Trump: China is Raping America!

Donald Trump continues his staggeringly hypocritical attacks on China, which he says is "stealing" American job. Mexico too, of course. In a campaign speech in Indiana, he said that China is "raping" the United States, which he promises to change by...selling clothes made in China? … [Read more...]

Beck’s Amusing Double Standard

Glenn Beck is totally in the tank for Ted Cruz and despises Donald Trump, so he predictably applies totally different standards to the two of them. Right Wing Watch catches a textbook example. He says that the fact that Trump did not know that the slogan "America First" originated pro-Nazi anti-Semites disqualifies him from being president: … [Read more...]

Staver Suddenly Loves Judicial Independence

Mat Staver, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Larry Klayman, is representing Christian Reconstructionist (read: fascist) Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore in an ethics complaint filed against him for ordering judges in that state not to follow the Supreme Court's gay marriage ruling. And he's suddenly a fan of judicial independence: … [Read more...]

Beck: God is Preparing Us to Get Punched in the Face

Trump ally Roger Stone said recently that if the Republican National Convention is brokered and delegates vote to deny Trump the nomination, he'll tell Trump supporters the hotels and room numbers for those delegates so they can go and intimidate them. Glenn Beck senses his new divine purpose: … [Read more...]

Ivanka Trump Has Chinese-made Scarves Recalled

Ivanka Trump is a chip off the old hypocritical block. Like her father, her clothing line is made in China despite all the ranting and raving about how China is taking all the American jobs. But here's one difference: Ivanka's line of scarves was just recalled by the federal government for being a fire hazard. … [Read more...]

Courser and Gamrat Considering Suing the State of Michigan

Oh goody goody goody. The Greatest Political Scandal Ever may be getting an extended run. Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat, the two adulterous lovebirds who cooked up a cockamamie scheme to cover up their affair by planting a fake story about him being caught with a gay prostitute are now considering suing the state for their ouster from the Michigan House. … [Read more...]

Alabama Governor Tossed Out of Church for Adultery

So everyone is abuzz over Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley, a good old family values, anti-gay, God-soaked conservative, being caught in an affair with one of his staffers (which everyone knew was going on, but now there are tapes). I find it amusing that he got thrown out of his church, where he was a deacon, for it. … [Read more...]

Dinesh D’Souza Married by Rafael Cruz

In an absolutely perfect display of Christian moral hypocrisy, Dinesh D'Souza was married this weekend to his second wife. The ceremony was presided over by none other than Rafael Cruz, who has also been married twice. This, of course, while declaring the moral inferiority of liberals and the dangers of divorce. … [Read more...]

Trump vs Jones on the Brussels Attacks

There's an amusing disconnect between the reactions of Donald Trump and his supporter Alex Jones to the bombings in Brussels. Jones claims that every such attack, including this one, is a false flag operation designed to make it easier for the government to grab power. And Trump is arguing that it should give the government more power. … [Read more...]

Another Hypocritical Right Wing Faux Freakout

Is there anything funnier than when right wing douchebags get all uppity and criticize Obama for doing something their own heroes did repeatedly? This happens quite regularly. The latest is their silly little freakout over Obama getting his picture taken in Cuba in front of a picture of Che Guevera. Like Ben Shapiro: … [Read more...]

Trump’s Total Hypocrisy on Visas and Foreign Trade

Donald Trump says outsourcing production to China and Mexico is destroying the economy, while he outsources production of his clothing line to China and Mexico. He says the H1-B visa program is killing American while he uses such visas to fill thousands of jobs at his resorts. And his lame excuse: … [Read more...]

Trump Endorsed by Unethical, Hypocritical Doctor/Congressman

Remember Scott DesJarlais, the Tennessee "family values" Republican congressman and doctor who had multiple affairs with his patients and paid for one of them to have an abortion while pretending to be "pro-life" and "pro-family"? Well he's now endorsed Donald Trump, which seems entirely appropriate. … [Read more...]