Vic Stenger’s New Book

Physicist Vic Stenger has a new book out, God and the Folly of Faith: The Incompatibility of Science and Religion. It's about Christianity and science, arguing that the religion held back the progress of science for centuries. … [Read more...]

Barton Explains Science and Religion

David Barton has decided that all scientists in the world are doing it wrong. You see, they should really just be reading the Bible because any science that is in conflict with the Bible must be wrong, no matter how much it explains or how rigorously it's tested. … [Read more...]

Santorum Gets It Exactly Backwards

Rick Santorum, author of the infamous Santorum amendment that would have encouraged local schools to teach intelligent design in science classrooms (if it hadn't been removed from the final bill by a conference committee), says that science should stay out of politics: … [Read more...]

Why Science Doesn’t Destroy Wonder

One of the arguments made by many people, from fundamentalist Christians to pagan, new agey types, is that science somehow destroys the "magic" of the world and robs us of our sense of wonder. That argument has never made sense to me at all. Robin Ince gives a TED talk on why it's nonsense. … [Read more...]