Donald Trump’s Amway-Style Naturopathic Health Scam

In addition to his Trump University, which was determined to be an unaccredited scam by the state of New York, Donald Trump also had a short-lived multi-level marketing company that sold both get rich quick dreams (what MLM doesn't?) and a completely useless set of naturopathic "remedies," vitamins and work-free weight loss products. Britt Hermes, a former naturopath turned legitimate biomedical researcher, nails him for it: … [Read more...]

Jennifer LeClaire is Not Happy With John Oliver

You've probably seen by now John Oliver's brilliant take down of the "prosperity gospel" that is preached by most of the nation's (world's?) televangelist con men and women from last week. Jennifer LeClaire, editor of Charisma News, is quite displeased with Mr. Oliver for making fun of what she claims he doesn't understand, but I'm afraid she rather obviously misses the point of his critique. … [Read more...]

Pat Robertson Explains His Faith Healing Scam

As a teenager, I watched the 700 Club nearly every day. Even as a Christian then, it always seemed weird to me that he would spend several minutes on every show calling out unspecified healings. He would declare that someone out there is being healed of a respiratory infection or a bad back, and then once a week or so they would do a segment on someone who saw that on TV and was just sure they were the one being healed. On a recent show, Robertson explained this decades-old practice. … [Read more...]

Really, CNN?

Man, it must be a really slow news day over at CNN. Or maybe they're just waiting for another Malaysian airliner to disappear or get shot down. So what are they reporting in the meantime? They're reporting on what "psychics" think about where the stock market is going. … [Read more...]

WGN Anchor Hammers a ‘Psychic’

WGN anchor Larry Potash slammed a "psychic" who failed completely at a cold reading in the studio. When she offered to do a private reading for him, he said she did, "Awful! Not even close! I mean, if you're going to sell yourself as a psychic, at least be good at it! It's an old parlor trick." Yep, it is. Here's the video: … [Read more...]

News Station Tells How to Avoid ‘Psychic Scammers’

WGCL, the CBS affiliate TV station in Atlanta, clearly wants to help its readers. To that end, they published an article on "how to avoid psychic scammers" in reference to a recent case there. I think the article pretty obviously misses the relevant facts. … [Read more...]

Shocker: Long Island Medium a Fraud

I'm sure this will come as a huge shock, but it appears that Teresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium, might actually be a fraud. Radar Online has a report on some of the fans who went to her shows coming away disappointed and skeptical that she might not be telling the truth about her magical powers. … [Read more...]

Does Irrationality Undermine Rationalism?

Greta Christina writes about one of the vexxing issues for those of us who advocate reason and rationality, the fact that the human brain is only partly capable of those things. We are more prone to rationalization than we are to rationality. So what does this mean for the fight for a more rational society? … [Read more...]

Greatest. Psychic. Fail. Ever.

I love this story so much that it makes me giddy. A famous "psychic" in the UK proved herself to be a complete fraud in front of an audience full of people recently, claiming to be talking to the dead "spirit" of a woman when she was actually talking to the woman herself in the audience. … [Read more...]

OB-GYN Defends Astrology. Badly.

Christiane Northrup is an OB-GYN who believes in astrology and self-help woo of all types. And in a post on her website, she attempts to defend her belief in astrology by tossing a tasty word salad full of catchphrases and illogical claims. … [Read more...]

Is ‘Cell Block Psychic’ a New Low for ‘Psychics’ and TV?

Television these days is mostly a vast wasteland of stupidity but this new show may take the cake: Cell Block Psychic features "psychic" con artist Vicki Monroe talking with convicted murderers to put them in touch with the "spirits" of their victims. … [Read more...]

Yes, Let’s Teach About Pseudoscience in Schools

Ross Pomeroy has a great idea. He says we should incorporate discussions about how to spot pseudoscience into public school curricula in order to teach students how to distinguish between reality and nonsense and thus better equip them to understand the world. I could not agree more. … [Read more...]