Hillary Was Going to Turn Every Church Into a Mosque!

"Coach" Dave Daubenmire has managed to find someone as paranoid and ridiculous as he is, the so-called "firefighter prophet" Mark Taylor, who claims God told him Trump was going to become president back in 2011. Listen to this raving bit of inanity: … [Read more...]

Right Wing Flips Out Over Plan to Combat Anti-Muslim Bullying

Studies show that Muslim students in our schools face bigotry and bullying at an incredibly high rate, so the San Diego schools decided to launch a program to curb such behavior. Naturally, the right is freaking out about this "takeover" by "Sharia law." … [Read more...]

Bakker: Buy My Crappy Food Because Muslims

Jim Bakker's latest hysterical pitch for his crappy buckets of survival food is to claim that Muslims are going to begin murdering Christians here in America when they take over. And you wouldn't want to not have some day-glo freeze-dried mac and cheese in you when you get murdered, would you? … [Read more...]

The Amazing Chutzpah of Alex Jones

As the world laughs heartily at his ridiculous statements and behavior during the custody trial following a divorce, Alex Jones has the incredible chutzpah to issue a statement asking the media to be "respectful and responsible" in their coverage of it. … [Read more...]

Wiles: Trump Under ‘House Arrest’ by ‘Deep State’

Raving paranoiac Rick Wiles is tying it all together and blaming it on a conveniently vague boogeyman. He says the firing of Bill O'Reilly was engineered by the "deep state" (whatever that is), which has also put Trump under "house arrest" and is trying to destroy Alex Jones. … [Read more...]

Root: Trump is Wildly Popular, Won a Landslide

Wayne Allyn Root, who seems to be attached to Donald Trump like a Tom Thumb condom, says that all the polls are wrong except one and that Trump is really wildly popular, at least with the only people who matter (businessmen, of course). … [Read more...]

Shoebat: Fox Fired O’Reilly to Make Room for Gay Nazis

Rabid, violent bigot Theodore Shoebat says he doesn't think Bill O'Reilly sexually harassed anyone at all. In fact, he says the only reason Fox News fired him is so they could make room to hire gay Nazis in his place. Wait, what? Yep, he said that. … [Read more...]

Jones: Soros to Blame for Strong Marijuana

Alex Jones took the witness stand at his custody trial and much hilarity ensued. Charlie Warzel of Buzzfeed is in the courtroom and live-tweeting the testimony, then writing about it on Buzzfeed. His ex-wife's attorney started by asking his highly amusing question: … [Read more...]

Beck Still Insists Alharbi was Money Man in Marathon Bombing

Glenn Beck keeps telling everyone that he's turned over a new leaf and is sorry for his past actions, yet he still insists that Saudi student Abdulrahman Alharbi, a Saudi student who was injured in the Boston Marathon bombing, was the "money man" behind the attack, despite having to settle a defamation suit with him. … [Read more...]

Alex Jones’ Custody Trial is Quite Ridiculous

Reading reports of the ongoing custody trial involving right-wing conspiracy nut Alex Jones and his ex-wife is highly entertaining. It started with his lawyer declaring him to be a performance artist, then Jones saying that's not true. And it just goes downhill from there: … [Read more...]

Jones: I’m Not a Fake!

You knew this was coming. While his lawyer is arguing in court that he's really just a "performance artist," Alex Jones is trying to insulate himself from that claim. He recorded a video on the way to court for the custody hearing disputing the very position he's taking in court. … [Read more...]

Christian is the New Black

CJ Conner, pastor of Christ the King Lutheran Church in Dodge City, Kansas, has released an open letter to Donald Trump begging him to protect the rights of Christians. Christians, he says, are the new blacks. Virtually everything he says in the letter is false. … [Read more...]