Utah ‘Patriot’ Charged With Plotting to Bomb Federal Facility

Another day, another far-right anti-government loon plotting to blow up a federal facility. This time it's a "patriot" from Utah affiliated with the Bundys and LaVoy Lincicum, arrested for (allegedly) trying to blow up a Bureau of Land Management facility. … [Read more...]

Falwell Spawn: Terrorists Will Crawl Under Rock When Trump is Elected

Jerry Falwell, Jr. showed that the con artist apple doesn't fall far from the tree at the already infamous meeting between Donald Trump and hundreds of Christian right leaders when he proclaimed that when Trump is elected, all the terrorists in the world will crawl under a rock and disappear. … [Read more...]

Abbott Makes False Claim About ISIS and the Mexican Border

As innumerable other Republican politicians, including Donald Trump, have done, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is repeating the claim that ISIS terrorists are just streaming across the Mexican border. There isn't a shred of evidence for that claim, of course, but who needs evidence when they've got a spook story to tell? … [Read more...]

Bolling: It’s Only Terrorism When a Muslim Does It

Eric Bolling, the third dumbest man on Fox News (behind Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade), gave an ignorant diatribe about President Obama "politicizing" the Orlando massacre but makes clear that if a Muslim does it, it's terrorism; if a white American does it, it's only "mass murder." … [Read more...]

Theodore Shoebat Does Not Surprise

Walid Shoebat has already responded to the massacre in Orlando with a bizarre screed and so has another writer on their site, but I was waiting for Theodore Shoebat to weigh in with the inevitable "the victims were gay so they had it coming" position. He does not disappoint. … [Read more...]

Shoebat the Greater Goes on Bizarre Rant About Orlando Massacre

Fake "ex-terrorist" Walid Shoebat, who is every bit as much of a Christian fascist as his son Theodore, went on a rather bizarre diatribe after the massacre in Orlando, Florida. Something about Jews and evangelical Christians who aren't as extreme as him. Oh, and no one should care about all the dead people. … [Read more...]

Welcome to the New Reality of Terrorism

In the aftermath of the horrific shootings in Orlando, it's probably worth noting that this is the new reality for terrorism, at least in this country. ISIS has claimed responsibility, but it appears to be only indirectly. The killer was radicalized but not actually affiliated with them. … [Read more...]

No, ISIS is Not a Threat to America’s Existence or Survival

John Mueller and Mark Stewart at Reason's Hit and Run state what should be obvious to anyone with anything remotely like a rational grasp on reality, that ISIS, while it can cause some serious problems in the Middle East and perhaps even in this country from time to time, is not an existential threat to America. … [Read more...]

Kerry Calls Bangladeshi Leader About (Some) Murders

John Kerry personally called Prime Minister Sheikih Hasina of Bangladesh about the murder of a USAID worker and an LGBT rights activist by Muslim extremists last week, demanding that the killers be tracked down. Which is a good thing, of course, but why didn't this happen after any of the six murders of atheist writers in the last year and a half? … [Read more...]

Tony Perkins Prays for Brussels

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council says we have to pray for Belgium after the horrible bombings in Brussels and says, of course, that we "stand with Brussels." It's just a short little piece for BarbWire that is nothing but tired cliches and platitudes. … [Read more...]

Brussels Bombing Victim ‘Felt God’s Love’

A 19-year old "elder" and Mormon missionary who was badly injured in the horrific bombings in Brussels last week says he could feel God's love in the aftermath of the attack. Naturally, the Worldnetdaily is promoting the hell out of that because it fits their weird narrative. … [Read more...]

Ted Cruz’ Odd Definition of Success

In defending his demand that law enforcement "patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods," Ted Cruz is pointing to the NYPD's Muslim surveillance program, which was ended in 2014 and the subject of a settled lawsuit between the ACLU and the city. He called the program "very successful" and the "finest there is in the world." … [Read more...]