Republicans Exempt Themselves from Obamacare Changes

As they continue to try and pass a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare, the GOP wants to allow insurance companies to charge higher rates for those with preexisting conditions. But they want themselves and their staffs to continue being covered for them: … [Read more...]

Actions and Words, Trump. Actions and Words.

Actions speak louder than words. We've all been told that a million times. It's a truism because it's actually true. When our words and our deeds conflict with one another, the words are meaningless. Donald Trump has never learned this lesson, apparently. Example #1: … [Read more...]

Cruz: ‘Obstructionist’ Dems Might Cause Government Shutdown

Okay folks, we may have the mother of all hypocrisies here. Ted Cruz, whose obstructionism caused a government shutdown in 2013, is now speculating that Democrats in the Senate might do the same thing. And it would be bad, if they do it, of course. … [Read more...]

Tapper Calls Out Trump’s ‘Buy American’ Hypocrisy

Trump signed a mostly meaningless executive order promoting the slogan "Buy American, Hire American" on Tuesday and Jake Tapper of CNN pointed out the incredibly blatant hypocrisy of the whole thing. Most of Trump's retail products are made in other countries and he has continually brought in foreign workers to his resorts. … [Read more...]

Trump Won’t Release White House Visitor Logs

Reversing a voluntary policy from the Obama administration, the White House announced that they will not make visitor logs available to the public. They made the announcement late Friday afternoon on Easter weekend, of course, which is what you do when you know what you're doing is bad. … [Read more...]

Pompeo: For Wikileaks Before He Was Against It

CIA Director Mike Pompeo can't seem to make up his mind about Wikileaks. He also appears to think that the internet doesn't actually archive everything. He said the other day that Wikileaks is a threat to national security aligned with the Russians. … [Read more...]

Republicans Completely Flip Position on Syria Bombing

A new Washington Post/ABC News poll shows that Republican support for Trump's bombing of Syria in retaliation for the use of chemical weapons was the exact opposite of what it was when Obama proposed the same thing in 2013, while Democrats remained consistent. … [Read more...]

Anti-Gay Pastor Convicted of Child Molestation

An anti-gay pastor in Florida who said that the victims of the shootings at the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando "got what they deserved" has been convicted of molesting two children, one male and one female, who attended his church. … [Read more...]

Orrin Hatch is a Hypocrite Even About His Hypocrisy

Sen. Orrin Hatch, who supported the blocking of the Merrick Garland Supreme Court nomination despite praising him mightily as an exemplary judge previously, went on CNN and was even a hypocrite about his hypocrisy in demanding that the Democrats confirm Gorsuch. … [Read more...]

Fischer Doesn’t Understand How the Courts Work

Wingnut extraordinaire Bryan Fischer once again puts his ignorance and hypocrisy on display by urging Trump to defy the federal judge in Hawaii who issued an injunction preventing enforcement of the Muslim ban 2.0. He seems to have no idea how the courts actually work. … [Read more...]

Nunes Got His Information from White House Officials

The story being told by Sean Spicer that he has no idea who gave Rep. Devin Nunes that vague information that they're pretending supports Trump's wiretap lie is crumbling. The New York Times reports that it came from two White House officials. … [Read more...]

Moonie Times Columnist Isn’t Even Pretending to Be Consistent

Joseph Curl is a columnist for the Washington Times, or as I like to call it, the Moonie Times (it's owned by the Unification Church, the late Rev. Moon's dangerous cult) who spent pretty much the entire time Obama was in office throwing a tantrum about him playing too much golf. … [Read more...]