Bush, Obama Ethics Lawyers Slam Trump for Conflicts of Interest

After Donald Trump announced his utterly worthless plan for avoiding conflicts of interest, the head ethics lawyers for both the Bush and Obama administrations, Richard Painter and Norman Eisen, went on This Week and pointed out that Trump will be in violation of the Constitution the moment he is sworn in. … [Read more...]

Republican Budget Bill Raises Debt Ceiling by $10 Trillion

The Senate is working on Concurrent Resolution 3, which sets the parameters for the federal budget for 2017. The Republicans are trying to get it passed quickly but some of what is in it is quite fascinating. Like the fact that it raises the debt ceiling for the next decade by nearly $10 trillion. Here are the "recommended deficit levels by year: … [Read more...]

How Do I love Thee, Larry Klayman? Let Us Count the Ways

I truly find Larry Klayman, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Mat Staver, hilarious. So totally lacking in self-awareness, so wildly wrong on virtually everything, so blatantly a fake con artist in what he does, if he didn't exist I'd have to invent him. Case in point: … [Read more...]

Surprise! McConnell Demanded No Hearings Until Background Checks

As is so often the case in politics, and not just on one side, there's some serious hypocrisy going on. Mitch McConnell, who now insists on holding confirmation hearings for nominees that haven't yet passed a background check, said the exact opposite in 2009 when a Democrat was in the White House. … [Read more...]

WikiLeaks is Suddenly Against Leaks

I've not been one to jump all over WikiLeaks for publishing information leaked to them. That's what they do. That it happened to benefit the right instead of the left this time doesn't change that judgment. But this tweet has put them squarely in my crosshairs. … [Read more...]

Breaking News: McConnell’s Testicles Seen from Space

Ladies and gentlemen, we may have now seen proof of the biggest set of balls in the entire solar system. After Sen. Chuck Schumer said that Democrats won't vote a Trump SCOTUS nominee they can't support, Mitch McConnell had the balls to say that the American people won't tolerate such obstructionism. … [Read more...]

Trent Franks Thinks the Media Should Have Been Hacking

Trent Franks, who is a serious rival to Louis Gohmert for the title of the dumbest man in Congress, is totally okay with Russia hacking into the DNC, DCCC and John Podesta's emails. In fact, he says that they did the job the media should have done. … [Read more...]

Hypocrisy and Tribalism in American Politics

Miri Mogilevsky has a very insightful post at Brute Reason in which she argues that many of the positions we attribute to hypocrisy on the part of conservatives and Trump supporters are not really hypocrisy, but are rather tribalism at work. I have a small quibble with that framing, but the substance of what she has to say is spot on. … [Read more...]

Fischer’s Hypocritical Idea of ‘Special Rights’

The Christian right's rhetoric about gay rights being "special rights" has always been incoherent and hypocritical. Bryan Fischer's use of the term continues that tradition as he claims that unisex bathrooms with stalls are "special rights" for trans people. … [Read more...]

Eric Trump a Chip Off the Old Hypocrisy Block

One of the things that I can't believe hasn't gotten more attention is the brazen hypocrisy shown by Donald Trump to rail against foreigners taking American jobs while simultaneously importing foreigners to work at his businesses. His son Eric is doing the same thing. … [Read more...]

Former GOP Again Arrested for Bizarre Sex Fetish

You may recall me writing about Jordan Haskins a couple years ago. He was a Republican state House candidate who had been arrested several times for breaking into people's cars to masturbate while cranking the engine. Oops, he did it again. … [Read more...]

Another Trumper Says Facts, Accuracy Don’t Matter

We have Scottie Nell Hughes the other day saying that facts don't exist all, only opinions and beliefs, and that as long as someone believes a claim, that's all that matters. Now Corey Lewandowski says that it's perfectly okay for Trump to make claims without evidence because people understand that they shouldn't believe everything he says. … [Read more...]