Farah is Blathering About Science and Evolution Again

There are few things more absurd than Worldnetdaily owner Joseph Farah writing about science, a subject he has zero understanding of. So it's hardly a surprise when he declares that a recent find of that may be the oldest organic material on earth is "fake news from 4 billion years ago." … [Read more...]

Christian Scientists Debunk Young Earth Creationist Film

There's a new documentary out called Is Genesis History? that is making the rounds. It's all the usual young earth creationist claptrap, of course. A group of Christian scientists at BioLogos critique the film's rampant distortions of the scientific evidence. … [Read more...]

Climate Deniers Borrow Page from Creationists

Remember that infamous list of scientists who doubt Darwinian evolution put out by the Discovery Institute a decade or so ago, the one that had few on the list with any expertise in evolutionary fields? The climate change deniers are now doing the same thing. … [Read more...]

When Real Medicine and Fake Medicine Co-Exist in Same Institution

Last week a doctor at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic wrote an op-ed attacking vaccines and it prompted quite a furor. But the key to the story is that he's the head of the Cleveland Clinic's "Wellness Institute," which provides all manner of homeopathic and evidence-free "medicine." Nor is this arrangement unusual. From Stat News: … [Read more...]

Meet Anthony Scaramucci

Anthony Scaramucci is a wealthy investor, host of a TV show on Fox Business and a member of the executive committee for the Trump transition team. He's also a weapons-grade ignoramus who bleats out some of the dumbest things you've ever heard about science. … [Read more...]

Most Gay Men are Possessed by Female Ghosts

The Spiritual Research Foundation says that their studies show that 85% of gay men are possessed by female ghosts. And they have a very rigorous methodology for determining that, including "seekers of God" with a "sixth sense." … [Read more...]

Gutfeld: Climate Change is the ‘Radical Islam of Science’

The incredible annoying Greg Gutfeld and the third dumbest man on Fox News, Eric Bolling, decided to have a conversation about climate change. It was every bit as dumb as one could possibly expect. Gutfeld called it the "radical Islam of science." … [Read more...]

Scientists Take Stand Against Trump

My friend Genie Scott called my attention to this letter wherein some of the top scientists in the country are taking a strong stand against Donald Trump and his anti-science views on a number of public policy issues. They are asking other scientists to sign on to their letter. … [Read more...]

Clinton and Trump Answer Science Questions

ScienceDebate.org, which has been pushing for one debate each election cycle that focuses solely on science issues, has at least gotten Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to answer 20 questions on those issues. The differences between the candidates could hardly be more stark. … [Read more...]

Louis Gohmert’s Weird Attempt at Logic

Louis Gohmert is undoubtedly the dumbest man in Congress, a designation that requires that he beat out dozens of other deserving candidates. Listening to him try to think through an issue and offer arguments is kind of like watching a dog lick peanut butter off the roof of its mouth, it's just weird and unsettling. … [Read more...]

Ignoramus Sure He Found Fossils from Noah’s Flood

So what happens when someone completely ignorant of geology and paleontology finds a few fossilized snails in his backyard? He calls up a "self-proclaimed fossil expert" and declares that he has found fossils from Noah's flood. And then everyone points and laughs at him. … [Read more...]

Why People Feel God’s Presence

Josh Zepps has an interview on Point of Inquiry with John Wathey, a biologist and neuroscientist, about his new book, The Illusion of God's Presence: The Biological Origins of Spiritual Longing. Prometheus Books sent me a copy of the book and I've read just a bit of it, but I suspect that he is on to something in explaining why people intuitively "feel" God's presence. … [Read more...]