extremists in India continues to get more and more bizarre. A group of them are demanding that the cow be named the "mother of the nation," and to reinforce their point they decided to attempt suicide by ingesting poison. Apparently, someone bothered to try and stop them. … [Read more...]

Update on the Franklin, TN GSA Battle

I've written a couple times about the furor at Franklin County High School in Tennessee over the formation of a Gay-Straight Alliance club. A bunch of bigots in the community want it shut down, predictably, and the school board is playing ridiculous games with it to pander to them. Here's an update on the situation. … [Read more...]

Oh Boy, a Curse on Martin Shkreli

I know the whole country despises pharma bro price gouger Martin Shkreli, but a group of "witches" from Brooklyn is "taking action" -- that is to say, mumbling some irrelevant words they consider to be curses -- against him. Because that's sure to do the trick, don't you think? … [Read more...]

God Saves Inanimate Objects Over People

And here we have yet another story where some terrible, deadly event happens but everyone is inspired to praise the lord because some inanimate Christian objects survived. In this case, a storm system killed seven people but three wooden crosses were left standing so IT'S A MIRACLE! PRAISE GOD! … [Read more...]

LeClaire: Christians are Putting Demonic Curses on Me!

Jennifer LeClaire, editor of Charisma News, is what we might call "reality-challenged." Her connection to the real world is tenuous if it exists at all. Instead, she lives in a world of goblins and witches and demons, with whom she courageously battles every day. And even her fellow Christians are cursing her with sickness now! … [Read more...]

The Limitlessness of Supernatural Explanations

The Christian right loves to claim a supernatural cause to entirely mundane, natural events. Hurricanes and earthquakes are obviously the result of sin, God is punishing us for (fill in the blank). And so Rick Wiles informs us that the Zika virus is a result of Mexicans "worshiping death." … [Read more...]

Pope Sends Out ‘Super Confessors’ to Hear Super Sins

Pope Francis has dispatched hundreds of "super confessors" around the world to take confession of really super serious sins. Apparently there are some sins that can only be absolved by like level three clerics with extra strong powers of absolution because a normal priest would be killed merely by hearing them. … [Read more...]

Donald Trump is Demonic!

Our old friend Gordon Klingenschmitt has a guest column on his website from a guy named Andre Traversa, who seems a good match for him. He's a big Ted Cruz fan and he's decided that Donald Trump's attacks on Cruz are proof that he's possessed by demons. I'm sure he and Gordon have names for them. … [Read more...]

Harvey on Abortion and Noah’s Ark

I am always amused when Christians invoke the utterly ridiculous Noah's Ark story from the Bible as if it were a real thing. Extreme anti-gay bigot Linda Harvey's latest Worldnetdaily column, which is about abortion instead of The Gay, makes the argument that the "march for life" really began way back at Noah's Ark when Noah obeyed God and was spared. … [Read more...]

Swanson: Hillary Clinton Will Turn a Majority of Kids Gay!

Kevin Swanson, the deranged bigot who wants gay people put to death, not only thinks that Girl Scout cookies and the movie Frozen turn kids gay, but that if Hillary Clinton is elected president, she'll turn the vast majority of American kids gay. Because apparently that's all it takes to make someone gay. The mere act of being elected will instantaneously turn kids gay. … [Read more...]