The Anti-Choice Onslaught Continues

Since taking control of many state legislatures in 2010 because of the Tea Party movement, Republicans have waged a relentless assault on reproductive rights, passing over 200 bills from 2011 to 2013. Think Progress has a list of some new bills that will only make things worse: … [Read more...]

Pharmacist Files Suit Over Firing

A pharmacist who was fired for refusing to sell Plan B contraception is suing Walgreens for wrongful dismissal from his job in Jamestown, Tennessee. He's represented by the Thomas More Society (not to be confused with the Thomas More Law Center). Their press release: … [Read more...]

Abortion Clinic Bomber Wanted for Attempted Child Molestation

Curtis Anton Beseda, an infamous abortion clinic bomber from the state of Washington, is being sought by the police in Snohomish, Washington for groping an 11 year old girl and trying to lure her out of a department store. The Seattle Times reports: … [Read more...]

Morse’s Dishonest Framing

Jennifer Roback Morse of the Ruth Institute, an affiliate of the National Organization for Marriage, has an interview with the National Catholic Register that shows just how utterly dishonest wingnuts can be in framing the issues they care about. Some of the rhetoric is simply inane: … [Read more...]

Huckabee’s Contraception Mandate

I kept seeing references to "Huckabee v Huckabee" on the subject of contraception mandates but I didn't bother to look because I figured it was just that Huckabee had said something in support of contraception at some point. Turns out that he actually signed such a mandate into law in Arkansas, one that had fewer protections for "religious freedom" than Obama's law. … [Read more...]

Abortion? Nope. It’s All About Controlling Female Sexuality

Amanda Marcotte has an article at Reproductive Health Reality Check that says what I've been saying for a long time, that the anti-abortion crowd is not really concerned about abortion as much as they are about controlling female sexuality. She says it more eloquently than I do, of course. The jumping off point is this new "study" put out by the Family Research Council. … [Read more...]

CO Legislators Want to Make Abortion a Felony

Republican legislators around the country, emboldened by the fact that they've passed more than 200 anti-choice bills in the last three years and hopeful that the Supreme Court might uphold even the most draconian laws, are getting more aggressive. In Colorado, a bill has been introduced that would make abortion a felony for doctors to perform. … [Read more...]

Wingnut: Restricting Abortion Creates Jobs!

Rep. Bob Goodlatte of Virginia is apparently tired of seeing Michele Bachmann, Steve King and Louis Gohmert hog the spotlight in the House Wingnut Caucus and he's staking his claim to more attention. During a hearing on yet another anti-choice bill he said that women having more babies will create jobs: … [Read more...]

Wingnuts: Anti-Gay and Anti-Choice Woos Women, Young Voters

Because being an extremist means never, ever reevaluating your positions or allowing them to be challenged by actual evidence, the anti-gay and anti-choice folks from the American Principles Project actually thinks that they'll win over young voters and women voters by being more anti-gay and more anti-choice. … [Read more...]

Our Increasingly Non-Existent Reproductive Rights

Over the last few years Republican-controlled legislatures have passed hundreds of laws designed to make the right to choose an abortion die by a thousand cuts. Lindsay Beyerstein writes about how effective this has been in Texas, where in wide swaths of the state this right exists in name only, not in reality. … [Read more...]

Explaining the Contraception Mandate Cases

Marty Lederman has a couple of posts at Jack Balkin's blog that really help explain the details of the seemingly endless number of lawsuits filed against the contraception mandate in the Affordable Care Act. There are two different kinds of suits, those filed by religious non-profit organizations and those filed by for-profit companies with religious owners. The ACA has different requirements for those two types of plaintiffs. And there are actually different rules for two different types of … [Read more...]

Barton: Cuccinelli Not Anti-Choice Enough

One of the ways you can tell that someone is an extremist is when virtually no one else is every pure enough for them. Ken Cuccinelli is one of the most anti-choice politicians imaginable, supporting mandatory invasive ultrasounds for women seeking abortions and advocating for the complete outlawing of abortion. But for David Barton, if he'd just been more anti-choice, he would have been elected governor of Virginia. What was left, killing abortion doctors and bombing clinics? … [Read more...]