Trump, Pence, Clinton and the Iraq War

Donald Trump has made a huge deal out of Hillary Clinton voting for the invasion of Iraq, while lying about his own opposition to it. But then he went and picked a vice-presidential nominee who also voted for it and zealously defended it for years afterward. Listen to him defend that on 60 Minutes: … [Read more...]

Donald Trump: Honorer of Pledges

Put your irony meters away for this one. Donald Trump is lashing out at former rivals who have refused to endorse him or support him as the Republican nominee, saying that they signed a pledge to support the eventual nominee and they should honor that pledge. … [Read more...]

Republicans Refuse to Hold Hearings on Malheur Refuge Takeover

Republicans from two key House committees have refused to hold hearings over either the standoff at Bundy Ranch or the armed takeover of the Malheur wildlife refuge, so Democrats on those committees decided to hold more informal hearings themselves. … [Read more...]

Cruz’ Breathtakingly Hypocritical Response to Orlando Massacre

Ted Cruz delivered a staggeringly hypocritical statement in the wake of the Orlando massacre, combining the false "liberals won't condemn Muslims who want to murder gay people" narrative with his own pretend concern about gay people himself. … [Read more...]

Cain Slams Obama for Using Teleprompter, Praises Trump

Herman Cain, the ridiculous buffoon who ran for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012, routinely made fun of President Obama for using a teleprompter, but now is just full of praise for Donald Trump for using one. Trump, of course, also regularly comments on Obama using a teleprompter. … [Read more...]

O’Reilly’s Empty Attack on Ali on the Vietnam Draft

In the wake of Muhammad Ali's death, Bill O'Reilly went on the attack, pulling out all the usual labels like "radical" in order to discredit him without even an attempt at making a substantive argument. He apparently thinks that merely pointing out that he was a Muslim is enough to dismiss his refusal to go to Vietnam. … [Read more...]

Right Wing Freaks Over Non-Existent ‘Apology’ for Nuking Japan

So last week President Obama visited Hiroshima, the first time an American president has visited the city where we first dropped a nuclear bomb. Despite the fact that the White House said explicitly that he would not be apologizing for that, the wingnuts threw a tantrum and claimed that he did exactly that. Just one example: … [Read more...]

O’Reilly Suing Ex-Wife for Alleged Infidelity

There are few things funnier to me than Bill O'Reilly when he gets all self-righteous. He's such a blatantly insecure blowhard that I just laugh at him. Here's another example of him just ducking into the punch by suing his ex-wife for infidelity. … [Read more...]

‘Patriots’ Running for Office in Oregon

In the wake of the seizing of the Malheur wildlife preserve by the Bundy brothers and their merry band of anti-government extremists, now other members of local militias and "patriot" groups are running for office in that state. Like Joseph Rice, who is a member of the far-right fringe group the Oath Keepers. … [Read more...]

AZ Republicans Try to Pack State Supreme Court

The Republican party seems to think that judicial independence, which the Founding Fathers said was absolutely crucial to maintaining a free society, is their enemy. When a court doesn't rule the way they want, they talk impeachment, defunding, refusing to comply with the ruling. And now, in Arizona, packing the court. … [Read more...]

Donald Trump: The Least Self-Aware Person Ever

I could easily make this a Bryan Fischer Award, which goes to those who show a spectacular lack of self-awareness, but I'm not going to. I'm just going to point out this interview, which puts on full display both Trump's total lack of that trait and his total lack of honesty. … [Read more...]

Courser, Gamrat Get Radio Shows

The two featured players in the Greatest Political Scandal Ever, Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat, are getting their own radio talk shows. They will no doubt regale all 12 of their listeners with tales of how horribly mistreated they are. I might just have to call in just to make fun of them. … [Read more...]