Louis Gohmert’s Weird Attempt at Logic

Louis Gohmert is undoubtedly the dumbest man in Congress, a designation that requires that he beat out dozens of other deserving candidates. Listening to him try to think through an issue and offer arguments is kind of like watching a dog lick peanut butter off the roof of its mouth, it's just weird and unsettling. … [Read more...]

Ignoramus Sure He Found Fossils from Noah’s Flood

So what happens when someone completely ignorant of geology and paleontology finds a few fossilized snails in his backyard? He calls up a "self-proclaimed fossil expert" and declares that he has found fossils from Noah's flood. And then everyone points and laughs at him. … [Read more...]

Why People Feel God’s Presence

Josh Zepps has an interview on Point of Inquiry with John Wathey, a biologist and neuroscientist, about his new book, The Illusion of God's Presence: The Biological Origins of Spiritual Longing. Prometheus Books sent me a copy of the book and I've read just a bit of it, but I suspect that he is on to something in explaining why people intuitively "feel" God's presence. … [Read more...]

Federer’s Absurd Attempt to Use Science to Prove Christianity

Bill Federer, as I've mentioned before, is sort of a poor man's David Barton. He has a column published in places like the Worldnetdaily in which he stitches together quotes from famous men in history supporting Christianity, usually in defense of the notion that America is a Christian nation. But his latest column attempts to cite long-dead scientists to prove that the earth was created by God. … [Read more...]

Bryan Fischer Explains Dinosaurs

There are few things funnier than listening to an ignorant young earth creationist try to explain things they don't understand (and let's face it, if they understood anything, they wouldn't be young earth creationists). Noted paleontologist Bryan Fischer explained to his radio audience that dinosaurs were just lizards that grew really, really big because they lived thousands of years. … [Read more...]

Christie Doesn’t Care About the Science on Global Warming

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie sent a strong signal to right-wing voters that he's one of them during an appearance on Morning Joe, declaring that there is no global warming problem and, when asked about all the science that backs up that position, saying essentially that he doesn't care what the science says. Why? Because he has a "feeling," which apparently trumps all data. … [Read more...]

CSI is Very Bad for America

The approximately 27 different CSI spinoffs are very, very bad for this country. I know, some people find them entertaining. The problem is that they make forensic work look a whole lot more certain and scientific than it often actually is. Many of the techniques used in criminal investigations have no backing from science at all and innocent people are convicted because of them. Conor Friedersdorf's article is a few months old, but worth reading. Forty years ago, Bob Dylan reacted to the … [Read more...]

Huckabee Loves Polio Vaccine, Made With Research He Wants Outlawed

I've already made fun of Mike Huckabee for his ingenious policy idea of fixing all our health care problems by just going ahead and curing cancer and diabetes and heart disease. But as Right Wing Watch points out, he specifically pointed to the polio vaccine as an example of what we need to do to eradicate these diseases, but that vaccine was developed with fetal tissue research -- which Huckabee wants to ban. … [Read more...]

Cruz: Climate Change is a Religion

There are few things more amusing and ridiculous than when really hardcore religious people declare everything they disagree with to be a religion, which apparently discredits everything but their religion. Ted Cruz made this statement to Glenn Beck and it may be the single stupidest thing you'll read this week (which is saying a lot -- we just had a Republican presidential debate). … [Read more...]

Michigan Man Pens Staggeringly Stupid Column on the LHC

I grew up not far from Coldwater, Michigan, which is home to a little newspaper called the Daily Reporter. They have a correspondent, whatever that is, named Lonnie Robertson who has written a column so egregiously stupid about the Large Hadron Collider that I urge you to put a towel down on your desk to prevent a concussion when it comes crashing down upon it. He says the LHC is going to destroy the world on Sept. 24th. … [Read more...]

Why the GOP is Going Anti-Science

The Republican party has long had a problem with science, from its preference for creationism to its denial of the harms of pollution, but things have gotten far worse as the party has lurched to the right and become, for all practical purposes, the political wing of the oil and gas industry. Jill Lawrence explains why: … [Read more...]

Lenski’s Amazing E. Coli Experiment Continues

25 years ago, Dr. Richard Lenski of Michigan State University began an ingenious experiment on E. coli bacteria that is still going and giving us a much deeper understanding of how evolution operates. Ars Technica has an article on the latest published findings, but let me first explain how the experiment was set up. … [Read more...]