The Staggering Hypocrisy of Newt Gingrich

If you need further proof of what a slimy hack and hypocrite Newt Gingrich is, just look at what he said at the National Press Club on Friday. In defending Trump, he said that a president cannot obstruct justice. Bill Clinton to the white courtesy phone. … [Read more...]

Hannity Blames Soros, Democrats for Scalise Shooting

And the total lack of irony continues. Sean Hannity predictably blamed the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise on Democrats and George Soros for "dehumanizing" conservatives. He said this about a week after presenting Eric Trump to say that his dad's critics aren't even human, which is literal dehumanization. … [Read more...]

Savage Wants Trump to Take Over the Media

Proto-fascist Michael Savage, one of the Donald's most zealous fans, wants Trump to take over the news media in the wake of the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise. Because it's totally the media's fault, dontchaknow. They're just so darned liberal! … [Read more...]

Hey Newt, Remember This?

Newt Gingrich said the other day that Congress should abolish all special counsels now that one of them is investigating Donald Trump. So let's set the wayback machine for 1998, when a special counsel was investigating Bill Clinton: … [Read more...]

Trump: We Must Stop Leaks That Don’t Exist!

Donald Trump is back in the country and off the busy schedule that kept him regimented, so you know what that means: Fire up the Twitter machine! He was back at it Sunday morning with a series of tweets in which, as usual, he tries to have it both ways. … [Read more...]

The Fittest Man Ever to Occupy the White House

At the end of the G7 summit, as the other world leaders walked a little less than half a mile through the streets of Sicily, Donald Trump had to take a golf cart because he didn't have the stamina and energy to keep up with the rest of them. … [Read more...]

Gianforte Wins House Seat After Assaulting Reporter

As many predicted, violent right-wing thug Greg Gianforte won his election for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives only 24 hours after being arrested for violently assaulting a reporter from the Guardian newspaper for asking him pesky questions. … [Read more...]

When Hannity Thought It Was Irresponsible to Push Seth Rich Conspiracy

Media Matters turns the clock back to last summer, in the heat of the presidential campaign, when DNC staffer Seth Rich was murdered in a robbery gone wrong. Back then, when it wasn't crucial to defending someone he supports, he said it was irresponsible to suggest the DNC or Clinton had anything to do with it: … [Read more...]

Mulvaney’s Hypocritical Use of the Unborn to Justify Budget Cuts

White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney made an enormously hypocritical attempt to justify the deep budget cuts Trump is proposing to social programs. He says the rights of future children not to inherit so much debt trumps the needs of actual children alive today. … [Read more...]

Let’s See Tucker Carlson Being a Hypocrite

The Shorenstein Center at Harvard did a study of media coverage of the 2016 election and found that both Trump and Clinton got extremely negative coverage. Tucker Carlson, who thinks only Trump got negative coverage, said the report was done by "political hacks posing as journalists." … [Read more...]

Is This the Beginning of the End for Hannity?

As Sean Hannity continues to push a ridiculous conspiracy theory that Fox News itself has retracted, there are beginning to be hints that he is about to go the way of Beck and O'Reilly. First, he's making cryptic tweets like this one: … [Read more...]

Graham Thinks Notre Dame Protesters Should be Refused Degrees

When Vice President Mike Pence gave the commencement speech at Notre Dame last week, some students stood up silently and walked out in protest. That led Christian authoritarian Franklin Graham to demand that they be denied the degrees they had earned. … [Read more...]