Fed. Judge Orders Senate Torture Report Preserved

There have been concerns that the Senate Intelligence Committee's exhaustive report on torture by the CIA during the Bush administration might be lost to history after Trump takes over and never declassified. But a federal judge has now ordered that it be preserved. … [Read more...]

Trump CIA Nominee Enthusiastically Pro-torture and Mass Surveillance

Rep. Mike Pompeo, Donald Trump's nominee to be CIA director, has some unsurprisingly disturbing views on two key issues, torture and mass surveillance. In short, he's an enthusiastic fan of both of those constitutionally and statutorily dubious practices. … [Read more...]

Trump Misfires in Attack on Gen. John Allen

Gen. John Allen, a four-star general with an impeccable record, spoke at the Democratic National Convention and criticized Donald Trump's foreign policy and support for torture, though not by name. Naturally, Trump is firing back -- and widely missing the mark. … [Read more...]

Trump Wants to Get Rid of Geneva Conventions

Since he has consistently said he would not only use waterboarding but "things that are much worse" as forms of torture against detainees, it certainly should come as no surprise that Donald Trump also wants to scrap the Geneva Conventions because they're out of date. … [Read more...]

Appeals Court Blocks Release of Senate Torture Report

Ever since the Senate Intelligence Committee finished its report on the use of torture by the Bush administration but only released a summary of its findings, the ACLU has been trying to get the full report released and the Obama administration has fought against it. A federal appeals court has sided with Obama. … [Read more...]

Obama Administration Honors Henry Kissinger

As if it isn't bad enough that Hillary Clinton lavishes praise on war criminal Henry Kissinger, now the Obama administration has hosted "an award ceremony honoring Dr. Henry A. Kissinger for his years of distinguished public service." … [Read more...]

Cheney Endorses Trump Despite Being Trashed by Him

Donald Trump has used Dick Cheney as a punching bag over the years. While trying to pretend he was against the Iraq war, he's savaged Cheney for pushing for the war. He's even suggested that the Bush administration knew about 9/11 and let it happen. But Cheney has endorsed him anyway. … [Read more...]

Judge Allows Torture Case Against Psychologists to Go Forward

I wrote a couple days ago about the Obama administration not using the broad version of the State Secrets Privilege -- for the very first time -- in a case against the two psychologists who made tens of millions of dollars creating the torture program used against detainees in the Bush administration. The judge has now rejected a motion to dismiss the case from the psychologists. … [Read more...]

Obama Finally Withdrawing State Secrets Privilege?

After seven years of flagrantly violating a campaign promise to end the use of the broad version of the State Secrets Privilege, is President Obama finally pulling back from that horrible tactic? In an important torture lawsuit, the DOJ has declined to file a motion on those grounds and will let the case proceed. … [Read more...]

Cruz: The United States Has Never Used Torture

Ted Cruz has begun repeating a baldfaced lie in reacting to the bombings in Brussels, claiming that “America has never engaged in torture.” We know this is a lie because we know that he has seen the report of the Senate Intelligence Committee, which makes absolutely clear that we have. And there is zero doubt that waterboarding is torture. … [Read more...]

Obama Still Trying to Prevent Release of Senate Torture Report

The Obama administration continues to fight in court to prevent the release of the full report from the Senate Intelligence Committee that details the entire history of the Bush torture regime. A 500-page summary was released but not the full report and Obama, who promised the "most transparent administration in history," wants it buried. … [Read more...]

No Donald, You Can’t Change the Laws on Torture

Donald Trump is still saying that he wants to restart waterboarding and torture that is "much worse," but now he's pretending that he'll just change that laws to allow rather than to order it despite the law as the Bush administration did. Like most of his proposals, this is a fantasy. … [Read more...]