Ee’s Not Dead, Ee’s Resting

The richest guru in India died of a heart attack in January. Doctors have declared him dead. But his followers insist that he isn't dead, he's just in an incredibly deep state of meditation. So deep that he has no heartbeat or brain activity and has to be kept in a freezer. … [Read more...]

The ‘I Used to Be a Skeptic’ Pose

One of the standard rhetorical forms we hear from some types of Christians (and wooey new agers too) is how they used to be such a serious unbeliever, a thoroughgoing skeptic, but they just couldn't resist the truth (often "Truth") any longer. A new study shows that this is very effective in convincing people of the validity of your claims: … [Read more...]

Another Uncomfortable Bible Passage

When people ask me why I'm no longer a Christian, I often say "because I read the Bible." I'm not just being snarky, I mean it literally. If I hadn't read the Bible so much, I may have stayed a Christian. But it contains so many passages that are appalling and/or ridiculous that I simply could not believe it any longer. Here's a perfect example, from Numbers 5: … [Read more...]

Pope Fluffy and the Devil

Paul Fidalgo has taken to calling Pope Francis I "Pope Fluffy." Personally, I've liked a lot of the things he's said and done and found him mostly, though not entirely, refreshing. But he apparently has a bit of an obsession with the devil, the most convenient myth in Christianity. … [Read more...]

God Intervenes to Save a Church

Fox News has discovered genuine divine intervention. The same God who apparently can't be bothered to save millions of starving and diseased children did take time out of his busy day to stop a boulder from crashing through a church in Massachusetts. … [Read more...]

Muslim Exorcism Kills Man in Pakistan

Did you know that Muslims have exorcisms just like Christians do? I didn't. But an attempt to free a man of "demonic possession" in Pakistan using smoke ended with that man dead and the man who performed the exorcism facing possible criminal charges. … [Read more...]

Christianity Today on Female Masturbation

Christianity Today has a whole section dedicated to women. It's called Her.meneutics. Get it? That's hilarious. And they're letting all the women folk know the real reason they feel compelled to masturbate (because apparently "it feels good" is too obvious an explanation). … [Read more...]

Hagee: Blood Moons Start of End Times

Early Tuesday morning we had the first of four "blood moons" -- eclipses where atmospheric conditions make the moon look blood red -- and a whole bunch of Christian conservatives of the premillenial variety have been heralding it as the sign of...well, something really important. John Hagee is one of them. … [Read more...]

Polish Priest Says Legos are Evil

From the same people that brought you gay Teletubbies and Disney movies that turn your kids over to Satan comes a brand new ridiculous bit of fear-mongering. A Catholic priest in Poland has declared that Legos are evil and turn kids on to "sin and occultism." … [Read more...]

It’s Another Worldnetdaily Adverticle

Hey look, the Worldnetdaily has another adverticle -- an advertisement disguised as an article -- for a book they're pushing hard and profiting from. The absurd hook for the story is that the author is going to appear on Fox News as an "expert" on Noah's Ark. … [Read more...]

What Your Tax Dollars Are Paying to Teach

Katie Halper has an article about some of the more bizarre things taught in private religious schools that receive tax dollars through state voucher problems. In addition to the usual creationist nonsense that has been exposed a million times, some of the history being taught is quite absurd. Like this one: … [Read more...]

Ham: Eternal Torment An Act of Grace and Mercy

Sometimes I'm just astonished by how fundamentalist Christians use words. They seem to be like Humpty Dumpty, declaring that words can mean whatever they want them to mean. A perfect example is Ken Ham's claim that God is going to burn Bill Maher (and the rest of us heathens, of course) in a lake of fire for eternity because he's merciful. … [Read more...]