Jeb Bush Still Not Clear on the Torture Question


We're seeing a pattern emerging for Jeb Bush. When asked about the policies of his brother, George W., he has a really difficult time giving a clear answer. If he flatly says no, that's a bad idea and I won't do that, he insults his brother. That's why on the Iraq war, he says no, he wouldn't invade knowing what we know now, but then says it was a "good deal" because it got Saddam Hussein out of power. Now he has the same problem with torture. … [Read more...]

American Psychological Association Finally Bans Torture

In very good news, the American Psychological Association has finally banned participation in any kind of torture by its members. This comes after many psychologists helped the CIA develop torture techniques after 9/11, making huge amounts of money in the process. … [Read more...]

None Dare Call it Torture

President Obama came out and bluntly said that the United States tortured people after 9/11, a rare moment of honesty from the government. Unfortunately, most media outlets continue to refuse to call it torture, relying on euphemisms and weak language instead. … [Read more...]

CIA Admits to Spying on Senate Computers

It's long been established that the CIA had spied on Senate staff who were working on the investigation into that agency's torture program on behalf of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Now the CIA has admitted it and issued what must have been an awkward apology. … [Read more...]

Khattala Must be Tried in Civilian Court

The right wing has had three responses to the capture of Ahmed Abu Khattala in Libya: 1) Oh, the timing is too convenient! (which is moronic); 2) It's no big deal, he was a bit player anyway; and 3) Send him to Gitmo! Torture him! Never mind that 2 and 3 contradict one another. Jack Goldsmith, an assistant attorney general in the Bush administration, says he must be tried in a civilian court under the law: … [Read more...]

Does Sean Hannity Really Want to Talk About Waterboarding?

After Sarah Palin's morally bankrupt declaration that waterboarding is like baptism, Sean Hannity -- of all people -- is coming to her defense, spinning a lurid scenario that would haunt any parent. Wouldn't you waterboard someone to save your children? … [Read more...]

A Torture Victim Speaks Out

Juan Mendez is a UN Special Rapporteur on Torture. He's also a victim of torture himself, at the hands of a brutal Argentinian junta in the 1970s. He has an article in Politico expressing his disappointment that the United States, which helped free him from his torturers, has now embraced that very practice. … [Read more...]

Christian Conservatives Hammer Palin’s Torture Remarks

It's probably a good thing to be reminded now and then that not every Christian conservative in the country has sold their soul to Republican tribalism and several of them have stepped up to blast Sarah Palin for her hideous declaration that if she were in charge, waterboarding is how she would "baptize" terrorists. Here's Joe Carter of The Gospel Coalition: … [Read more...]

From Reagan to Palin on Torture

Sarah Palin, aka Bible Spice, spoke at the NRA annual meeting last weekend and whipped up her usual combination of half stupid, half morally appalling and all annoying. She actually got wild applause for saying that if she were in charge (how's that for a frightening thought?), she'd bring back waterboarding in a big way: … [Read more...]

None Dare Call It Torture

With the Senate Intelligence Committee's vote to declassify part of the 6000+ word report on the Bush torture regime, the media is once again reporting on the issue -- and once again almost entirely refusing to call it torture. All they want to use are euphemisms: … [Read more...]

The Torture Debate in the GOP

Andrew Sullivan makes a really interesting point about Rand Paul running for president, which is that if he does make a run -- and he's obviously going to -- it will force the issue of torture out into the open. His opponents will undoubtedly raise the issue to attack him. … [Read more...]

Senate Report: CIA Lied to DOJ

More leaks are coming out from the Senate Intelligence Committee's still-hidden report on the Bush-era torture regime and -- surprise, surprise -- it concludes that the CIA repeatedly misled the DOJ and their own inspector general about what they were actually doing. … [Read more...]