Right Wing Defends Gianforte’s Violent Assault on Reporter

After decades of bashing the media as part of their core political strategy, the right wing can't even bring itself to condemn an unprovoked violent assault on a reporter. A menagerie of right wing media outlets leaped to the defense of Greg Gianforte's criminal behavior. Like this panel on Fox News: … [Read more...]

When Hannity Thought It Was Irresponsible to Push Seth Rich Conspiracy

Media Matters turns the clock back to last summer, in the heat of the presidential campaign, when DNC staffer Seth Rich was murdered in a robbery gone wrong. Back then, when it wasn't crucial to defending someone he supports, he said it was irresponsible to suggest the DNC or Clinton had anything to do with it: … [Read more...]

Advertisers Beginning to Abandon Hannity

It's only a trickle at this point, but at least a few advertisers have already responded to public pressure and have pulled their ads from Sean Hannity's show on Fox News. Only time will tell how far it goes and if it's enough to get him off the air, as it did for Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly. … [Read more...]

Hannity and the Conspiracy Theory That Isn’t

Sean Hannity has been relentlessly pushing the totally fact-free conspiracy theory that Seth Rich, a DNC staffer, was murdered by Hillary Clinton and was the real source of the leaking of emails from her campaign, even while Fox News itself retracted the story. … [Read more...]

Bakker: Satan Wants to Kill Trump

Con artist Jim Bakker loves him some con artist Donald Trump, so much so that he's practically elevated him to the status of God himself. But he says Satan is trying to kill Trump, figuratively if not literally, because Trump is a miracle from God. … [Read more...]

Jones Forced to Apologize to Avoid Another Lawsuit

For the second time in the last couple months, Alex Jones has been forced to apologize and retract one of his conspiracy theories in order to avoid being taken to court for defamation. This time it involved the suit filed by the owner of Chobani Yogurt. … [Read more...]

Bakker: Opposing Trump Brings On Armageddon

Televangelist con man Jim Bakker is once again equating any and all opposition to Donald Trump with devil worship, saying that those who oppose Trump are showing the spirit of the Antichrist and are helping bring on the end times apocalypse. … [Read more...]

Stone Wants Fake News Sites in PDB

Roger Stone clearly has no idea what the Presidential Daily Briefing is. He seems to think it's just a general list of things the president should know about because he says something is very wrong if it doesn't include fake sites like Breitbart and InfoWars. … [Read more...]

Jones: Trump Begged to Come On My Show

Alex Jones, perhaps the only man whose ego and thin skin can actually rival that of Donald Trump, says Trump has been begging him to come on his show but that he refused, saying it would hurt him politically. Which explains why he just announced that to the world. … [Read more...]

Jones: Trump Should Start Indicting Political Enemies

Alex Jones is downright giddy over the firing of FBI Director James Comey and says that Trump should move immediately to begin indicting his political enemies, including Clinton and Podesta. I'm shocked he didn't include George Soros. … [Read more...]

Now Roger Stone is Selling Access to Trump

First it was Corey Lewandowski trying to use his access to Donald Trump to make money, now it's the BFF he shares with Alex Jones, conspiracy nut Roger Stone doing it. He's hired a company to get ads for his website using his closeness to Trump as a selling point. … [Read more...]

Woman Who Started Islamophobic Conspiracy Theory Hired by Trump

In a move that should surprise no one, the former mayor of a Texas town who got famous by launching a totally dishonest campaign about how her town had been taken over by Sharia law has been hired by the Trump administration at the Department of Housing and Urban Development. … [Read more...]