Former Tea Party Congressman Arrested for Election Fraud

Remember Steve Stockman, the far-right Tea Party congressman from Texas who loved his conspiracy theories and tried to primary Sen. John Cornyn? He's now been arrested for election fraud for essentially stealing $350,000 from a non-profit group he set up. … [Read more...]

LePage Stomps His Feet and Holds His Breath

There seems to be no limit to how childish Republicans can be these days, especially those of the Tea Party variety. Gov. Paul LePage of Maine -- how on earth that guy got elected and reelected in that state is just baffling to me -- throws a tantrum when the legislature votes down one of his nominees: … [Read more...]

How Did Paul LePage Get Elected Governor of Maine?

Maine has never been a hotbed of right-wing politics. It hasn't voted for a Democrat for president since 1988 and is seen as such a safe Democratic state that no one even bothers to campaign there much. But somehow this Tea Party buffoon named Paul LePage managed to get elected governor and he's done nothing but embarrass the state since. And he even got reelected in 2014. Baffling to me. His latest bit of racist stupidity: … [Read more...]

Tea Party Extremists Want Citizens Kangaroo Court

One of the bizarre ideas to come out of the Tea Party movement is the notion that a group of American citizens can decide to get together and form a grand jury and indict people, especially government officials, for whatever they think they've done wrong and then convict them and hand down a punishment outside of the actual judicial system. A group of elected officials in Sarasota County, Florida, recently tried to do just that. … [Read more...]

Beck Can’t Understand Why His People Like Trump

Glenn Beck has probably been the most outspoken critic of the rise of Donald Trump in the Republican presidential campaign. He's regularly blasted Trump and pointed out that his positions continually change and have often been very liberal, and that he really has no set of coherent beliefs. He's right about all of that. But he completely misses the point of why the Tea Party types he loves so much support him in such large numbers. Here's what he wrote after the debate the other night on … [Read more...]

Tea Party Compares GOP to Terrorists for Ejecting Courser and Gamrat

This will give you some idea of the kind of people here in Michigan who voted for Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat, the two lovebirds ejected from the Michigan legislature for one of the most bizarre political scandals I've ever seen. The Allegan County Tea Party, which encompasses Gamrat's House district, says that the Republicans who booted them out are worse than the terrorists who attacked on 9/11. … [Read more...]

FreedomWorks Produced Bizarre Hillary Clinton Video

FreedomWorks, the astroturf Tea Party group that was headed by Dick Armey until he was fired and left with an $8 million parachute, is being investigated by its own board. And they're finding some strange things that went on, like the production of a bizarre video of a panda having sex with Hillary Clinton. … [Read more...]

TN Tea Party: Schools Should Ignore Slavery

The Tennessee Tea Party group has a list of demands for the state legislature, one of which is that the schools should teach only good things about the Founding Fathers, ignoring the nation's history of slavery and mistreatment of Native Americans. … [Read more...]

Another Loony Conspiracy Theory from Tea Party Nation

Judson Phillips, head of the Tea Party Nation, continues his one-man crazy parade by promoting an article that pushes one of the craziest conspiracy theories you'll ever hear. Did you know that Obama faked Bin Laden's death and intentionally gave one of our drones to Iran? I didn't either. … [Read more...]

Paul v Gingrich for Soul of the Tea Party?

Russ Douthat posits that Iowa will come down to a choice between Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul and that this is a battle for the soul of the Tea Party. I'll explain after the quote why I think this misunderstands the Tea Party: … [Read more...]

Tea Party Rapper’s Delight

A Baton Rouge, Louisiana website has an interview with E. Eric Guirard, a disbarred attorney turned white, middle aged Tea Party rapper. The caption on the picture cracks me up: … [Read more...]