Santorum Tells Lies ‘In His Heart’

One of the bizarre things Rick Santorum has made an issue of is claiming that involuntary euthanasia is so rampant in the Netherlands that the elderly avoid going to hospitals because they're afraid they'll be killed. That's a lie, of course, and when Santorum spokesperson Alice Stewart was asked about it by a Dutch reporter, she babbled like an idiot. Unable to defend those lies, she just kept repeating that Santorum is a "strong pro-life person" and that he believes those lies "in his heart." … [Read more...]

Misunderstanding Assisted Suicide

I reported a couple weeks ago on a new report that shows that there has been no slippery slope from voluntary to involuntary euthanasia in those states and countries where the former has been legalized. Now Douglas Noble at the British Medical Journal seems to miss the point entirely in trying to characterize those who seek to allow people to choose to end their suffering: … [Read more...]