Report: Gorka Was Fired by the FBI

Trump White House advisor and Nazi sympathizer (at least) Sebastian Gorka used to do consulting with the FBI about terrorism, but they stopped using him because the content of his analysis was little more than anti-Muslim bigotry, not even thinly veiled. … [Read more...]

Trump Contradicts Underlings on Qatar

And once again we have Trump coming out and saying something that cancels out what his underlings have said. This time it's not about his own lies or appalling actions but about the diplomatic dustup in the Middle East involving Qatar, Saudi Arabia and several other countries. … [Read more...]

Barton: Trump Will Defeat ISIS Easily and Quickly

Professional liar David Barton has no experience at all with war or foreign policy, but he says that Donald Trump will now quickly and easily defeat ISIS because he's unleashing the full power of our military. All we had to do was decide to annihilate them. … [Read more...]

Beck Still Insists Alharbi was Money Man in Marathon Bombing

Glenn Beck keeps telling everyone that he's turned over a new leaf and is sorry for his past actions, yet he still insists that Saudi student Abdulrahman Alharbi, a Saudi student who was injured in the Boston Marathon bombing, was the "money man" behind the attack, despite having to settle a defamation suit with him. … [Read more...]

Pakistani Writer Says Military Tortured Them

Remember those five Pakistani writers and activists who mysteriously disappeared a few months ago? They've all since been released and one of them is finally speaking out, saying that they were kidnapped and tortured by factions of the nation's military. … [Read more...]

No More Visas for Afghanis Who Worked With Us

The Trump administration and Congress are apparently going to just allow the number of special visas offered to Afghanis who worked with the American military and other agencies in their country during the war to expire. Because why not just let them be hunted down, right? … [Read more...]

Bangladesh Bans Militant Islamic Party

Bangladesh has taken the unexpected and rather extraordinary step of banning Ansar Al-Islam, an ultra-militant Islamic party that has claimed responsibility for hacking to death several atheist and liberal bloggers and writers in that country. … [Read more...]

Forget the Bowling Green Massacre, What About the Atlanta Attack?

It seems that Sean Spicer is so jealous of Kellyanne Conway that he's inventing his own mythical Islamic terrorist attack on an American city. That city is Atlanta and he's mentioned it over and over again in media interviews to justify the immigration ban. … [Read more...]

Refugee Vetter Explains Why Trump is Dead Wrong on Travel Ban

Natasha Hall was someone who did the vetting of refugees in Iraq and Syria for the government. She points out how incredibly rigorous the vetting process is -- far more than anyone else seeking asylum -- and the real human cost of even a delay in resettling those approved to the United States. … [Read more...]

Spicer: Terror Attack on Mosque Proves Need for Trump Policies

As if on cue, within hours of the Trump administration issuing its anti-Muslim immigration order, one of his bigoted friends went into a mosque in Quebec and killed six people. Sean Spicer makes the absolutely bizarre claim that this proves the need for Trump's policies. … [Read more...]

Stinchfield Spits Out Some ‘Alternative Facts’ About Immigration Order

Did you know that the NRA has their own online TV network? One of the hosts is Dana Loesch, who tried mightily to make herself the next Ann Coulter on Fox News and failed. Another is Grant Stinchfield, who dropped a few "alternative facts" in a recent episode. … [Read more...]

GUEST POST: Terror in Europe, Worries and Fears

This is a guest post from my friend Leo Igwe, the Nigerian humanist who has done so much to combat witch hunts in Northern Africa. But he has lived in Germany for the last several years and this is his take on the attack on a Christmas market in that country. … [Read more...]